Failure review by Breaking Benjamin

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  • Released: Mar 24, 2015
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6 Neat
  • Users' score: 7.9 (19 votes)
Breaking Benjamin: Failure

Sound — 6
After Breaking Benjamin's long hiatus, they have returned with this new song, "Failure." Musically, there has been little or no departure from what we heard on their 2009 album "Dear Agony." Lead and rhythm guitars are present with riffs, driven forward by Burnley's powerful vocals. The track begins with an eerie mix of guitars, which sounds great and pulls us into the track. This leads into the main riff, which is, however, not as exciting. There are no exciting rhythms, just a series of notes which don't seem to sound very original or interesting. Also, the guitar sound coming through seems quite light at this point, which isn't great. The verse seems quite strong. Palm muted guitars give a good rhythm, and the drums and bass are tight throughout the song. However the chorus also disappoints, not delivering a very catchy tune like the choruses Breaking Benjamin fans are used to.

Lyrics — 6
The lyrics seem pretty average at best, too. The verse's eerie tone does fit with the lyrics, but the chorus seems to run out of ideas, and doesn't even make much sense, even repeating a line as if they've run out of ideas. "Tired of feeling lost, tired of letting go" - who is? "Tear the whole world down" - Is this a command? "Failure" - What? This could be as a result of the loss of their former guitarist, Aaron Fink, as Burnley mentioned that he helped with the deep, meaningful lyrics that filled "Dear Agony." We also miss screams during this song, which is a shame as they could enhance lyrics such as the word "failure" at the end of each chorus.

Overall Impression — 6
Not a bad song, but we were definitely expecting more from Breaking Benjamin, especially with them having been in such a long hiatus. Some parts of the song are great, like the intro and the verse, whereas it feels like others need work, for example the riff that doesn't seem complex enough or the not-properly-thought-through lyrics of the chorus, as well as more basic things like the chorus melody. However, it is certain that the new album this year, "Dark Before Dawn," could still be one of their greatest, if this is, like "I Will Not Bow," something more for the radio than the fans. This review has been pretty harsh, and because it is a decent, though somewhat average, song, I rate it six. Hopefully there are more, heavier and more catchy, singles to come from Breaking Benjamin 2.0.

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    I was satisfied with this single. While I hope there are a few heavier songs on the album (something like Hopeless), I think that BB is gearing up to release a memorable album.
    a drummer
    the absence of Chad Szeliga behind the kit is heavy blow for me. It's so noticeable. He had such a presence on Phobia and Dear Agony
    I expected some decent leads if they're rolling with three guitarists. The rhythm section is weak. But with BB, their singles are usually some of the weakest songs on the albums. Maybe the album as a whole will be better.
    I'm not reviewing the new single, Angels Fall. It seems so similar to Failure! The choruses even have the same chord sequence! I'm hoping BB will do better with the other songs on the way. So far their new songs lack originality hugely!
    I really want to see what these guys can do with 3 guitar players. This song in particular didn't really show off anything as innovative as I hoped in that respect, not bad though. 7/10, looking forward to the rest of it.