That's The Spirit review by Bring Me the Horizon

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  • Released: Sep 11, 2015
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 5.5 (107 votes)
Bring Me the Horizon: That's The Spirit

Sound — 7
Bring Me The Horizon are a British rock/metal band from Sheffield, England. Formed in 2003, "That's the Spirit" is their fifth full-length album and the follow up to the award winning, albeit somewhat controversial, "Sempiternal." The controversy stemming from the change of direction from their previous albums to a more mainstream and accessible style and sound.

Their latest effort "That's the Spirit" takes this ball and runs with it further. This becomes apparent with songs such as "Follow You" which is a genuine pop rock, ballad style song and the album closer "Oh No" which is this electronic, party song with the drums and synths a lot more apparent in the mix. Then it variates to more stadium type rock songs like "Drown" and "Throne" which you get the feeling when listening to these that they were written with a set formula in mind to enhance their live shows and increase audience participation. This results in this, somewhat forced at times, epic-type style with a lot dynamic change to create a lot of punch and explosion of sound. It can take you out of the songs sometime due to the stop-start nature of the song arrangements.

Backing singing is used a lot also on this album also. Overall it's very tastefully done where it blends in and enhances rather than takes over. Oliver Sykes' singing is a bit studio-ised at times, for example when I heard his high singing in songs like "True Friends" I couldn't help but think "that must have taken him a lot of takes" but overall it's quite good. I think he knows his comfortable range and sticks to it to deliver good performances rather than forced, barely in reach passages.

Production is pretty nice on this album too. Guitars are dirty sounding but in a good way. Sort of loose sounding and organic rather than heavily modern robotic sounding. Clean sounds are nice too with lots of nice re-verb and jangly sounds. Drums are nice and punchy with no sharp high end on cymbals and a good snare sound too. The bass guitar is a bit muddy in my opinion and is lost in the kick drum sound, as well as vice versa, at times. Electronic drums are, well, your typical electronic drum sounds. A good balance of bass on the kick sound without being overly booming and what I believe is a clap for the snare sample though I'm no expert when it comes to electronic drums so I could be wrong.

Overall, "That's the Spirit" is an above average quality rock album with some high points where you think "yes, this is great" and occasionally some basic, predictable, almost generic sounding, stadium rock parts.

Lyrics — 8
Oliver Sykes has definitely changed up his delivery these days. The majority of the album is focused on singing with, very occasionally, a pushed style of singing. On the most part, and if you don't compare to their first albums which is what their fans tend to do leading to a cynicism, it's pretty good. It suits what the band has written well. It's double tracked to create more vocal substance. Backing vocals are widely used throughout the album as I stated more as an enhancement to create atmosphere.

Lyrically this album focuses on a theme of depression and suicidal thoughts. You hear this with songs like "Happy Song" with passages like: "You want to give up | Gave it all that you've got | And it still doesn't cut | But if you sing along a little fucking louder | To a happy song | You'll be just fine," as well as songs like "Drown" which connect to people who have feelings how life and loneliness can be too much at times: "What doesn't destroy you | Leaves you broken instead | Got a hole in my soul growing deeper and deeper | And I can't take | One more moment of this silence | The loneliness is haunting me | And the weight of the world's getting harder to hold up."

There is also a song about betrayal, that being "True Friends." Who knows who it is directed at but it produced some decent lyrics: "It's kind of sad cause what we had | Well it could have been something | I guess it wasn't meant to be | So how dare you try and steal my flame | Just cause yours faded | Well hate is gasoline | A fire fuelling all my dreams."

The majority of the lyrics seem to encourage self appreciation and self analysis of one's own mental state. It's tastefully done and may raise awareness of these things with the fan base.

Overall Impression — 7
I try to not compare albums to previous efforts and take them at face value instead but it's fairly easy to compare this to "Sempiternal" as they both came after the band's change in sound. In comparison "That's the Spirit" is a more poppy, accessible version of that album focusing more on hooks and catchy-ness. I loved the majority of the instrumental work but the song writing and progressions tend to get a bit generic at times. The singing is impressive and the melodies are written well.

Tracks to look out for:

- "Avalanche"
- "Blasphemy"
- "Happy Song"
- "Throne"

Least favourite tracks:

- "Oh No" (The song itself is OK but I don't think it was an album ender).

