Suicide Season Review

artist: Bring Me the Horizon date: 03/09/2016 category: compact discs
Bring Me the Horizon: Suicide Season
Released: Sep 29, 2008
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Visible Noise
Number Of Tracks: 10
"Suicide Season" is the follow-up to the band's debut album, "Count Your Blessings."
 Sound: 7.7
 Lyrics: 6.1
 Overall Impression: 7.7
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overall: 9
Suicide Season Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 01, 2008
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Sound: The sound of the album is a departure from the bgands last album count your blessings, which is a good thing, because they're is a distinct individuality to each individual song, in other words they don't all sound the same. Don't get me wrong, I liked the sound of count your blessings, but it was very repetative, and wasn't an album that I could listen to all the way through. this is different however. they seem to have evolved as songwriters, making the album better overall. They have kept the parts I loved about the old album (oli has kickass screams, and the dissonant riffs kick ass) and it adds things I love (the hardcore yell, more thought out lyrics and song writing) it's overall a great album that I will be listening to quite a bit. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album cover quite a bit of things, they range from funny ( football season is over) to very heartfelt (the title track). The delivery is a bigger highlight though. say what you will about oli sykes, he my look like a douche but he has a pretty killer scream. the addition of the hardcore punk style vocals is a welcome add on, and it's just all around great. I haven't looked at the lyrics to much yet, but from what I have seen they are pretty good, but not the best ever. O, the last track has killer lyrics, like they seem to be really raw and honest, so great job on that. // 9

Overall Impression: Overal a pretty awesome album. Not the best ever, but pretty sweet. It seems that the band is trying to expand they're mfanbase by dipping into different musical styles. the song on this album range from long heartfelt epics to near grindcore freakouts. overall I would recomend getting this album, becuase you won't regret it. My favourite tracks are diamonds aren't forever, football season is over and suicide season. // 9

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overall: 8.3
Suicide Season Reviewed by: marcus7string, on june 04, 2009
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Sound: This album was the first real time I listened to Bring Me The Horizon, and I was very pleasantly surprised. As the tracks vary quite a lot, I'll give an overall rundown of each track. 01.The Comedown: This is one of my favorite songs on the album, it has a brilliant beginning, and is, for want of a better word, fun to listen to. This song may also have one of my favorite breakdowns of any song ever. 9/10 02.Chelsea Smile: this is also a brilliant song, with lots of different sections, such as an unexpected trip hop style part, great song, but the singing does get a little boring. 8/10 03.It Was Written In Blood: a so-so song, I personally feel that it is a bit boring, and is slow to get into the main part of the song, this is usually one that I skip. 6.5/10 04.Death Breath: this is a fantastic song, its so heavy and cool. this is possibly my favorite song on the album, just becuase its so heavy and fast. 10/10 05.Football Season Is Over: another Ok song, not brilliant, it doesn't have any really interesting parts, and the singing gets on my nerves to be honest. Probably my least favorite song. 6/10 06.Sleep With One Eye Open: a pretty good song, not the best, but by no means the worst, I think I like this song mainly for the low growling vocals. 7/10 07.Diamonds Arent Forever: Really Good song, cool intro and great chugging guitar part, one of the best songs. 8.5/10 08.The Sadness Will Never End: This song is brilliant, the Guitar is great, and Sam Carter's vocals really make this song brilliant, and really works well. 10/10 09.No Need For Introductions, I've Read About Girls Like You On The Backs Of Toilet Doors: this song is actually pretty decent, despite the stupid title, the jazz style into is always funny to listen to and when the guitars start it always makes me laugh, pretty brilliant song, purely for the oddness of it. 10.Suicide Season: this is another great song, the intro is cool, and it has an overall great sound to it, this song is great, and I think that it is probably the most meaningful track on the album, which makes it a great closer for the album. 9/10 The overall sound of the album is great, and despite a few boring songs, it is mainly a great album, with some brilliant songs. I think that the album is also quite unique, as I have never really heard songs like this from any other bands, that is, unless I'm just completely blind to a load of similar bands, I don't think I can't really compare this album to any other bands. // 9

