Dark Before Dawn review by Breaking Benjamin

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  • Released: Jun 23, 2015
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (48 votes)
Breaking Benjamin: Dark Before Dawn

Sound — 9
Well, its been six long awaited years since "Dear Agony," but I think true fans of Breaking Benjamin were elated to hear that their own Agony was over. The band was back together and a new album awaited them in June 2015. When I first heard "Failure," I could tell this was gonna be a great record. When it finally released, and I got my hands on the album (because early streaming on iTunes is crap, mainly because I don't have one) I couldn't believe my ears.

"Dark" is an amazing way to start the album. No doubt as I said in my "Failure" review that Ben was in a "Phobia" kind of mood. An intro and outro ("Dawn"). I laughed when I saw that on the track listing. "Angels Fall" sort of was a relaxing tune while still being the anthem it is. "Breaking the Silence" is by far one of my favorites of the album. Hollow I can relate to so I really like it. "Close to Heaven" is the one song on this album I don't like. I just can't dig it like the others. "Bury Me Alive" for some reason reminded me of Marilyn Manson. The verses mainly. "Never Again" is a real good stand up for what's right anthem to me. "The Great Divide" is like "Close to Heaven" but I still love it. "Ashes of Eden" is by far my favorite BB song of all time. "Defeated" is like "Failure" only more positive than "Failure" actually is. I heard Ben explain "Dawn" was created around his son (Ben V)'s heartbeat and he and his wife sing on it. A nice family song to end an overall impressive comeback.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics of DBD are about the same as we've heard on the last two albums ("Phobia" and "Dear Agony"), but still he manages to find a way to keep each song different than that which followed before it. I really am truly amazed. As a songwriter myself, I admire someone like Ben who writes basically the same song over and over and still makes a quality sounding album with that. Now while the album is a tad overproduced, it still makes up with the fact that Keith and Aaron sing on the album, a first for Breaking Benjamin, because as we all know, no one but Ben prior to this new incarnation sung for the band. That is why their live performances would usually feel kind of weak is the fact that they didn't have anyone singing other than Ben.

Overall Impression — 10
The album as a whole I will admit it does sound pretty repetitive, but at that, Ben has stated numerous times he writes what he feels will attract old and new fans alike, and to be honest, there is truth behind that. I got into Breaking Benjamin while playing "Halo 2" with "Blow Me Away." That was in 2009, shortly after "Dear Agony" came out. I listened to all of their stuff (via YouTube) and haven't stopped listening. When I heard DBD was announced (although no name was given at the time) I could hardly keep to myself. And to be honest, I think that I'm not the only one. 140,000+ sales first week for a band away for 6 years? Haters better silence. Breaking Benjamin just broke it.

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    Mixed feelings on this album. The first four tracks are excellent and then it dips a little in quality. Still decent tunes but not as up to par with the earlier ones. Regardless, excited BB is back and looking forward to future releases. Also have to agree with the reviewer--the background vocals are outstanding. Particularly on "Breaking the Silence"
    I honestly really really like this album. Some people might be annoyed that is all just sounds like everything they have done previously. But honestly what is wrong with that. If you have a great sound going why change it? I really don't like when popular bands change their sound, linkin park being the prime example. When i first heard Failure, i was a little disappointed there wasn't any of the harsh vocals that they had on so many of their previous songs (Blow me Away, Hopeless, etc.), but i am really glad they brought those back on some songs. Overall I give this album a 8 I really cant pick a favorite album by them because they are all equally amazing. Favorite songs on the album, are Breaking the Silence, Bury me Alive, Defeated, and Hallow. I can't really find a song on the entire album i don't like though.