All Night Long review by Buckcherry

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  • Released: Aug 3, 2010
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 6.8 (25 votes)
Buckcherry: All Night Long

Sound — 8
While some bands have dabbled in grunge, screamo, and the like since the mid-1990's, Buckcherry has been the go-to band for straightforward rock n' roll. Fast forward to 2010, and not much has changed. The Los Angeles' band's fifth album All Night Long is filled to the gills with gritty, bluesy party rock that isn't a huge leap from past singles like Crazy Bitch. The clichs are aplenty on All Night Long, and it might be annoying if Buckcherry weren't so darn good at delivering the classic blues rock sound. Buckcherry doesn't waste time with giving the fans what they want. The opening track All Night Long revolves around a catchy chorus that is so instantly hummable that you would swear you've heard it before. It's A Party follows suit, both musically and lyrically. Starting off with a We Will Rock You drum beat, the track quickly is ushered into your standard blues rock format. A good chunk of the album is dedicated to thick, meaty riffs and themes about rock's decadent lifestyle both which work in the band's favor. The band doesn't shy away from its mellower side, and All Night Long has what you could call power ballads in the mix. Granted, they never get as sentimental as some of the hair metal output in the 80's, but tracks like I Want You and These Things revolve around the familiar theme of love. The ballads don't stay mellow for long, however, and the choruses usually explode with gain-driven guitars. The anomaly of the record is Our World, a song that is fairly bare bones in terms of the musical composition. The vocals and percussion take the central focus during the verses, most likely because it's a song where the lyrical content takes precedence. Our World is essentially Buckcherry's commentary on today's imperfect world. It's a respectable offering, but the song is still hard to take seriously after hearing a myriad of rock clichs on the record.

Lyrics — 7
With the exception of Our World, the material on All Night Long is fairly predictable. Buckcherry doesn't stray too far from the typical rhyme schemes (Are you ready to go all night long? Make you stop in your tracks when you're singing our song), but in the same breath those lyrics are completely appropriate for straightforward rock. It's a tried-and-true format to sing about love, sex, and partying in the rock world, and while it can get a bit tiresome, Buckcherry is just sticking with tradition.

Overall Impression — 7
Buckcherry's blues/sleaze/grit rock isn't anything you haven't heard before from past rockers or even from Josh Todd and the boys themselves. Guitarist Keith Nelson gets kudos for whipping out slide work a la Joe Walsh in Liberty and the band in general does write catchy tunes for days. Buckcherry isn't proving anything new on All Night Long, but again, the monster hit Crazy Bitch also wasn't necessarily the most thought-provoking/creatively groundbreaking tune to ever come along.

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    Sounds like Saving Abel, who sound like Hinder, who sound like Nickelback, etc etc etc.
    I bought this cd yesterday, i quite liked it, its nice, simple and fun.
    i liked it, but everything sounded the same... not necessarily a bad thing though
    styxfan226 wrote: i liked it, but everything sounded the same... not necessarily a bad thing though
    I hate when people say that, because the songs do not sound the same. I think it is a good album, my fave songs are All Night Long and Oh My Lord.
    i do too, but they did to me. i only listened to it once and wasn't really paying attention so that's probably why
    wow, what a great album! bought the deluxe edition with the Reckless Sons E.P. and its incredible! favorite songs from the album have gotta be all night long, Dead,, and Recovery. great album, 9/10
    with a band with a certain style you listen to a new album once and you remember a couple tracks and rthen the rest blend in. after a couple more listens you notice each song what its for and what you like and dont like. 15 for me stood out straight away and no songs blended in then i found black butterfly to have couple stand outs but after a while an all round better album. this 1 is like black butterfly to me, 1st song was great, rest had some stand out moments. listened to it for 2nd time only so far and a couple songs starting to stand out. hope happens more each time. I also got an accoustic ep and its pretty good. for the record - the live album was awful! ive seen them and loved them live though
    I love Buckcherry, in fact I'd say they were my 3rd fave band of all time... But I don't think the new album is that good... Sure it has its moments as does any 'cherry album, but its nothing to the last 2 albums
    that title song on the radio is just torture to listen too, hes just screaming at me the shittiest lyrics; "all night long" over and over. Garbage, his voice sucks! That said, I havent heard the rest so we'll see
    I like that they are just gritty and raunchy! Seen em open for Kiss and they were fun. They kinda remind me of an Aerosmith/Crue type combination.
    Axim Bassist
    *troll alert* I ****in hate buckcherry and their crappy ass songs. I listened to some songs off this album after hearing many positive reviews and was like...this album is ass.