Lyrics: This subject is a seemingly very touchy area, I often see very varied opinions of Oli sykes' Writing and singing skills, and I personally like his vocals, and most of the lyrics that he writes, but sometimes his screaming can get very tiresome, but I do really love his lower growls, and it seems that I prefer songs with the low growls to songs that are just screaming. However, easily my favorite Vocal performance on the album is Sam Carter's on the Sadness will never end, and its surprising how well the clean vocals go with the heavy guitar. Overall, Oli Sykes' has some great moments on this album, but I wouldn't say it was a fantastic vocal performance, purely because he seems to rely on screaming far too much. // 7

Overall Impression: Overall, this album is great to listen to, its one of my favorite newer albums, and although I don't really like to all of the tracks, I think that the songs I really listen to are fantastic. I really love the heavyness of this album, and it's nice to see a heavy british band again. There aren't really any problems with the album, but there are a few annoying bits, certain parts of songs, and so on. Overall, a great album. // 9

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overall: 8
Suicide Season Reviewed by: Conor360, on october 15, 2008
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Sound: Bring Me The Horizon was once a band that the metal community scoffed and laughed at. They were too scene and they were trying too hard. The band decided to change all that, whether for the right or wrong reasons. Oli admits that the change in musical direction was partially due to the band thinking that the deathcore scene was dying. Suicide Season is, indeed, a great departure from their previous effort Count Your Blessings. The music isn't completely devoid of deathcore, so old fans can rest assured they will get a taste of the old Bring Me The Horizon. // 8

Lyrics: The album kicks off with single "The Comedown." This song is full of energy and is a good opener for the album. It serves as a segue from the old into the new. That being said, it's still one of the weaker songs on the album. Suicide Season shows Bring Me The Horizon expanding on their sound and accepting those possible emo and hardcore influences. "It Was Written In Blood" almost seems like it could go down in the books as a classic emo song. One thing that I found very refreshing on this album was the lack of typical deathcore vocals. Oli still gives a nice roar or growl occassionally, but the majority of the vocals on this album are a more expressive and emotional scream. There have been complaints about this vocal style shift, but it compliments the music perfectly and really comes off as more genuine that before. // 7

Overall Impression: The flow of this album is also amazing. The tracks seemed to be perfectly arranged for maximum enjoyment. The beginning of the album starts off strong with a bit of a new sound that leads into a different side of Bring Me The Horizon in "It Was Written In Blood". As that track trails off the album takes on a brutal almost death metal assault. "Death Breath" through "Diamonds Aren't Forever" is a touch of death metal with a little bit of core flavoring. Soon after this assault ends, pianos begin. "No Need For Introductions... " is reminiscent of Slipknot's Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat in the way that it shifts so suddenly from light jazzy piano to death metal. And really, probably one of the greatest moments of the album is when Oli screams "After all the **** you put me through, I should have pissed on you." at the songs climax. The closing track "Suicide Season" is nothing short of amazing and probably shows the most growth for the band. It's an almost experimental track that recalls The Ocean's Precambrian in it's introduction and other peak moments. The album does drop in intensity and drag on in small bits, but overall it is fantastic. All in all this is an album to write home about. All the deathcore and Bring Me The Horizon haters should at least give them one last shot with this album. Songs worth note: "Chelsea Smile," "It Was Written In Blood," "Sleep With One Eye Open," "Suicide Season". // 9

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overall: 2.7
Suicide Season Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 15, 2010
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Sound: I had high hopes for bring me the horizon especially after count your blessings, but to be completely honest bring me the horizons new album did nothing but disappoint. Oliver Sykes ripped off the Architects vocals, the guitar work was bland, and the breakdowns, catchy at most. The overall sound became a whiny teenage boy attempting to sell out. // 3

Lyrics: The lyrics were extremely catchy, a huge plus. But all he did was whine so it became intolerable, also oliver Sykes "yelling" ruined the vocals completely for me, though the growls were great like in the song"No Need For Introductions" but other wise, the vocals were completely trash. // 2

Overall Impression: Compared to Count Your Blessings, this album is filth, unless originality is your thing.... "Sleep With One Eye Open" and "No Need For Introductions" were by far the best songs. I love that the album brought death-core mainstream, but I hate the way it did it. And if it was stolen or lost, I would go buy myself a actually decent CD and pretend this one never happed. // 3

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overall: 9
Suicide Season Reviewed by: ryanfears, on march 09, 2016
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Sound: Bring Me the Horizon were always one of those bands where you either loved 'em or hated 'em. On "Suicide Season," their breakthrough album, the band ditches their previously criticized style of deathcore for a tighter, more focused metalcore sound. The band use new tunings and synthesizers to create more focused, well written songs.

