Boys Night Out review by Boys Night Out

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  • Released: Jun 26, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.4 (14 votes)
Boys Night Out: Boys Night Out

Sound — 8
Boys Night Out has come a long way since their debut EP "Broken Bones and Bloody Kisses." On this follow up to the concept album "Trainwreck" fans can easily plot the progression of their evolving sound. However, it seems that BNO has found a sound that hits close to home with "Boys Night Out" With the addition of guitarist Andy Lewis the guitar becomes a bit more technical than their previous work, similar to "Trainwreck." You won't find power chords held for multiple bars on any of these songs as most post-hardcore bands around today. You'll find constant changes in key and melodies, which makes the songs more interesting to listen to. Connor, of course, still leads the band as usually with his unique, melodic, and deathly addicting voice. You'll still hear signature BNO sounds on this record though on tracks such as "Hey, Thanks," "It Won't Be Long," and "The Heirs Of Error." Though the sound falls somewhere in between "Trainwreck" and "Make Yourself Sick" most BNO fans will find the record a good listen, while it will also reel in some new ones.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics on "Boys Night Out" though catchy are extremely repetitive and less pretentious than "Trainwreck" or "Make Yourself Sick." Connor uses familiar lyrical techniques throughout the album such as alliteration. Some themes move BNO away from murder and onto alcohol ("Fall For The Drinker" & "Let Me Be Your Swear Word") and a characters desperate addiction to his neighbors complications with life ("Apartment 4"). There is a good balance between the two, however. However, the lyrics coupled with the music and Connors voice are complimentative and definitely make the record entertaining to listen to.

Overall Impression — 8
For most former Boys Night Out fans "Boys Night Out" isn't likely to surpass the vigor, creativeness, and basic framework of Trainwreck but it will certainly not be considered a letdown. For fans who found Trainwreck a let down this album should redeem Boys Night Out. Though repetition and new sound may be frustrating to some, after a couple of listens the album becomes addicting. In the future hopefully we can all come to view Boys Night Out's new style as one of the best in their genre.

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    anywho who felt trainwreck was a let down, is stupid, the s/t album sucks, trainwreck was their masterpiece.
    Dystiller wrote: anywho who felt trainwreck was a let down, is stupid, the s/t album sucks, trainwreck was their masterpiece.
    I have to admit, I didn't like Trainwreck at first, but it grew on me and I love it now. Will probly check this album out,