Count Your Blessings review by Bring Me the Horizon

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  • Released: Oct 30, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.8 (219 votes)
Bring Me the Horizon: Count Your Blessings

Sound — 10
This CD is amazing. it's brootal in evry way shape and form. The breakdowns are brootal and the pig reets aren't synthetic, they're all pulled off by BMTH's own Oli Sykes. The double-pedal is intense as are the guitars. BMTH are real, true, and genuine death metal. Yes, they're scene, and proud of it. They're "emo" haircuts look so much better than all that ugly white trash metal hair that many of the bands today think is "metal."

Lyrics — 9
Oli sykes is God! the lyrics on this CD have got to be some of the best in the genre. The lyrics to medusa are tragic and dwell on betrayal. "If you need me I'll be tying a rope to the tree where our love used to be" chills every time. Oli sykes has some of the best pig squeels I have ever heard. He's small, but he can belt out amazing vocals. If you can't see his talent as a vocalist, then you obviously know nothing about music. He is by far the best vocalist in death metal today.

Overall Impression — 10
Bring Me The Horizon are by far the best band in death metal. You can hate all you want on them. But they def. own everyone. Many of the people around my town act like between the buried and me and the human abstract are so good. They're not. Real talent is shown here, with BMTH , and other bands like Drop Dead Gorgeous, Norma Jean, Job For A Cowboy, White Chapel, and other brootal bands with breakdowns.

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    I'm a BMTH fan, but i have to disagree where TrashWhite731 said that bands like them and Drop Dead Gorgeous are more talented then Between The Buried And Me.
    Bring Me the Horizon is definitely fun to listen to. But man, they're lyrics are horrid. The vox are pretty sick though and they throw in some catchy growls and such, especially when he repeatedly throws out the "Oh's" and has them fade out. I love that part, gets me really hyper, but still.. The lyrics suck. They are definitely not as talented as Between the Buried and Me, no where near the talent. In the end, the vox, guitars, drums, etc. are sweet, but the lyrics cause me to have less respect for them.
    First of all I dont wanna sound like a dick but for some odd reason I just notice things like it the person that did the first review misspelled realized on the lyrics part but anyways the whole thing on original album, it really wasnt that bad it was pretty good its not as good as "Count Your Blessings" but it was still good but its funny that the reviewer hated there first album and hated how there fan base was just on how they looked its funny cause thats exactly what Oli Skyes said if you read an interview that someone had with him and the others he said that they all hate the first album and they said it sucked and they think the only reason why people listened to them was because of Oli's hair and the way he looked but yeah I pretty much give the new CD full on perfect Bring Me The Horizon is my favorite band not because of the way he looks but because I love his vocals and because I'm a guitarist, I gotta respect the guitars besides the guitars are really good
    The7thAutumn wrote: This style of music, Deathcore, is a sad scene kid imitation of the real thing. Oli Sykes, that misogynistic little bastard, need to be killed or put in jail.
    yeah, so should Seth Putnam. (im jk here)
    this band makes me want to punch infants....not really. but they do get me pumped. "MOVE!" i looooovvveee that part!
    i gotta agree with barrybuttery or w/e his name is, it was pretty hard for me to get into them at first, there not typically my type of my band but after listening to pray for plagues a couple times i just couldnt get enough of it, sooner or later i was at hot topic buying the cd, it really is great
    their lyrics are not stupid i don't think. I don't think their immature either. I mean korn and slipknot both have similar lyrics. Plus their really catchy. Epsecially Unknown Track Name... "I whispered in her ear, you better fear me dear, For I am Death."
    sum ppl here..need to study sum music genre theory b4 labelling bands. it irritates me when a noob pretends to kno everythin bout music labels, naming genres such as: death metal/metalcore/deathcore/post-hardcore/etc, just 'screamo'. mainstream/indie-rock-tainted ears often see no difference between heavier genres, free to express their idiocy in musical terms. sum ppl tend to think metalcore/deathcore cant rly exist, or an imitation created by meshing up stuffs, but if they'd only open their ears and start to listen to more bands, idk, sumday they might hear the differences that metlacore/deathcore have and suck their imcompetent 'arguments' in
    yeah, kids who talk silliness about genres really piss me off. but giv em a break, after all, they know nothing. people talking sh1t about the lyrics on this album are... imo wrong. haha i saw em live with four other bands including I Killed The Prom Queen. they were by far the best band of the night. and i hugged oli xD but no1 cares.
    why does everyone bash this band for their looks, just like most other bands in this genre? anyway, i think theyre awesome