Phobia review by Breaking Benjamin

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  • Released: Aug 8, 2006
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 9 (306 votes)
Breaking Benjamin: Phobia

Sound — 6
The sounds of this new Breaking Benjamin album is very different from any other album they have put out. It is filled with new instruments including the piano, along with a few others and more effects. The biggest difference in the sounds is that the whole band sounds a little watered down. The riffs may be heavy, but as soon as you get to the verse or chorus, the song mellows out completely. It's a bit of a disappointment if you were looking to find songs like Firefly, Follow, or Breakdown on this album. Sure, it can be said their sound has matured and they are moving in a different direction now, but this is already a leap in a direction that I'm not sure many fans will like.

Lyrics — 8
I will not lie to you. Ben Burnley's voice is incredible, and always will be. His technique is not as visible on this album, I believe. The vocals aren't as haunting or chilling as they have been in the past. The lyrics are significantly darker, and less appetizing to those looking to find an upbeat song. The lyrics work with the songs pretty well. As I said, you can't really discredit Ben, he is an amazing lyrical and vocal talent.

Overall Impression — 6
This album, for me, was a disappointment. Their new sounds is not satisfying to me, due to the lack of almost everything that brought me to Breaking Benjamin. Songs like So Cold, Natural Life, Break My Fall, and several others are great BB songs, and you will not find anything like them on this new CD. I really dislike this album's new sound, and almost new genre of mellow-lyricked nu-metal. But the genre really doesn't matter. The new BB is not what I was hoping to hear. If someone stole, I'd let them keep it. It's a big step in the wrong direction for BB.

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    Yo, fanboy, I don't care what you think. I'm reviewing the CD, and you can see that people like Bubkus and LSpapercutAP are agreeing. I really don't like this new sound. It's unfortunate we don't all have the same opinion, but because I do doesn't mean there is a problem with me. Calling me a dumbass doesn't change my perspective on the CD, it changes my perspective on how I view you as a person. Why wouldn't I buy the CD? I've always liked BB. Stupid dumb ass? I suggest 2nd grade spelling class for you. Work on your punctuation, too. It doesn't help you get your point across by talking like this!!!! u dumb!!!! Ugh.
    Phobia is a kickass cd. Best by BB yet. ^_^ My faves are Until The End, Unknown Soldier, Topless, Dance With The Devil, and of course DOJ. Love the album as a whole though.
    The songs are okay. I do like The Diary of Jane, Breath, and Dance with the Devil. However, gone is the "heavy-element" of the former 2 albums. I feel like the vocals lost a lot of emotion due to the lack of screaming and emphasis they put on older songs. One of my favorite songs is Sugarcoat -- which had a lot of vocal emotion. Don't expect this album to even come CLOSE to that. "It's a big step in the wrong direction for BB " -- Couldn't say that better.
    Everyone says that bands eventually mature and move on to a diferent direction, but at what point do we cross the line of maturing and putting something out that is safe and uncreative? BB is a great band, but what happened in this CD? Every chorus is very predictable and unoriginal, a lot of the songs tend to sound the same. Seems they have lost a little bit a long the way...
    Hey guys, i just wanted to say that I was looking forward to this albulm for a long time, and i have to say, Im a bit let down. MX4life said it best, in all due respect for BB-, you will not find powerful songs like So Cold, Breakdown, Skin, or Polyamorous. Its simply just not there. Personally, I feel they went with more of a "studio" sound. As far the motivation behind the CD, maybe a couple of the members had a bad breakup with their girlfriends or something because it just sounds like they are bickering about their emotions and what not, compared to their previous album where it sounded like they wanted to bash some skulls in (which is the BB that I prefer). I would like to comment on their new drummer, I do think he is def. talented and can play with the band for sure. Overall, its not THAT bad- but it just didnt follow expectations, and I think thats why people are disappointed, its an alright album, but nothing really stands out like So Cold, Breakdown, Skin and such. So Cold gave me chills the first I heard it and will always be a favorite of mine, and as far as this album, its missing that hair raising, fist thrusting power that was evident throughout their previous albums. All in all, i will still support BB, they are a great band, and personal favorite of mine and always will be. As far as the direction they are going, its unknown, but i hope their future albums will bring back that hair raising experience that their previous albums have done.