Dear Agony review by Breaking Benjamin

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  • Released: Sep 29, 2009
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (149 votes)
Breaking Benjamin: Dear Agony

Sound — 10
Every band has their own sound. It's their own material that you can tell from any others. Breaking Benjamin keeps their sound from "Phobia" and "We Are Not Alone" but add a bit more depth. In my opinion the band has learned a lot since "Saturate". Not to say anything they've written is better or worse (as that is opinion) but every band progresses.

Lyrics — 9
If you're a fan of lyrics that fit the actual music then you'd love this album. Songs such as "Dear Agony", "Give Me a Sign", and "I Will Not Bow" are some of the better examples of this. Guitarist, Aaron Fink compliments Ben Burnley's voice perfectly. They set the perfect tone. Ben's lyrical and vocal talent separate him from the rest. Enough said.

Overall Impression — 10
This album definitely compares to other albums and artists. I'd have to say it's one of the best I've ever heard. The most impressive songs I'd say are "Give Me a Sign", "I Will Not Bow", and "What Lies Beneath". No idea what I hate about the album but if I lost it or stolen I'd buy it again.. Or just listen to it from my iTunes? It's an impeccable album that has to be experienced. Words cannot express the actual material. Buy It!

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    I've been a fan since "We Are Not Alone" and have been a fan ever since. I love every single album of theirs!
    Good album on the whole. Not so much a fan of the opening track but it improves after that and 'Crawl' is a truly wonderful song.
    I am still a fan of Breaking Benjamin and what I'm going to say is probably predictable. "Saturate was their best cd, and everything after was less and less good." not that We are not alone was bad, I like that album it's almost as good as Saturate and Phobia has good songs as well. But my thing is about the lyrics. Its true lyrics don't always have to matter but my problem is that everyone thinks the lyrics on Phobia were a maturing of the, I sat and read all the lyrics on Phoibia and they sound like a 12 year old wrote them. and as for Dear Agony, well they followed the same formula. Give me a sign is the only decent song and yet it sounds nothing really like the old Breaking Benjamin . but anyway thats my rant. I hope they make another cd soon. And Im not trying to upset anyone or whatever I just cant believe Im the only person who thinks that is ridiculous.
    HellsYeah wrote: Also, does anyone else who's been a BB fan since Saturate feel cheated by this album?
    Yes sir lol
    I am new to Breaking Benjamin. This is my first BB cd. I thought this was an awesome cd with the exception of the "monster" sounding vocal additions that were not necessary. Without those, this is a fantastic album with all songs a hit.
    DEAR AGONY- emo rock, a song to play that i will never stop listening..... it is a great song and it was the best song that you did..... I AM A FAN ... rock on \m/