We Are Not Alone review by Breaking Benjamin

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  • Released: Jun 29, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (97 votes)
Breaking Benjamin: We Are Not Alone

Sound — 10
When Saturate came out (the bands first album), I knew that these guys didn't sound like anyone else. "We Are Not Alone" carries that idea, and does so much more with it. All of the songs have a great flow to them. There is not a single guitar riff that doesn't fit in where it's at, and not a single voiced note that isn't hit at the perfect pitch. The bass always comes out in a great mix, not overly thumping and certainly not drowned in the background.. And, the drummer knew what he was doing when this album was made as the drums carry the rest of the instruments like it was a forklift. You can tell another difference, in that as musicians, these guys have grown alot since Saturate, noticing how the music has a better taste, and the solos are a good deal more intricate, as well as just the talent is noticeably better. Overall, it is the band from Saturate, but the sound is all it's own.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics on this cd, much like the ones from Saturate are overly impressive. With each track's meaning left open enough to the point where you can still understand it, but also where just about everyone can come off relating to it in some way. The heavier songs really have the best show of this though, with the chorus from Simple Design ranking in at the best conveyed emotion ever. Severe distaste for someone. Ben Burnley's voice is a tribute to sounding good as well, as his range can go from slow and melodic to one of the heaviest, best screaming voices I've ever heard, and never misses a note in between.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is all it's own. Like I said earlier, you can't compare Breaking Benjamin to any other artist out there. Much like Korn and Godsmack, they just don't sound like anyone else around, and that fact alone makes them a great band, but when they put out work like this, you know that they have the talent to do whatever is needed to keep the music worth listening to. Songs like Simple Design, Follow, So Cold. Every song on this album just falls into place and every piece of music within them takes it's role and gives 150%. Also, what other band is around right now that can give you eleven of the greatest songs on one cd that you've ever heard, provide an extra bonus live ep with four of the songs from Saturate on it, a poster, a sticker, and still put out the So Cold video on the cd (Try putting We Are Not Alone in your computer) for only thirteen dollars? That, is worth every dime I payed and so much more. I really hope these guys get the recognition they deserve.

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