Suicide Season review by Bring Me the Horizon

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  • Released: Sep 29, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (206 votes)
Bring Me the Horizon: Suicide Season

Sound — 8
Bring Me The Horizon was once a band that the metal community scoffed and laughed at. They were too scene and they were trying too hard. The band decided to change all that, whether for the right or wrong reasons. Oli admits that the change in musical direction was partially due to the band thinking that the deathcore scene was dying. Suicide Season is, indeed, a great departure from their previous effort Count Your Blessings. The music isn't completely devoid of deathcore, so old fans can rest assured they will get a taste of the old Bring Me The Horizon.

Lyrics — 7
The album kicks off with single "The Comedown." This song is full of energy and is a good opener for the album. It serves as a segue from the old into the new. That being said, it's still one of the weaker songs on the album. Suicide Season shows Bring Me The Horizon expanding on their sound and accepting those possible emo and hardcore influences. "It Was Written In Blood" almost seems like it could go down in the books as a classic emo song. One thing that I found very refreshing on this album was the lack of typical deathcore vocals. Oli still gives a nice roar or growl occassionally, but the majority of the vocals on this album are a more expressive and emotional scream. There have been complaints about this vocal style shift, but it compliments the music perfectly and really comes off as more genuine that before.

Overall Impression — 9
The flow of this album is also amazing. The tracks seemed to be perfectly arranged for maximum enjoyment. The beginning of the album starts off strong with a bit of a new sound that leads into a different side of Bring Me The Horizon in "It Was Written In Blood". As that track trails off the album takes on a brutal almost death metal assault. "Death Breath" through "Diamonds Aren't Forever" is a touch of death metal with a little bit of core flavoring. Soon after this assault ends, pianos begin. "No Need For Introductions... " is reminiscent of Slipknot's Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat in the way that it shifts so suddenly from light jazzy piano to death metal. And really, probably one of the greatest moments of the album is when Oli screams "After all the **** you put me through, I should have pissed on you." at the songs climax. The closing track "Suicide Season" is nothing short of amazing and probably shows the most growth for the band. It's an almost experimental track that recalls The Ocean's Precambrian in it's introduction and other peak moments. The album does drop in intensity and drag on in small bits, but overall it is fantastic. All in all this is an album to write home about. All the deathcore and Bring Me The Horizon haters should at least give them one last shot with this album. Songs worth note: "Chelsea Smile," "It Was Written In Blood," "Sleep With One Eye Open," "Suicide Season".

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    Not the greatest album I ever heard, But anything is better then mumbling into a microphone I guess.
    yo. good reviews and all. and thanks for bashing the lyrics, it had to be done. but... hardcore punk? woah
    i...personnally am a metalcore fan more than a deathcore fan...bring me the horizon and all shall perish are really the only deathcore bands that i listen to, other than that i listen to metal(the devil wears prada, august burns red)... considering i liked bring me the horizon even before they became a more metalcore band, these guys just blew it outta the water for album by them so far!!!!!
    Oh my goodness, tell me where there is a similarity between bmth and all shall perish??? Its more metalcore then deathcore, and who said that diamonds are forever is a bad song, i heard this song live when they came to australia and hadnt released this album and that song was freakin insane. bmth have changed there style a little, its not as technical as there old album, but the way that all there songs are put together is amazing.
    i like this album... im a fan of deathcore and all, but this new direction, in my opinion, is great. if they only had more depth to there lyrics instead of the typical scene: slit you thoat, you stabbed me in the back shite. the could be awesome.
    Fatally Jon
    I'm all for bands changing up their sound; I'm not going to criticize them for it. I'm just going to say that I personally don't like it. That, and they kind of sound like Gallows, if Gallows got a hold of some better recording equipment.
    i really like this album, much more than Count Your Blessings, it sounds more professional, mature as everyone can tell and makes for a more solid album. it still is brutal but the addition of the 'emotional' aspect like in 'Chelsea Smile' ,"We All Carry These Things..." that style of guitar playing is so different and works really well.