Phobia review by Breaking Benjamin

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  • Released: Aug 8, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (306 votes)
Breaking Benjamin: Phobia

Sound — 9
If you're a true Breaking Benjamin fan, you're going to love their new CD. The CD release on Aug. 8 2006 and the first thing I did was buy it. They're a great metal-ish band with amazing new songs like "The Diary Of Jane," "Breath," "Evil Angel" and "You Fight Me." My impression of this CD is that B.B. has grown up a lot since their first CD "Saturate," they still have the same sound, but matured skills and talents.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics can relate to anyone you've ever loved, then they turn around and become a completly new person, nothing like the person you knew before and you miss them so much, but you know they're not going to change back. I think Ben Burnley (vocals of B.B.) has one of the most amazing voices. A new distinct sound, with a strong hold on what he's singing and trying to tell you. The lyrics are really powerful and can comply to whatever you're feeling at the moment.

Overall Impression — 10
"Saturate" was a great CD, "We Are Not Alone" was a better cd, and "Phobia" is by far their best CD yet. They have their own sound, but if I had to compare them to anyone, I'd say Trapt, and Chevelle. My favorite tracks are "The Diary Of Jane," "Topless," "Evil Angel," and "Unknown Soldier" I love everything about the CD, the only things I don't really like are the Phobia tracks, "Phobia (Intro)" and "Phobia (Outro)". They're not real songs, just a waste of time. But that's what the skip buttons for. I strongly suggest this CD, you won't regret it!

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    I like it when bands mature. From 1st to 2nd, it was amazing. From 2nd to 3rd, they tripped. Hard .
    I'm not really crazy about this one. I think Saturate was their best. It had the most ballsy sound, Ben used his voice in so many different ways on songs like phase and no games, the most intricate riffs, more epic feelings after the song was over, and more abstract song structures. I think We Are Not Alone was tough for them to get through because in all the interviews ben had he was saying that being an actual songwriter was so tough for him. I also think since billy corgan played guitar on some tracks and help them write a lot of the songs, his thoughts we're in the back of their minds the entire time from the pressure of a great. Plus too many of those songs were cookie-cutter in terms of structure. It's not necessarily a bad thing. I actually like that they could pull off good songs with a bland structure. Phobia's better than We Are Not Alone but not as good as saturate. What I like about phobia is they did try some different things. Like this time there was an intro and an outro(somethey've never done) and it didnt end up on an acoustic song(well depending on what version you got. i got the one with "diary of jane" but it's more of a bonus than anything). So my order of their Cd's is 1.)Saturate 2.)Phobia 3.)We Are Not Alone If you haven't heard Saturate get it how ever you can.
    this cd is great, 1-14. if you like breaking benjamin then youll love this cd. its really great, the lyrics are so dark and yet fun to sing with. the sound is like we ar not alone but for me that was a great sound. i give this cd 9/10, i downloaded it, but it was so good i bought it also.
    ALL THE SONGS SOUND THE SAME!?!?! i think there supposed to sound simialiar because its the bands own sound.. im guessing you listen to hXc or screamo where all the !BANDS! sound the same because you cant understand a word they say i whouldnt even classify that as singing its a blood curtiling scream.. where ben burnley can actully sing and he doesnt scream, he growls accationaly.. Breaking benjamin is the worlds greatest band i agree..
    people like killswitchkorn shouldnt have a say in any kind of music because he/she obviously doesnt listen to much of it ...seriously who the hell are u to call BB sell outs ...or any band for that matter grow up u fag music changes if a band stays the same for to long they get boring and people bitch if they change slightly people bitch ...phobia sounds awesome and so were the 1st 2 cds u dumb douche bag go listen to some more korn cuz u obviously dont know a good singer or band when u hear them