Count Your Blessings review by Bring Me the Horizon

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  • Released: Oct 30, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.8 (219 votes)
Bring Me the Horizon: Count Your Blessings

Sound — 9
I'll be honest; I detested Bring Me The Horizon on first hearing, probably because I hadn't warmed to that sort of music at that point. But having overcome my great sense of navety, I gave this album a listen, and after that I couldn't stop. Having heard a lot of other deathcore music, I don't think that this album really integrates itself with deathcore generally, but that's not a bad thing. It's quite a unique sound, and BMTH are a unique band. The guitars are blatantly heavily distorted, there's no holding back in order to smoothen off the sound; it's all-out. The drums and bass are also relentless and they mesh together really well with the guitars, and with Oli Sykes's versatile screaming voice. That part is one of my favourites, the vocals. Especially in Pray For Plagues (at 3:57, to be precise), his death growl goes right through you, and it's enough to blow half the metal vocalists known to the planet out of the water. While there are a lot of similarities between each track, no two of them are in any way identical. This does quite well given the fact that the tones of all the instruments and Oli's voice stay pretty much the same throughout the whole 45 minutes of the disc. To be honest, the production on the album isn't earth-shattering, but for a debut album, the band have already sold themselves, and the sound of the music overall is one of the most refreshing I've heard in a while from any band.

Lyrics — 9
Being a deathcore band, the lyrics in the album are quite expectedly about... well, death. What I like in particular about the lyrics, though, is that, unlike a lot of death metal bands, they haven't clogged up each song with the same kind of monotonous, violent, hateful lyrics describing the same manner of death over and over again. No, the concept comes in a different light with each track; some are about revenge ('Braille (For Stevie Wonder's Eyes Only)', 'Off The Heezay'), 'Pray For Plagues' makes references to the apocalypse, and '(I Used To Make Out With) Medusa' tells the story of, well, Medusa. All this with a lot of profanity. That doesn't really negate the quality of the album as such, and it does integrate itself with the actual music. And, to be honest, what did you expect from a rough metal band from the north of England?

Overall Impression — 9
I could listen to this album over and over again and it would take years before I became the slightest bit bored. The brutality of some of it really appeals to me, and while deathcore has started to become quite popular since the early new millennium, BMTH stay, for me, quite unique, and top a lot of the other bands of that genre. I don't really have a favourite song from the album; they all pretty much satisfy my needs for loud, heavy, anger-venting music, but if I would listen to one song first, it would probably (quite conveniently) be the first track, Pray For Plagues. It kicks in very suddenly and kicks off the whole album with style. The way it does begin is quite a smack in the face for anyone who hasn't experienced music of this sort yet. Saying that, that's probably why a lot of people won't like it at first, but I'm sure a lot of people will be able to warm to it, like I did, with a bit of patience, tolerance, and volume control on your iPod.

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    The7thAutumn wrote: This style of music, Deathcore, is a sad scene kid imitation of the real thing. Oli Sykes, that misogynistic little bastard, need to be killed or put in jail.
    Quite right, and I personally abhor the use of the term -core at the end of the name of a legitemate genre and anyone who seriously references these as separate genres is a pedantic idiot.
    TrashWhite731 is obviously a fangirl or something. It didn't even feel like I was reading a review of the album, but oh well I don't like this album much at all.
    Andrew C. S.
    The7thAutumn wrote: This style of music, Deathcore, is a sad scene kid imitation of the real thing. Oli Sykes, that misogynistic little bastard, need to be killed or put in jail.
    Elitist piece of shit.
    i love this band i am also a screamer and i play basicly every instrument under the sun and all there musical parts are fun to play from the drums to the bass and the guitars and i love covering them they are most definantly not screamo as many ppl like to think but hey there just stupid i could care less and the ones that make that mistake usually listen to coldplay and that crap
    this is the best "deathcore" album by far. this album is basically black dahlia murder with breakdowns. if you like black dahlia murder, and breakdowns, then this will be your favorite album of all time.
    Great band! any band that can make that much of an impact in such short amount of time has the potential to be great. even tho they changed there style in there latest album i still love there music. but i wish they went back to the ground shaking breakdowns, amazing solos, and olies vocals that can make your ear bleed. Another thing i want to say, for those of you who put down deathcore, go f*#k yourself, you need to lear to appriciate the music and stop sippin on that hateraid cause they could probably out play you! i mean i hate emo kids too but deathcore isnt emo you stupid, close minded bastards B.M.T.H
    I am also a screamer, and this album is one of the first reasons I started picking up screaming -- amazing highs, and brutal lows. Breakdowns are epic, and extreme diary-like lyrics make it sort-of amazing. Random words thrown at end of songs, to be offensive. "BITCH!?"
    ok i didnt mean to totally through fans of coldplay and that stuff under the bus i dont want to sound like an elitest *****
    I don't know why but I loved this band, and now they just seem bland to me. Like even more. Also, notice how I said if you want Death Metal i meant to say if you want Death Metal check out Death, Necrophagist or Suffocation you want good Deathcore check out Whitechapel or All Shall Perish.
    lukephillips000 : This CD killed my father and raped my mother.
    like all metal albums should haha great comment
    sk8_punk_Trev wrote: why does everyone bash this band for their looks, just like most other bands in this genre? anyway, i think theyre awesome
    I agree. I told a friend I liked this band and he tried them out, and even liked them 'til he saw them. I asked what the problem was and he said, "I'm not gonna listen to a bunch of f***ing scene kids pretend to be brutal." It amazes me, the ignorance of some people.
    amazing music... actually sounds real. brilliantly written. everything just seems to fit perfectly together. love this band with a passion... always will. love em or hate em... but to me. they'll always be the BEST.