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artist: Brainstorm date: 09/04/2013 category: compact discs
Brainstorm: Unholy
Released: Aug 3, 1998
Genre: Power Metal, Thrash Metal
Label: B.O. Records
Number Of Tracks: 12
"Unholy" is an improvement from the band's debut, a step in the right direction. If you like darker, heavier power metal, than this one's for you.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 7.3
Unholy Reviewed by: RosetaStoned351, on september 04, 2013
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Sound: "Unholy" is an improvement from the band's debut, a step in the right direction. If you like darker, heavier power metal, than this one's for you. One year after the release of their debut, Brainstorm were back and they had continued to mix more thrash into their power metal. The songs are heavier and more focused this time, the guitarwork and drumming pack more of a punch than they did on "Hungry." Vocalist Marcus Jrgens does a better job this time, but is still a bit annoying at some points. This was he's last album with the band, before being replaced by Andy B. Franck. This was also the first album to feature some memorable songs, like "Holy War" and "Voices." However, the band still hadn't fully found their sound yet. 1. "MCMXCVIII": A 2:30 min. Long intro that sounds quite good, but doesn't feel necessary. 2. "Holy War": This song is just one great riff after another, if it weren't for the massive chorus and the power metal vocals this would be a thrash song. The vocals and lyrics fit perfectly into the song, one of the best on the album. 3. "Here Comes the Pain": Great heavy song, another one of the best. Has great lyrics "Like a chain reaction exploding in your brain" and "I'm friend of Lucifer, I'm here judge your sins." 4. "Voices": The first of three 6:30 min. Long tracks, the only one that doesn't feel to long. It's the most played song live from the album, but it's not the best. Solid lyrics and music for most of the song, but the mid-section is fantastic - makes the overall song great and memorable. 5. "The Healer": One of the faster songs, the drumming is absolutely on fire in this one. Great riffs, great lyrics. The best song on the album! 6. "Don't Stop Believing": The second 6:30 min. Long track, tells you to never give up on you dreams. The song is kind of a semi-ballad, like "Fade to Black." Very nice guitarwork the first 2 min. Of the song, the rest is pretty mediocre. 7. "Heart of Hate": straight through power metal song, but a really good one. Powerful and catchy chorus, lyrics about things wrong in our society and that hate never leads to anything good. 8. "Rebellion": Heaviest song on the album, great guitarwork and solid lyrics. 9. "For the Love of Money": Starts with some great riffs, lyrics about greed and people who only care about money. The vocals are to much over the top in the chorus, which is really boring. This ruins the song, which had the potential of being a good one. 10. "Love Is a Lie": The third 6:30 min. Long track. Has some very dark lyrics, and the music also has a dark tone. It becomes repetitive and predictable after a vile. Feels too draged out. 11. "Into the Fire": Has some great music in the mid-section, but yet again the vocals are to much over the top in the chorus. Great lyrics about our pollution and abuse of the Earth. 12. "Dog Days Coming Down": Another straight through power metal song, but this one has a medieval sound. Great guitarwork and chorus. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics and vocals are a bit better than on the debut. Lyrics are more than solid on all songs, but are not as good as they are on later albums. Vocals have improved slightly, but are still nothing that stands out. The band got a new singer, songwriter for the next album that improved both the bands lyrics and music. The lyrics on this one however, go along well with the music, and is nothing to complain about, I'm just saying that they could be better, which they would soon become. // 7

Overall Impression: My overall impression of the album is that it's a step in the right direction. It's still too much power metal for my taste, but if that's your favourite genre, then you will enjoy it. The best songs are "Holy War," "Here Comes the Pain" & "The Healer," which I recommend to any metal fan. These three songs along with "Voices," are ones a Brainstorm fan should not miss. The first half of the album is really strong, the second half is completely the opposite. The result is a more than solid album. That, compared to later albums however, ends up being the second weakest.

// 7

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