Magic review by Bruce Springsteen

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  • Released: Oct 2, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (61 votes)
Bruce Springsteen: Magic

Sound — 10
Bruce Springsteen has learned to adapt well to today's music in his new album Magic, which is a key move to any artist's career. Instead of using the same old formula of music that he's been known for, Springsteen has altered his sound to please the ears of today's listeners. I can definitely hear a more modern-like sound to the songs, especially on Radio Nowhere and Long Walk Home. I don't think it would be a little over the top to say it sounds a lot like an Oasis album, in my opinion. But even with the new sound that Springsteen has done, the same old touch of his is still there, through his lyrics and voice. On the recording of this album, he used the famed E Street Band, which includes TV personality Max Weinberg on drums and Sopranos actor Steven Van Zandt. The sound is an all star performance by all star people. I give the sound a perfect 10, because that's exactly what it deserves, perfection.

Lyrics — 9
Not being much of a fan for Springsteen because of his lyrics, I must say I am impressed with the album's content. The songs are not focused on typical Springsteen ideas, but instead are much more mature. For an example, the song Devil's Arcade: Remember the morning we dug up your gun/The worms in the barrel, the hanging sun/Those first nervous evenings of perfume and gin/The lost smell on your breath as I helped you get it in/The rush of your lips, the feel of your name/The beat in your heart, the devil's arcade. The lyrics are more somber and focused on serious issues. However, I don't like how the song Radio Nowhere goes along. As a songwriter myself, I feel Springsteen forced the lyrics in there, as they fit too perfectly into the music. It definitely sounds single worthy, but still, a verse like this sounds a tad bit cheesy: "I was driving through the misty rain/Just a-searching for a mystery train Bopping through the wild blue/Trying to make a connection with you." For the cheesiness in some of the songs, I give the lyrics a 9/10, which is still high considering the tightness of my standards.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall, I am pleased to say that I absolutely love this album. It's amazing and there hasn't been a day that goes by that I don't listen to the songs on the CD. A few songs that stand out to me would have to be Devil's Arcade, Magic, and I'll Work For Your Love. If it was lost, I would take the time to go and buy a new copy, just so I can play it in my car. Springsteen has definitely adapted to today's music scene with this style, and it just goes to show that anything is possible for artists. As stated before, the only thing I don't like are the cheesiness of some of the lyrics on the album, but hey, this is Bruce Springsteen after all, isn't it? He is The Boss, and with this album, keeps his title. I expect to see this in the Top 10 on the Billboards. Even if you're not a big Springsteen fan, you should still check out a few of the songs. Who knows? You just might find something interesting and new. I know I did.

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    Very nice album, not as bombastic as some of his previous work (Born in the USA for example). It's more honest, it has way more impact due to it imho.
    Group, Magic: fantastic. Bruce's return to the "long Summer evening" of "Born to Run Days". Makes us remember those feelings of why music touched our souls. To many of us it helps us to keep focused and returning to work everyday. Kinda lets us hope that the Cadillac is waiting at the end of the day. I like this work and am enjoying listening to the songs.
    Springsteen is not being sued for any tunes! He is being sued for a bad horse deal. The album is fantastic and at last look was #1 on two billboard charts. Not that such placment makes a great album but give it two listens. You will be a fan.
    t tante
    helluva album. The last song is called "Terry's Song." its a tribute to Terry Magovern, sprinsteens right hand mand of the last 20 years, who passed on July 30. def album of the year.
    Not as good as the Rising, not as good as his early stuff. It seems like his early inspirations were 50s and 60s Musicians, especially Bob Dylan. Now, he's drawing on his contemporaries - Warren Zevon, REM, and other newer kids on the block. The sound just isn't the same.
    Go Kart Mozart
    Go see him live on this tour and be amazed. Just saw him in Philly and theres nothing like it. The new songs fit in perfect with the classics and the rare tracks he's playing. New album is great.
    whats that last track all about? i mean the fact that its not mentioned anywhere? great track none the less! fab album
    a brilliant album as can be expected from the boss and the amazing E street band. most people my age dont listen to or even know about bruce, and it's too bad they don't. magic is an amazing album. one of his finest!
    I dunno why but I've always found his stuff to be extremely cheesy. Like Blue Stilton cheesiness. He's probably a nice guy but his music irritates me. No disrespect people, just my feeling atm.
    I really like 'Magic' its the kind of record I've been waiting to hear from the Boss. 'The Rising' just wasn't as good.
    fenderguy90 wrote: This Album Is excellent when you guys get a chance I tabbed "Magic" check it out
    Shit, you serious man? Did you do the entire album? Checked.
    Ian T Masters wrote: album sucks. He's getting sued for stealing a tune as well...
    what tune? I've heard that "Radio Nowhere" is just a rework of an older song and that "Gypsy Biker" borrows alot from "Shut out the Light" which was unreleased (a shame to find out too, cause I loved Gypsy Biker)