Sorry For Partyin' Review

artist: Bowling for Soup date: 11/02/2010 category: compact discs
Bowling for Soup: Sorry For Partyin'
Released: Oct 12, 2009
Genre: Pop Punk
Label: Jive
Number Of Tracks: 14
The new record from the Texas based pop punk, happy go lucky band, Bowling For Soup leaves much to be desired.
 Sound: 7.3
 Lyrics: 6.3
 Overall Impression: 7.3
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overall: 7.7
Sorry For Partyin' Reviewed by: ¡VivaLaGeorge!, on october 29, 2009
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Sound: So here comes another album from the happiest-going-luckiest band in history. Their latest release fits in perfectly with their back catalogue, it is non-stop the Bowling For Soup we have all come to love. 01. A Really Cool Dance Song: a great song that serves to sneer at how false and tacky the "music" industry is by being a generic dancey song, with added guitars. 7 02. No Hablo Ingles: Bowling For Soup doing what they do best, with a surprising metalish bit in the middle. 8 03. My Wena: a song about Jaret's dog; Wena, naww. 8 04. Only Young: a very =') song. Its quite a simple idea. "I dont wanna grow up, but its happening, but im gonna still be happy." My favorite. 10 05. I Dont Wish You Were Dead Anymore: good song is good, with really quite impressive piano for the first 5ish seconds. 7 06. BFFF: the story of two best friends who love eachother in a hetrosexual way. 8 07. Me With No You: this albums power ballad. Its nothing too astounding in terms of ability, but still a very good song, personally I think its better than "When We Die". 8 08. Hooray For Beer: need I say anything? 9 09. America (Wake Up Army): my interpretation is that this song is the happiest politics ever. The chorus is so half moshy half bouncy that you cant sit still listening to it, I find anyway. 9 10. If Only: personally think it blends into the rest quite unnoticably, by no means bad, just nothing special. 6 11. I Gotchoo: the happiest riff ever concieved is found here, and a vocal part that I find reminiscent of OPM's "Heaven Is A Halfpipe". Really its nothing like it but I find them similar somewhere down the line. Also including pinch harmonics, XD to be perfectly honest. 9 12. Love Goes Boom: same as If Only, I find it blends in quite mehly. 6 13. I Cant Stand LA: BFS doing what they do best again. Fun song is fun. 7 14. Belgium Polka: WTF? Its odd and to be honest I don't see what its purpose is. Not the best way to close an otherwise very good album. 5 // 7

Lyrics: The lyrics are simple yet effective all the way through the album. Also little quips in between lines, like in "I Gotchoo" - "Elvis or the Beatles, who cares who's the best?" ("beatles") are generally very funny. Jarets voice hasn't changed at all which is a very good thing because he can sing very well. He has a little scereamy thing in "I Gotchoo" after a couple of pinch harmonics, and he also pushes his singing ability on Me With No You, with higher notes than TGBEC. // 8

Overall Impression: All in all, Sorry For Partyin' is Bowling For Soup being Bowling For Soup, and is very good as an addition to their back catalogue or as a stand alone album. Best song is without a doubt "Only Young" for me, optimism makes me very very very happy. Its a very impressive album to the point where I would say its a competitor to be their best. // 8

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overall: 5
Sorry For Partyin' Reviewed by: Bair, on october 26, 2009
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Sound: The new record from the Texas based pop punk, happy go lucky band, Bowling For Soup leaves much to be desired. I spent most of high school listening to these guys after hearing them for the first time on NHL 2001 (I think it was) playing Punk Rock 101. From there on in, I was hooked. I almost tabbed the entire "Great Burrito Extortion Case" but I have no plans for this train wreck. The use of synth becomes almost too much to bare. They do stick true to the pop-punk guitar and drum patterns but its over shadowed by the overuse of keyboards. Cut out the synth and terrible lyrics and you'd swear it was actually them but that ship has sailed I guess. // 7

Lyrics: The lyrical content on this album has to be the biggest let down. After hearing the first track, "Really Cool Dance Song" I threw up a tiny bit in my mouth. It basically uses the same format as one of Eminem's humorous songs which are awful. This comes as a shock because BFS was known for there heartfelt ballads and upbeat attitudes but now they seem to be missing any sincerity whatsoever. Jaret's voice is still exactly the same as on the other 7 albums that came before this and thats the only positive thing I can say about it. Nonsense ideas, voice overs and little children talking are not what I expected. Get it together guys. // 3

Overall Impression: Sorry For Partyin' comes no where close to pretty much every song they have released in the past, including B-Side recordings and cover songs. I'd rather listen to the cover of "London Bridge" by Fergie than the majority of the songs presented here, which says alot. Two songs I can stomach are "BFFF" and "Me With No You" and this is only because they mimic their old style. The best thing about this album has to be the cover art because these guys are still the masters of the photo-op. It's really discouraging that I wasted several months anticipating this record just to be stripped of my faith in owning another collection of songs to pick me up when I'm down. I'd say I'm a massive fan of BFS (or was) and even I didn't enjoy this, so skip this one if you just think they're "Okay". I'll take "Drunk Enough To Dance" or even "A Hangover You Don't Deserve' thank you. Sigh. // 5

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overall: 8.3
Sorry For Partyin' Reviewed by: NeekaTodd, on november 02, 2010
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Sound: I don't understand why people think this album sounds nothing like old Bowling For Soup, because it does. Sure there's a little more synth in there than on previous albums, but it's only really noticeable in A Really Cool Dance Song (which is self-explanatory) and My Wena. There's the really catchy guitar based such as No Hablo Ingles, there's the slow ballad Me With No You and there's the obligatory new version of Belgium which takes on a Polka themed guise. Jaret's voice hasn't changed at all and you can tell it's BFS from the second you hear it. // 8

Lyrics: Witty lyrics are everywhere as usual. The majority of songs are about girls, although there is much more variety of subject than on other albums, eg No Hablo Ingles is about getting out of awkward/undesirable situations by telling people you don't speak English and A Really Cool Dance Song is about how the majority of the music industry is generic dance music that anybody could do. Apart from a short, but lame, talking part in A Really Cool Dance Song, the lyrics are clever and catchy. // 8

Overall Impression: This is one of Bowling For Soup's best albums, and out of the 18 songs there are only two that I frequently skip. I am in love with Amateur Night and Only Young, but will happily listen to the album over and over. // 9

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