Saturate review by Breaking Benjamin

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  • Released: Aug 27, 2002
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (71 votes)
Breaking Benjamin: Saturate

Sound — 10
Breaking Benjamin's debut album "Saturate" is a mixture of radio-friendly grundge and alternative metal, and is a solid debut. The vocals of Benjamin Burnley and the guitars and drums of Aaron Fink, Markus James, and Jeremy Hummel mix together to show a promising future for this band. From Wilkes-Barre, PA, the band uses awesome riffs and good drum beats to mix together one solid CD.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics, for a debut, are actually very good. "Polyamourus" is avery solid good single, combining simplistic guitar riffs with awesome lyrics. The song "Medicate"'s lyrics are a bit shallow (the chorus is "Run away/Medicate/Get laid/Get Laid"), but the guitars and drums back it up to make is a solid song. All the other songs blend together (from the peppy "Next to Nothing" to the hard alt rock "Shallow Bay") to create a CD that will be replayed by fans of Cold, Chevelle, and people like them.

Overall Impression — 10
"Saturate" is a solid CD. The most impressive songs are "Polyamourus", "Shallow Bay", "Sugarcoat", and "Forever" (this song, if you bought or buy the CD out of a store, is located as a hidden song after "Shallow Bay". iTunes separetes these songs). This album is a must buy for the Alt Rock or Grundge lover.

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    Saturate. it just gets inside of you and keeps digging its way into you. being a young, aspiring musician, i look to influences like breaking benjamin(one of if not my top). 1.Wish I May-definitely kickass. still, not the best the album has to offer. 2.Medicate-about as good as wish i may. haunting lyrics, very cool. 3.Polyamorous-the one everybody knows. definitely a good song with great lyrics. 4.Skin-different, but good. its got more of a lively sound. 5.Natural Life-creepy bass intro/vocals. another good song. 6.Next To Nothing-great great softer song, still got an edge. just proves the ass kickin on various levels. 7.Water-sounds alot heavier. lyrics are intense. very kickass. 8.Home-one of my personal favorites. goes from hardcore to very hardcore to just kick ass soft feeling. 9.Phase-intro is a rip off of Eulogy by TOOL. the song is still amazing, especially the chorus. another fav 10.No Games-very good, powerful ballad type. very, VERY powerful. 11.Sugarcoat-my favorite, hands down. very hardcore, easy to play and sing, love it 12.Shallow Bay-definitely kicks more ass than any other song. hearing it live, you know you better find a mosh a beat someones ass. 12b.Forever-good ballad. brings a tear to the eye all around absolutely magnificent for a debut album. theyre one of my favs.
    It was "Wish I May" that got me into these guys. It played at the end of the movie Wrong Turn. Pretty good album, I must say. "Natural Life" is my favorite.