We Are Not Alone review by Breaking Benjamin

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  • Released: Jun 29, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (98 votes)
Breaking Benjamin: We Are Not Alone

Sound — 10
This CD is great everything was recorded very well. I like the bridges in the songs. The chorus in the songs are ones you will not forget. I'd say it is more heavy than saturate, I don't know about phobia yet I have to wait for that. 01. So Cold - this song is the first single on their CD and is great for the first song on the CD a very good chorus one you won't forget. The intro is in drop C tuning which makes it very eerie. The video for it gives it that feel to. 02. Simple Design - great song it's decently heavy there's some other hevier songs to. I love the chorus and the bridge in the song is cool a very nice intro into the bridge. 03. Follow - very cool start to the song with good distortion one of my favorites on this album. The chorus get stuck in my head evertime I hear it. 04. Firefly - this is also one of my favorites it's I like the drum beat at the beginning me being a drummer I love this bridge in this song is great. 05. Break My Fall - it's probably my least favorite track on this CD but don't get me wrong it's a masterpiece in it's own way. 06. Forget It - I love this song, Ben Burnley never fails to please. His voice is so pure and unique. Listening to their other stuff you wouldn't expect this high of singing from him. Overall a great song though it's very light. 07. Sooner Or Later - I don't know if it's their second single or not but it's their second video. I also love this song it is great it's a little light but still hard enough to know it's BB. 08. Breakdown - the name says a lot. This song has a very intristing I guess technical breakdown in it. Also another favorite being because it's pretty heavy. 09. Away - I don't know this is or believe is my favorite song. It starts out very cool with the drums and guitar listen to it you'll love it. 10. Believe - I can't stop listening to this song it is one of the hardest and angriest songs on the album. Trust me your head will move. 11. Rain - this is the most random song on the CD you have heard it before maybe not BB's version but the chorus in "Rain rain go away come again another day all the world is waiting for the sun."

Lyrics — 10
Out of everyones vocals I think I like Ben Burnsley he has such a full and incredibly unique voice one you won't forget. The lyrics are a lot more mature than saturate of course they've gotten older and better sounding. The guitar with his voice work perfectly. His sceams holy crap it's so powerful like a monster it's cool.

Overall Impression — 10
If you haven't bought this album yet buy it now it's a good thing to have leading up to their newest on Phobia 08/08/06. If it were stolen of lost I would buy another one right away. This is a CD I will always have always listen to and never forget it is great and very well made so buy it you won't regret it. Recomended songs: So Cold, Simple Design, Follow, Firefly, Breakdown, Away and Believe.

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    BB owns nickelback...but nickelback is still cool.....this is my favorite BB cd so far but all of their cd are awesome.....i can listen 2 every song on this cd over and over again and never get tired of it thats why its my favorite its just freakin decent!