The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me review by Brand New

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  • Released: Nov 21, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (261 votes)
Brand New: The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

Sound — 8
The drastic change from "Your Favorite Weapon" to "Deja Entendu" was easily noticed. In TDAGARIM, it feels a lot more like Deja Entendu because the poppy feel has completely left the band. Brand New clearly stated they did not want to make the same album twice, and they continue to follow that formula. You will notice that the album as a whole sounds a little hollow, as in it was recorded in a big music hall. You can tell that simply by their latest release.

Lyrics — 10
Brand New is one of the few bands that have mature, non-simplistic lyrics. They join the ranks of Taking Back Sunday, Underoath, and such. The Song "Jesus Christ" shows the maturity of their lyrical ability and demonstrates a new kind of singing style much like Matchbook Romances' album Voices (which lacked in a lot of categories). Obviously we can always expect great lyrics from Brand New, and this album is no different.

Overall Impression — 10
If you were a fan of Deja Entendu you will be a fan of this. Sowing Season was Deja Entendu at it's Prime while the song Jesus Christ has a poppish ending which felt a lot like Your Favorite Weapon. Degausser, Limousine and You Wont Know are great songs because it seems a lot different than what we are use to. The good thing about brand New is that we were never expecting the new album to sound like Deja Entendu, therefore many wont hold it to that standard. The Choir part in Degausser is different in a positive way. The only reason why many would have high expectation for this album is because they waiting 3 years for it. If then, don't hold your breath, it might not be worth 3 years, maybe 2.9.

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    Miles Teg
    Deja Entendu! I always had the music on my pc, but got the actual cd today... and it really just... completed my love of them. No matter how this album sounds, it's sure to be brilliant. I can't wait for this new album! And seriously, jesse is like one of the BEST lyricists EVER!
    interesting, i liked deja entendu. very weird, but very catchy, i will definitely having a listen to this album. great review.
    this will grow on you i'm not just saying that as a biased hardcore brand new fan i bought this album & thought it was average after 4/5 plays you really get to appriciate how amazing they are i do agree though, Deja Entendu was the best
    im going to buy it today, hope its as good as deja(best album ever)
    It is very different from both of their previous albums. The guitar work is more layered, with plenty of sweet arpreggio riffs and lead melodies, which for me is a welcomed change, (although I still love Deja Entendu).
    Im leaving right now to get this record. I've been waiting to long! Cant ****ing wait
    Yeah, a lot of the bands that this was compared to is stupid, because this album is nothing like My Chemical Romance or Taking Back Sunday. It's a serious album, which I like. I wasn't a fan of most songs off of Your Favorite Weapon, and Deja Entendu was good, but damn, the songs on this album are amazing and I can't get enough of them. The topics are also more mature and serious, moving on from the simple love songs. I love it, 5/5.
    I don't want to go all out and say "experimental" but they mess around a lot with space and holes in the music, like they did in Deja...some really interesting stuff comes out of it. Definately their best.
    dude deja entendu was awesome. its killin me that i dont have this cd yet. im gonna hav to get it tomorro or something.
    another great album of this year. challenges saosin for best rock album of the year in my mind. lacey is always so honest in his lyrics and i ****ing love it
    love how they keep going in different directions, very experimental
    sowing season is in there top 5 best songs....the first four songs on this album are enough to make you want to listen to it forever
    dude my chemical romance is an killer not saying brand new aren't since theyre really good at wut they do but how can any1 say tht mychemical romance n taking back sunday aren't serious bands they both rip (imean brand new n mychemical romance)