Sorry For Partyin' review by Bowling for Soup

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  • Released: Oct 12, 2009
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 9.1 (24 votes)
Bowling for Soup: Sorry For Partyin'

Sound — 7
So here comes another album from the happiest-going-luckiest band in history. Their latest release fits in perfectly with their back catalogue, it is non-stop the Bowling For Soup we have all come to love. 01. A Really Cool Dance Song: a great song that serves to sneer at how false and tacky the "music" industry is by being a generic dancey song, with added guitars. 7 02. No Hablo Ingles: Bowling For Soup doing what they do best, with a surprising metalish bit in the middle. 8 03. My Wena: a song about Jaret's dog; Wena, naww. 8 04. Only Young: a very =') song. Its quite a simple idea. "I dont wanna grow up, but its happening, but im gonna still be happy." My favorite. 10 05. I Dont Wish You Were Dead Anymore: good song is good, with really quite impressive piano for the first 5ish seconds. 7 06. BFFF: the story of two best friends who love eachother in a hetrosexual way. 8 07. Me With No You: this albums power ballad. Its nothing too astounding in terms of ability, but still a very good song, personally I think its better than "When We Die". 8 08. Hooray For Beer: need I say anything? 9 09. America (Wake Up Army): my interpretation is that this song is the happiest politics ever. The chorus is so half moshy half bouncy that you cant sit still listening to it, I find anyway. 9 10. If Only: personally think it blends into the rest quite unnoticably, by no means bad, just nothing special. 6 11. I Gotchoo: the happiest riff ever concieved is found here, and a vocal part that I find reminiscent of OPM's "Heaven Is A Halfpipe". Really its nothing like it but I find them similar somewhere down the line. Also including pinch harmonics, XD to be perfectly honest. 9 12. Love Goes Boom: same as If Only, I find it blends in quite mehly. 6 13. I Cant Stand LA: BFS doing what they do best again. Fun song is fun. 7 14. Belgium Polka: WTF? Its odd and to be honest I don't see what its purpose is. Not the best way to close an otherwise very good album. 5

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are simple yet effective all the way through the album. Also little quips in between lines, like in "I Gotchoo" - "Elvis or the Beatles, who cares who's the best?" ("beatles") are generally very funny. Jarets voice hasn't changed at all which is a very good thing because he can sing very well. He has a little scereamy thing in "I Gotchoo" after a couple of pinch harmonics, and he also pushes his singing ability on Me With No You, with higher notes than TGBEC.

Overall Impression — 8
All in all, Sorry For Partyin' is Bowling For Soup being Bowling For Soup, and is very good as an addition to their back catalogue or as a stand alone album. Best song is without a doubt "Only Young" for me, optimism makes me very very very happy. Its a very impressive album to the point where I would say its a competitor to be their best.

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    VivaLaGeorge! wrote: immitating tom delong trash like this makes me want to cry
    i agree. on topic, theyre great people, i think one of the most humble bands out there. they really just want to have fun...thats it.
    A Broken String
    I love this album!
    tbailey12 wrote: dude...i was impressed with this album. i knew they were getting on in years and i feared the worst, but i was pleasantly surprised when i listened to it. there was only one song i don't really like, and all the other ones are great. for people reading this...if you are a bfs fan, at least check it out yourself and give it a chance. by the way, "a really cool dance song" is sarcastic. it's about how all the new music coming out these days sucks, and i find the song very amusing and absolutely true.
    I completely agree with you, except times a million! And in case anyone's wondering (and nobody is), my favourites are "I Gotchoo" and "No hablo ingls" B.F.S., Keep on rockin'! 10/10 =3
    this review is kinda off the mark, if your a bfs fan, youll appreciate these songs, and theres definately some good stuff on here. i give it an 8 say what you want, these guys are clever songwriters
    gdsum41fan wrote: bfs always has been a terrible band and jaret has always tried and failed at immitating tom delonge
    Which songs does he imitate Tom Delonge? I can't place it.