Do You Like Rock Music? review by British Sea Power

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  • Released: Jan 9, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (4 votes)
British Sea Power: Do You Like Rock Music?

Sound — 9
After a few knocks and blows British Sea Power have returned with a blinding album that has impressed not just the indie fanatics, but has won over a few followers of the over-the-top Rock genre. The Music in this album is absolutley outstanding, the best tune arguably being Lights Out For Darkier Skies which has one of the best opening solo riff since Muses's Knights of Cydonia. Which Reminds me, no rubbish song names! Oh dear I'm over excited. The blinding power of the music in Waving Flags is enough to excite a crowd of unintelligent chimps, the effect on the rhythym guitar is an intresting yet brilliant echo-ey sound which reminds me of U2's City of Blinding Lights track which most people will agree is simply breathtaking. As a half educated, bony, indie princeman, I have certain expectations of new upcoming indie acts. I am giving a sort of Marmite rating on this band. You either love them or you absolutely think this is the racket that comes from a nagging, fat, ugly, ginger (woman) cleaner trying to do the hovering. I see this band as a sort of cross between Biffy Clyro and the critcally acclaimed Editors. For the sort of person who hates what I'm about, well this album is not going to stop my overly repeated saying, "Well done lads lets see another one."

Lyrics — 9
To be honest. I normally have the worst thing to say in this section. But do you know what? it's just, well perfect. There's not a thing wrong with the album. The Guitar is good, the bass and synth work is good, don't get me started about the drummer, well okay, Matt Wood is absolutely excellent in this album. Do you know why? Simplicity. This word rings through the album. but mostly through the major amount of simple drumming. But do not worry. I say this because if the drumming was complicated, then I would only speak about how overly powerful the drumming was. And since I know only the basics about drums, you might want to keep it that way guys. For a good reason there are few singing parts in the album. However Scotty Wilkinson or "Yan" as he likes to be called, makes the same desicion as the drumming. Simplicity. This makes for "Easy listening indie" which is like a sort of twisted folk. Wait, no forget that more of demented jazz.

Overall Impression — 10
Three words to sum up the album would be "Just You wait" for the simple reason that sooner or later, they will become a houshold name. No not a household name a uni-flathold name. Which is why I hope to check one of their upcoming gigs out, for the banter. So my final desicion is for YOU to buy the album. Tell your friends how good it is BUT say to them that they cannot buy it because Alex said only I could have it.

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    I had low expectations for this (their last was a letdown), but then the EP came out and "Atom" was so fantastic that my expectations were raised. The beginning is fantastic, but it seems like the band burned out after "Waving Flags." "Atom" comes back and tells us that the end might be a strong one and "No Need to Cry" assures us that good things are happening, but then it just sort of flattens. Their debut was stunning, I don't understand how you can go from that to releasing two albums inconsistent albums with a few gems. Until this album, I was such a fanboy too. I thought they were going to save indie rock, but I was wrong. Oh, well, a savior's bound to come sooner or later. 6.5/10