"The Comedown" - A really good way to open the record. It sets the tone for the record and immediately lets loose with pure aggression. The breakdown in this song is fantastic.

"Chelsea Smile" - The album's biggest hit, this track runs a bit long at just over 5 minutes. The riff at the beginning is unforgettable and the vocals are brutal. Could do without the trance breakdown, but it does fit the song.

"It Was Written in Blood" - This song surprisingly gets a lot of hate, but I think it's great. The lyrics are perfectly dark and eerie and the riff is really catchy. One of the best moments on the record is toward the end of the song on the last chorus when he screams " blood!" in that lower growl. Overall a fantastic track.

"Death Breath" - This song is alright. The main riff is really great and it's catchy enough. My only dislike is the lyrics. The whole vampire thing is a bit gimmicky.

"Football Season Is Over" - The first of 2 "joke tracks." This song is a total jam and a great way to end the A-side of the album. The lyrics are goofy but actually quite funny and the use of Drop G makes the song sound really heavy.

"Sleep With One Eye Open" - To this day, one of the heaviest things I've ever heard. The song is absolutely brutal and I would NOT want to be the person this was written about. Certainly a favorite.

"Diamonds Aren't Forever" - The best song this band has ever released. The lyrics are great, especially "We're all going to hell, we may as well go out in style." The guitar work and pounding drums make this song a total chug-fest. And of course that breakdown is classic. Perfection.

"The Sadness Will Ever End" - An alright song. Nothing special, a bit generic. The guitar solo is very cool though.

"No Need for Introductions, I've Read About Girls Like You on the Back of Toilet Doors" - With a name longer than the song, this is an interesting "joke track." The jazz piano is a great addition, startling the listener with it's sudden attack. Would be a fun song to play at a fancy party as a prank. The song also would be a fun end to the record, swapping places with the title track.

"Suicide Season" - This song is very good, but 8 minutes is too long. The could shave about 2 minutes off it and it would still get the point across. Other than that, it has good lyrics and a really cool buildup. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album are interesting. They go from dark and eerie ("It Was Written in Blood") to quite funny ("Football Season Is Over"). The only miss with the lyrics would be "Death Breath." Other than that, relatable and well-written. The lyrics on this album revolve around the general theme of suicide, anger and depression. Even "Football Season Is Over" could be interpreted to be about drinking due to depression, despite it's jokey nature. The song "It Was Written in Blood" is one of the most unsettling songs lyrically that I have ever heard. The fact that they extracted real lines from a suicide note is so cool. Overall the lyrics are well written and Oli Sykes delivers them ferociously. // 8

Overall Impression: Despite my small criticisms, the album is overall a masterpiece. A perfect combination of darkness and jokes, mixed with drop tuned riffs and overall insanity. This album is a classic in heavy music. Lee Malia's ability to write a riff really shines through. Drummer Matt Nicholls and bassist Matt Kean keep the rhythm section tight and heavy, making the songs even more aggressive and hard-hitting. Oli Sykes' vocals are amazing as always. His low growls, mid screams, shouts and piercing highs all flow into one another perfectly and really control the dynamic of the song. The highlights for me were "It Was Written in Blood," "Sleep With One Eye Open" and "Diamonds Aren't Forever." If this CD were stolen/lost, I would probably buy another copy even though I have it on vinyl and digital. It's that amazing. // 10

