Phobia review by Breaking Benjamin

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  • Released: Aug 8, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (306 votes)
Breaking Benjamin: Phobia

Sound — 10
Breaking Benjamin have obviously developed their sound quite a bit since 2004's release We Are Not Alone. There are, however, the melodic but powerful choruses; but these are now backed by heavier, even more down-tuned guitar riffs. They have also used a fair bit of strings and piano, which is new, but in most cases it works very well. 01. Intro - just an intro to the album. Sort of plays on Diary of Jane, nothing special. 02. The Diary Of Jane - first single for the album. Powerful, heavy riffs coupled with a flowing chorus. The new drummer, Chad, has done a great job with this song. 03. Breath - very melodic, one of the softer songs in Phobia, but still pretty heavy. 04. You - dark, sorta spooky, powerful drums yet again. Bass is also pretty prominent here. Heavy-ish. 05. Evil Angel - one of the better songs on the album. Heavy, awesome drum beat, cool harmonics and a great chorus. 06. Until The End - one of the heavier songs on the album. The intro proves this. The chorus and verse are actually quite light, but the interludes are heavy-metal; it's a good contrast. 07. Dance With The Devil - personal favourite; catchy chorus that you'll have stuck in your head. Potentially the next single for Breaking Benjamin. 08. Topless - heaviest song on the album; actually a remake of an old demo track. Kickass song. 09. Here We Are - lighter song; nothing that you'll remember particularly. 10. Unknown Soldier - another catchy chorus, overall just a mad song! 11. Had Enough - another heavy song, powerful guitars and drums. 12. You Fight Me - strange drum beat; think Ava Adora by the Pumpkins. Strange enough Ben Burnley is a fan of Bill Corgan. I wonder. 13. Outro - outro... 14. The Diary Of Jane (acoustic) - piano and strings version of Diary of Jane. It is very different from the original song. Listen to the original first, and this one will grow on you fast.

Lyrics — 9
They are much darker than previous albums; the band has matured as a whole, musically and lyrically. There's really nothing more to say, you'll have to hear it for yourself. The lyrics, to add, are probably more depressing than Saturate and WANA.

Overall Impression — 10
It is the best Breaking Benjamin album yet, and if someone stole it, I would find them and choke them to death with their own colon. The lyrics are good, the sound is good, and my overall impression was that it ruled intensely. The most impressive songs are Diary Of Jane, Dance With The Devil and Evil Angel.

