Saturate review by Breaking Benjamin

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  • Released: Aug 27, 2002
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (71 votes)
Breaking Benjamin: Saturate

Sound — 10
Breaking benjamins first album Saturate is to me the best album they have made. A very strong album that's a mix of grunge and metal. The opening track "wish I may" fires surge of energy at you and by the time you get to "water" you'll soon relise that this band aren't messing around. "polyamorous" has an great sound to it and holds it's own as a great single.

Lyrics — 8
One thing you have to give Ben credit for is his lyrics. Catchy and fit brilliantly into the songs. One thing I like about his writing is he avoids the over used cliches of the ex-girlfriend or how life sucks, and goes for the more kurt cobain style of song writing. While this isn't Ben's best album for lyrics it's still awesome stuff. "Phase" and "shallow Bay" are two examples. But the lyrics themself's wouldn't be any good with out the voice behind them, so it's a good job Ben Burley has a great voice to tackle the job. This album has him using a little bit of screaming every now and then but that's what adds to the songs being so good.

Overall Impression — 10
Breaking Benjamin have come along way, but for me this is the album that hits all the right buttons. Great guitar riffs backed up by some impressive drums and bass, topped off with some great song writing. If your looking into listing to this band this is the album to get your teeth into first.

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    This album was one of my first exposures to the rock genre while I was growing up. The one thing that really sticks out to me is that even though I played the songs countless times when I was younger, the songs never got old; I can still happily listen to them today. This album is one of my favourites.
    Incredible album. One of the first that turned me on to rock (back in the day). I prefer We Are Not Alone, but this album is just seriously an incredible debut for Breaking Benjiman. (By the way, I really dislike anyone who gives out a 12 out of 10 because it is not possilbe. Why not a 10 out of 10?)
    shallowbay07 wrote: Saturate. it just gets inside of you and keeps digging its way into you. being a young, aspiring musician, i look to influences like breaking benjamin(one of if not my top). 1.Wish I May-definitely kickass . still, not the best the album has to offer. 2.Medicate-about as good as wish i may. haunting lyrics, very cool. 3.Polyamorous-the one everybody knows. definitely a good song with great lyrics. 4.Skin-different, but good. its got more of a lively sound. 5.Natural Life-creepy bass intro/vocals. another good song. 6.Next To Nothing-great great softer song, still got an edge. just proves the ass kickin on various levels. 7.Water-sounds alot heavier. lyrics are intense. very kickass . 8.Home-one of my personal favorites. goes from hardcore to very hardcore to just kick ass soft feeling. 9.Phase-intro is a rip off of Eulogy by TOOL. the song is still amazing, especially the chorus. another fav 10.No Games-very good, powerful ballad type. very, VERY powerful. 11.Sugarcoat-my favorite, hands down. very hardcore, easy to play and sing, love it 12.Shallow Bay-definitely kicks more ass than any other song. hearing it live, you know you better find a mosh a beat someones ass . 12b.Forever-good ballad. brings a tear to the eye all around absolutely magnificent for a debut album. theyre one of my favs.
    Whoa, I may have to look into this...
    I really think their later albums are better than this one. Just more melodic to me, better tone and sounds. Great band though.