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overall: 5
Suicide Season Reviewed by: Magero, on september 30, 2008
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Sound: So, UK Deathcore giants, Bring Me the Horizon are back with their 2nd full length, Suicide Season. Having spent the last few months working with famed Swedish producer, Fredrik Nordstrm, BMTH return with an interesting collection of songs that clearly show a band trying to break free of the monotony of the deathcore movement. In doing so, the band has brought a rawer and "hardcore" sound to the table, with amazing production and an emphasis on rhythm. However, the song writing to back up the new production has suffered a tad. In pursuing this "new style" that BMTH have sort after, they've fallen into the trap of writing a few decent songs and then just pasting together certain sections to fill up the album. While songs like "The Comedown", "Football Season is Over" and "Sleep with One Eye Open" are heavy, in your face and just plain fun songs, songs like "Death Breath", "Chelsea Smile" and "Diamonds Aren't Forever" just don't do anything. The riffs sound recycled (especially Chelsea Smile which sounds near identical to Comedown) and the cut and paste methodology wears thin after you hear the album 3 or 4 times. // 6

Lyrics: Oli's vocal approach has become much more varied than his previous range of "stupidly vicious screams" and "gut wrenching lows" to include a throatier hardcore yell what adds some real emotion so some of the songs. His lyrics are once again about the usual scene kid trash however. The usual angst styled lines about "writings in blood" and "how you betrayed me" laced with a few semi-clever metaphors for sex or death just don't cut it anymore. // 3

Overall Impression: Suicide Season leaves me in an interesting bind as I love the band's previous album, "Count your Blessings", but the production is so god awful on it, that this album will probably remain on rotation in it's place for awhile. Songs like "Football Season is Over" are huge fun (despite Deez Nuts main-man and ex-I Killed The Prom Queen drummer, JJ Peters, utterly useless contribution to the end of it) and "Sleep With One Eye Open" reminds me of Meshuggah with it's Drop G chugging and stop-start, off-time breakdown intro. Sam Carter of Architect's clean sung contribution to "The Sadness Will Never End", however, is a nice touch, but not enough to save the otherwise angst ridden, almost screamo song. Overall, while the album isn't that bad, it does however fail to reach any real point other than being a fun little forty-two minute ride. // 6

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overall: 8.3
Suicide Season Reviewed by: LukeE, on march 16, 2010
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Sound: Well, the infamous Brits have done it again, another strong metalcore album with plenty of insane screaming and riffs. In honesty, I wasn't a big fan of Count Your Blessings, so thankfully this album is off the radar in terms of greatness. Although there isn't really a storyline behind this album, the one song with a clear point is "No need for introductions... " which is a short song with the lyrics "and after all you put me through/ I should've just f--king pissed on you". This is a reference to a nightclub incident, in which Oli Sykes had a dropped case of sexual assault where he "urinated" on a fan who refused to have sex with him. When it comes to music styles, BMTH go with their classical view of heavy ear-drum popping riffs accompanied by intense screams throughout the album, perhaps dubbing them the heaviest screamo/metalcore band of the UK. // 10

Lyrics: Overall, I dare say the lyrics are adequate for the album, sometimes a bit crude and, to be frank, expectant of such material, ie "it spreads like cancer" a phrase I've heard one too many times in metal. That being said, the lyrics do sync up perfectly with the music behind it, the rough screaming provided by Mr Sykes goes hand-in-hand with the distored guitars, rapid basslines and insane drumming. In slight contradiction, the singing skills of BMTH have been something contravertial, many say that the screaming is "shit" or possesses "a lack of vocal control" whereas others who are in favour of them say it shows how far a vocalist can push themselves to produce intimidating screams. So, in terms of skill, I'll leave that bit up to you to decide. // 7

Overall Impression: Overall, I'd say this is a regular British Screamo album, they've been noted to provide influence to many new screamo bands, one of the more notible being Shadows Chasing Ghosts, whom are big fans of the band. For the the most impressive song is Diamond's aren't Forever, purely because it was that track that made me buy the album to test it out. In terms of love and hate, I'd have to say the vocals for both, while they are good and represent alot of hard work, they do seem to be a bit conistant, unlike in Count Your Blessings, when it contained alot more pitch changes. If this were stolen/lost I'd probably go for something else seeing as this does get boring after afew listenings // 8

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