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    i cant wait until this album comes out, it sounds like its going to be really good
    Also, I think this album is their hardest one yet. The guitar, especially during the breakdowns, are very dark and heavy. It might actually be a challenge to learn some of these songs on guitar and bass...
    I used to love Breaking Benjamin a few years back with Saturate and WANA, but then I became and adult, started playing guitar and my taste mellowed into pop/ soft-rock (mainly due to my exiting the teenage rebellion that shoved me into the Hard Rock realm in the first place). I stopped listening to anything heavy, and even mighty BB sounded too "noisy" for my tastes. While I have grown out of heavy Rock music, I still decided to give this album a try.. well, because it's BB after all. Well, suffice it to say, BB still have it. They're one of the few hard rock bands I can enjoy listening to without thinking of it as a bunch of noise. This is music. The main problem I have with hard rock is the lack of complex/catchy melodies. I don't give a shit about words.. recite the alphabet, for all I care. I don't listen to the lyrics, I listen to the song. Anybody can write lyrics. Who can conjure up catchy melodies easily? Few. Alright, I admit, sometimes I don't mind indulging into the harder rock scene (occasionally). This band is the heaviest I'd go now though, because while they still are heavy, they are kings of melodies. It's exactly what I like in soft rock songs (the melodies) but delivering it in hard rock form. I can live with that. This album has some of BB's best songs.. overall, it's more mature, more intricate (the guitar work is simply outstanding - loving the fingerpicking) and best of all, more melodious. I haven't even listened to the whole album, because I've been playing a handful of songs on repeat. They're just so good, you have to spend time appreciating every song. My favorites include: "Evil Angel", "You", "DOJ", "Unknown Soldier". I'm done. Can't be arsed to comment further. Think I'll just go listen to Evil Angel.. best song on the album by far. The melodies of the prechorus "nooooo, donnnn't, leave me to die here".... f'ing amazing piece of melody.
    You can sum this ablum up simply: take the drop A/A# tuning and some riffs/concepts from Chevelle and some concepts of Staind and out comes this CD. It's good, but nothing to write home about in that you feel like you've sort of heard it all before. The tuning is lower, so it sounds heavier...but it really insnt. In fact there I remember 1 wimpy solo on the whole CD and for a lot of songs the verses dont even have guitar and it seems much slower than the other CDs. It is different, but im not sure about better.
    Oooooh baby I want this album. The cover art alone had me convinced to get it haha. I hope I get an acoustic Diary of Jane version
    Well I've listened to the whole album prolly more times then all the ppl that commented this review put together! And I gotta say its alittle bit different from their last 2 releases. But to me its not that big of a change, I just think their growing up and becoming more musically inclined. I think this is their best album. All the instruments sound amazing, the guitar work is very impressive. And the lyrics actually strike a chord in everyone, but then again thats the way they've always been. I highly recommend you pic this CD up on the 8th.
    it's quite a good album despite little changes. I love Unknown Soldier, Diary of Jane, Dance With The Devil, You and Until The End. But i have to say, the album doesn't have Ben's full potential vocals. It's not as powerful as the previous songs.
    I have always been a huge fan of Breaking Benjamin. Saturate and We Are Not Alone have their own little perks, as does Phobia. However, overall I think that Phobia is the best album so far, hands down. Songs like Breath, Until The End, and Dance With The Devil kind of remind of songs that you would find on their first two CD's. Great album. I've downloaded it already, but I'll probably end up buying it anyway. Well worth it.
    Wraith Of War
    Solid album, not quite BB's best, in my opinion, but if it grows on me any more it will be.
    my friend stole it. i can give you his name and adress and a list of his fears if you want
    guitarkid2113 wrote: This CD looks and sounds great!!!!!
    Hahaha, how can a cd look great?
    dude this cd is ****ing great they have evolved into cultivating there own sound i think its great and it kicks ass i bet they will be great heard live
    I saw them in Cincinnati yesterday, and I must say, It was probably one of the best concerts i've ever been to. They kicked ass from beginning to end. Also, for the encore, the played AEnima, by Tool. It was the best Tool cover i've ever heard. Major props to Breking Benjamin. From what I heard at the show, the album will be in my collection the day it comes out, which is my birthday.
    They've toned down their sound so much. The melodies are gone except for a few tracks. Their weakest yes. Pretty forgettable album.
    It is indeed forgettable, compared to their last two albums, in my opinion. I could listen to Saturate and WANA on a loop for days at a time, and I'd still be singing along to those catchy choruses. You don't get that urge to sing along as much with this new album, and I've given it many chances to grow on me, I've listened to it about 5 times now. There are bright spots on there, like Evil Angel's unique 6/4 time signature and the very cool Dance With the Devil, which is in 3/4. I'll just say that this album has some skippable songs, and the other two albums, for me at least, have zero.
    I agree with bubkus123 and if i didnt kno that this was bb i wouldnt have guessed it, much too light and soft. I did not expect that this would be what thier new album sounds like after Saturate and We are not Alone
    Sounds good to me. Hm never thought they'd go heavier. Well at least they didnt go lighter like some bands.
    kryzay311 wrote: my friend stole it. i can give you his name and adress and a list of his fears if you want
    I like you.
    14 tracks. I like it. Can't wait to buy it, and can't wait to hear a studio version of Topless.
    If you guys will check out, there is a link on there that will direct you to stream the entire album :O! Oh well. I'm extrememly hyped about this one. Seriously I cannot wait. I don't even have a cd player in my truck yet (just got a new one, it'll get in there, calm down) and I'm excitied. Imo, this cd tops Saturate and WANA. It's hardcore, in your face, and it holds a lot of the same BB intensity that is seen in the other cds. But also, this one goes further down, and has a more personal base (Phobia... fear... what does our talented song writer Ben fear?). I personally think it's a great album.
    goth clash
    Are they gonna realease it over hear in the UK or am i gonna have to download it?
    I'm not a big fan of BB but from what I hear this is gonna be a great cd.
    I hope this CD is as good as there last few. I'm gonna go "acquire" it right now. I wasn't as pleased by Diary of Jane, it was too soft for me, and not what I expected of BB. Hopefully, the rest of the CD is a little less mellow.
    Seeing as I can't edit my comment, I'll post a new one. If you were looking to se more tracks like Breakdown, Firefly, or Follow, this album is a complete disappointment. It's way more mellow, and Ben's voice isn't nearly as powerful or chilling. This album makes every other BB album look like it was on speed. Maybe it's just me, but this is just a sad follow up to any CD of theirs. The riffs are not as intricate, and you can expect every song on this album to sound relatively the same. Hard intro, soft verse, melow chorus, heavy breakdown, another easy chorus. It's like a watered down, not up to their standard album. I'm pretty disappointed. A very disappointing album, it lacks virtually everything that drew me to Saturate and We Are Not Alone. Don't buy this album looking to hear songs like So Cold, Polyamorous, or any other song you've liked by BB. Total letdown, right here.
    Well considering you think Diary of Jane is too "soft" for you MX4Life, I don't think i'll hold high regards to your opinion of the rest of the album's heaviness. Diary of Jane sounds as heavy as any of Breaking Benjamin's other hits (So Cold, Polyamorous). Not sure what you're hearing.
    MX4Life; if you wanna keep listening saturate or wana, well just keep listening those 2 records then, every single bands had their sounds move on from one record to another, and yet "phobia" is the best they've put out yet, i have had heard all the tracks, and on this record they really put the efforts, beside i have had met them personally along with their producer Mr. David Bendeth, and yet this is his best work along with his other record from the other bands, and trust me thi is an AWESOME record from BB so far yet
    Breaking Benjamin greatly impressed me with all that they improved from Saturate and WANA. Saturate was solid, but they improved in every area to create one of my favorite cds in my whole collection. It might possibly be one of the biggest jumps from debut to sophomore album I've ever seen. I have no doubt Phobia will be amazing, and I'm sure they'll improve just like they did last time.
    awesome album i love unknown soldier its great...its another short album though in terms of total play time....WANA was only 40 min and this one is about the same but thats cool cuz they dont really have any filler songs they pay attention to all their songs equally
    very good band, saw them live for the 4th time last month and they've never dissapointed. can't wait for this album
    Ed Vedder19
    Saw em in DC last week, played some new tunes, really dug em too, this band is the real deal.
    Breaking Benjamin have always been one of my favorite bands to listen too, can't wait to get Phobia.
    Shit ! This band is Hot ! Pretty sweet. Looking forward to their new album. Precisely what genre are these guys?
    This band went way soft and pop-ish kind of like the way 3 Doors Down did with their first album.