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    I for one really like their "poppier" stuff. I could never stand more than a few seconds of their deathcore material. Then again, I'm still an angsty emo-kid, so what do I knowxD It's surely not the greatest album, but I'd give it something between 6-7
    They should stop bein lil pussies and do another deathcore album
    Here is another prime example of a butthurt deathcore elitist who can't accept the band have grown up and don't want to make that kind of music anymore.
    I've been told about bmth last year and now I own every album they've released yet. as a guitar player I'm disappointed by their new guitarwork, as a fan, I'm disappointed with everything. I wasn't able to see why would they do this. What is fame and money? I just spent my money on the new black dahlia murder album and too much effort was put into it. How can oli fuck up his voice? Just excuses. Other bands have been screaming for ages and way better than him and have unbelievably great live performances. They're nothing more than a commercial band to me. Their fanbase is full of 11 little kids that love "oli".
    wow a 4.8 user rating, must be a bunch of butthurt deathcore elitists giving it a 1 or something. solid album but definitely a bit of a shock to the system after their previous work
    Two things: 1) I'm not really a BMTH "fan" per se. Just someone who has a couple of their albums and has spun a few of their songs but never really got into them. But that also means I never really formed a very biased opinion of them, either. I neither love them nor hate them. 2) Anyone who knows me personally knows that I love it when bands evolve and change. I usually count myself as one of the few people who digs it when a band makes an album that's "different" at the risk of alienating their fanbase, as long as it resonates somehow with me. But this? I can't get into this. It's making me appreciate their older material that much more. Nothing to do with being more "pop" or lacking harsh vocals. It's just not something I can jam to.
    I always considered Bring Me a scene girls go to band, but then Sempiternal happened, and everything clicked. They pretty much played the entire album at Reading Festival 2013 and their set was beyond electrifying - its on youtube, watch it. So i find it strange that having found a sound that they know works and people love, why they would change drastically again. This Album commits one of the worst crimes in music - its boring. Its not bad on the whole, its just pretty samey and boring.
    Wow, these songs are great! With a little luck, they could have one of them featured in a WWE Pay-Per-View!
    Not sure if they had already announced it when you commented this but Throne and Happy Song were the themes for NXT Takeover: Respect.
    m4ss3 m/
    I've never listened to this band until I heard "Drown" and I really liked it and this whole album was a positive surprise. A lot of catchy songs and I don't even mind the EDM influences.
    I'm not sure what I expected when I bought it on the strength of "Throne," but I don't know how I feel about the album as a whole. It's got moments where I really dig it, but the rest of the album... It's not bad, but I don't really care about it. I wouldn't turn it off if it was on, but I wouldn't actively try to listen to it either.
    I feel rather let down by this album. Sepiternal was good, this is border line boring. Not much else to be said really.
    I'd probably give this one a 7.9, simply because the lack of variety makes it a little boring, especially compared to Sempiternal, which was near perfect
    You are all nuts. You have to take the album at face value, not comparing it to previous work. The lyrics are clever, the instrumentation varied. Most good songs are sad songs, so I don't know what people are bitching about. Lyrics didn't get any worse, quality improved. People are just pissed that the style changed.
    This cover art sucks.
    I've already seen it on one tshirt. They've gone for the memorable symbol that can be placed anywhere. It's not elegant like Sempiternal, but I prefer it to Suicide Season that looks a bit edgy.
    Andy Jarvis
    I buy albums for the music, not to look at the cover art, that's the sort of thing teenage 1 Direction fans would do. A lot of very good albums over the years have had very simple cover art or even just a plain cover.
    I can't say I ever loved them and haven't really paid attention to them since Suicide Season (heard a few tracks of the follow up to that) so hearing the new stuff is really surprising. Still not going to listen to them because it's not really my cup of tea but somehow he's turned out to be a pretty decent singer and the tracks are good enough and fair interesting. Strange to listen to them like this knowing where they've come from but good on them for doing what they want and making the music they want to make.
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    Andy Jarvis
    I was introduced to this band by my then 12, now 13 year old daughter, personally, I love this album, although my daughter likes Sempiternal more, having seen them play their current set live, which draws mainly from That's the Spirit and Sempiternal, these songs really work live, it's a truly awesome set. I'm a 53 year old and I hate genre snobs, there are only 2 types of music and they are good and bad and that's really down to personal opinion. BMTH started out in 2003, they are still in their 20s, I think it's inevitable and a good thing that they've evolved, it shows they have the talent to branch out and get recognition from a broader audience. Sold out, no, just not stuck in a rut and not afraid to try new things.