Dear Agony review by Breaking Benjamin

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  • Released: Sep 29, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (149 votes)
Breaking Benjamin: Dear Agony

Sound — 9
Breaking Benjamin has been around since the Saturate days, and with this album now, they haven't lost their own sound or edge. Dear Agony is one of those albums where it usually hits home on a personal and emotional level. They have really have outdone themselves both in sound and the style itself. I am very impressed with their set of songs that can remind you of Phobia, We Are Not Alone, and Saturate. From "Fade Away" to "Without You", some songs are a winner, and some are hit and miss, but I love them. This CD deserves an honorable mention. Ben Burnley deserves anything from the fans with his beautiful vocals, and his cunning growls.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics I just couldn't really fathom, but they're all powerful from one track to the next. With eleven tracks at their disposal, Breaking Benjamin never really disapoint with their lyrics and the meanings behind them. Ben Burnley still has that voice that everyone likes (well, not everyone). Most of the lyrics reminds me of We Are Not Alone and some of Phobia, and one from Saturate, they all variate emotionaly and powerfully. Ben has really improved a lot since Saturate, even though on this CD he avoided the "Parental Advisory" route this time. Other than that, the songs will grow on you and hit you for years to come and many CDs later.

Overall Impression — 9
Dear Agony, I was so impressed on how it stood out for me, I love everything about it and I feel no hate for it. It compares to most artists, but since I'm not opinionated, it stands out as the best Breaking Benjamin CD today. I wouldn't lose this for the world, this CD has really helped me with personal problems. It is that good if it helps you too. I highly recommend this to any other fan.

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    In my opinion: Dear Agony > Phobia > We Are Not Alone > Saturate Yeah, bring it on Saturate fanboys.
    Brendan.Clace wrote: Fender700 wrote: Brendan.Clace : Logan_B wrote: shallowbay1314 wrote: Brendan.Clace wrote: JinKid wrote: Um Brendan Clace I'm pretty sure most of the songs are played in A# not C#. According to Shallow Bay (old format, cant find on new, will keep searching), his custom "BB" PRS Hollowbody is tuned to C#, and this is his workhorse guitar. Email them or Bendeth and find out for yourself, but I am 99% confident they are in C# All of Saturate was in C#, WANA was split in C & C#, Phobia was mostly in A#, with a few songs in C#, one in standard, and one in C, and Dear Agony is a mix mainly of A# and C#. LOL at Brendan.Clace...Here is my question to you. If Ben's "Workhorse guitar" is tuned co C# on the new album, then they would NEVER be able to have made such low sounds on most of the songs on the new album ESPECIALLY Fade Away, which is quite obviously in A#, just listen to the heavy palm muting in the verse! I hope you realize one day that 90% of low end on ANY professionally produced album is mainly bass. Lawl. Dear Brendan. Clace, congratulations for being the worst tuning expert on this site! The bass guitar plays key roles in a band like BB, I have seen them twice live. Mark James has an incredible tone, and often strays from the guitars often playing higher octaves than them. So to say that 90% of the heaviness comes from bass is a load of CRAP! I know for a FACT that BB play most of their songs In A# tuning. and the gitars make it quite obvious. thanks failing. peace Nice fail on your part too. PLease re-read what I said. A live show and in the studio are 10x different. In the studio, the bass hits every time the kick drum does. In a live situation the band can do whatever, because you are less likely there for the quality of the music than the experience. Learn some stuff about producing and then come back and argue with me about their tuning.
    Oh for Christ's sake, quit being a baby about being wrong. Breaking Benjamin's guitars are not tuned to C# for this album. I'm not their producer or guitar tech, but I'm also not tone deaf. It's A#. And you make an invalid point with "Ben's workhorse guitar", and I'm going to let you in on a little secret us more advanced guitarists already know: Guitars can be tuned to different tunings. Just because Ben tuned it to C# for Saturate doesn't mean he can't tune it to A# for another album.
    Also, does anyone else who's been a BB fan since Saturate feel cheated by this album?
    generally a fantastic album. A few slightly weak tracks though, I'm not a fan of "fade away" and "I will not bow" isn't one of the better ones... "Crawl" lives up to its hype. Amazing song. However I think the best (despite nobody else singling it out) is "Without You" the most perfect finishing song ever. I'd give this album 9/10
    I loved their first 3 discs, but for some reason i was super skeptical they could make another album of the same caliber. I am so glad i was wrong. I was afraid it would be too far from saturate, which for some reason i am seeing get dissed on here. wtf. You arent a BB fan if you dont like saturate. sorry
    KieranTramp wrote: generally a fantastic album. A few slightly weak tracks though, I'm not a fan of "fade away" and "I will not bow" isn't one of the better ones... "Crawl" lives up to its hype. Amazing song. However I think the best (despite nobody else singling it out) is "Without You" the most perfect finishing song ever. I'd give this album 9/10
    i totally agree dude i dont know why everyone else is hating on it. one of my favorites from the album. i think BB is one band who has yet to dissapoint with their albums
    I've been a die hard BB fan since Saturate, We Are Not Alone in my opinion was a flop with the exception of a few tracks and I was about to give up on them until I heard Phobia. That was a killer album from start to finish. When I heard I Will Not Bow for the first time a got an insane case of the chills and was like "Hell yeah I knew this band wasn't gonna let me down again!!" although as I started to hear more tracks off the album I got a tiny bit disappointed, but it became more of an acquired taste for me personally.
    Phobia > dear agony > saturate > we are not alone breaking benjamin > every other band