Saturate review by Breaking Benjamin

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  • Released: Aug 27, 2002
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (71 votes)
Breaking Benjamin: Saturate

Sound — 10
The sound of this album is pretty heavy for an alternative rock/hard rock/ alternative metal band, but Breaking Benjamin seem to be the thing that was missing in this genre, or among them. They start of with some catchy but not to heavy guitar riffs in Polyamorous, Medicate and Skin, and get heavier from there. Natural Life has an eerie beginning to it, and the riffs are strong. Breaking Benjamin seem to be able to mix alternative metal with a couple of acoustics (Next To Nothing, Forever.)The CD's sound itself, is amazing. The only quarrel I have is that Sugarcoat sounds slightly muted.

Lyrics — 9
Ben Burnley's lyrics are close to amazing. This isn't just from a fans perspective though. There are a few times that the lyrics aren't up to the high standard compared to the rest of the songs. Like Medicate: Run away/make hate/get laid/we get laid. The whole song is catchy enough though, and you'll still be singing it. The lyrics and the music mix perfectly together, but not just because of Burnley. Aaron Fink and Mark James pull it all together with James' awesome bass riffs and Aaron Finks talent of keeping a strong riff up really showing through.

Overall Impression — 10
It definatly compares to their other 3 albums. We Are Not Alone, So Cold EP and Phobia are all awesome, but Saturate is easily the best.The Most impressive songs are "Home, Phase, Water, Shallow Bay, and Polyamorous, but ALL of the songs are fantastic! I love the strong heavy feel and the new type of metal they've managed to produce here using Burnley's amazing vocal talent and the awesome riffs and drumming. 01.Wish I May: a song with a strong start and a strong finish, but wavers a tad in the middle. You grow to like it. Just give it it's go. 8/10 02.Medicate: again, hard to get into, but what draws you in is the poppy chorus and an awesome shift from minor to major. 8/10 03.Polyamorous: the singing and the riff mix perfectly, and you may even by humming the guitar more than you actually sing the song. 9/10 04.Skin: you like it at first, for a while and then it gets old pretty quickly. A listen to not that much song. 7/10 05.Natural Life: if you're gonna put a bad song in, you gotta put an awesome one after it, and Natural Life is awesome. With smart guitar and a wicked intro, you can listen again and again. 9/10 06.Next To Nothing: a very good "quiet" song, Burnley's singing is wonderful here and the musicianship shows through from all of the members of the band. 8/10 07.Water: this is one of those songs you can't get enough of and listen to all the time. Easily one of the heaviest songs they've ever written, it's got a tight riff line and an awesome pull towards it. The lyrics are amazing. 11/10 08.Home: haha. Only Breaking Benjamin could write a song about the Wizard Of Oz and make it into an awesome metal version of the tale. You listen more to the guitar first, and then start to tune into the vocals. It's awesome 12/10 09.Phase: one of the most awesome songs I've ever heard. It's difficult to get into because of the long intro, when you've just gone from quick heavy intros before. Play this song from start to finish and you'll love it. The awesome intro plays out from the start into the heavyness that you come to love. 15/10 10.No Games: you can fall asleep to this song. Not literally, but it's much more melodic than the others, Good guitar, lyrics are a bit off but other than that.:) The end is fantastic. 11.Sugarcoat: the lyrics are slightly repetitive, but you go through it to get to a wicked chorus, which is most worth it. Ben really yells here. Loudly. "Look what you did Suck on your lies 'til your eyes turn red what did you say willing to drown in a tidal wave Take me away let me believe that you're on your way look what you did Suck on your lies 'til your eyes turn red" 10/10 12.Shallow Bay/ Forever: shallow Bay is amazing. The rhyming in the second verse is pretty cool, with every line rhyming at the end. You guitar is tight, and has an awesome bridge. A fair amount of cussing in this song though. 12/10 Forever is a hidden track at the end of the song. I don't know if it's a cover or what. It's nice, but Breaking Benjamin can't even do a ballad/acoustic without medium distortion, so at the end of the song it gets a bit heavier, but in a good way. 10/10 If it were stolen, and there was only one copy left in the whole world and fifty other people wanted it, I would pay the amount of money needed. No matter how much it was. That's how much it means to me.

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    both Phobia and Saturate are good... just all around good band
    This certainly is their best album and sadly they have declined with every release. I still think Ben is amazing and has plenty of good material still in him but what i could not understand was the thought that so many people felt that Phobia had such "mature lyrics" as opposed to Saturate. It's quite the opposite. Phobia was so generically written lyric-wise that I didn't like the album at first but after listening again i found that these "mature Lyrics" were actually just easy to sing along with, regardless of bland they were. Dear Agony was even worse because after one listen I only enjoyed Give Me A Sign. WHich is a fantastic song, but the rest of the album was terrible. Sorry for the rant but yes basically Saturate is near perfect for them. one of my favorite albums ever.
    mlukeroberts222 wrote: In my opinion, there best all-around album to date.
    Really? I like their latest release Phobia better. oh well, to each his own i guess.
    JohnnyChimpo241 wrote: mlukeroberts222 wrote: In my opinion, there best all-around album to date. Really? I like their latest release Phobia better. oh well, to each his own i guess.