Black Butterfly review by Buckcherry

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  • Released: Sep 16, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.6 (56 votes)
Buckcherry: Black Butterfly

Sound — 8
Buckcherry must have been riding high after the release of their last album Black Butterfly, which included the song that seemed to consistently pop up on ladies' MySpace profiles, Crazy Bitch. It was undoubtedly a catchy song that gained buzz thanks to it's edgy lyrics, and you'll get a few more like it on Buckcherry's latest album Black Butterfly. Granted, the catchiest one might not be entirely radio friendly. Of course, that never really caused a problem when NIN's Closer was released.

The song in the spotlight is Too Drunk, which tells the tale of a gentleman who has had so much to drink that he can't perform in the bedroom. It could easily just be a song with novelty lyrics, but the band backs it up with an equally sleazy, bluesy groove that is the glue for everything. In Too Drunk and pretty much every rock track on Black Butterfly, you get the distinct feeling the band has looked toward the classic rock artists (everyone from AC/DC to Guns N' Roses) and they do a pretty fine job of carrying the torch.

There's a good helping of old fashioned rock tracks and power ballads, and it strikes a pretty good balance. Not all of the playlist grabs your attentions instantly, but there are more than a few where Buckcherry hits it out of the park. The epic song, for lack of a better word, on the album is the closing number Cream. The title might hint at another dirty offering from vocalist Josh Todd and the boys, but this one is the most musically diverse on Black Butterfly. It all begins with only an acoustic and the vocals, then suddenly bursts with a militaristic drum beat against distortion. Eventually you even get some Joe Walsh-like slide solos, and Todd eventually closes it out a cappella. It's beautifully constructed and shows that Buckcherry is capable of writing more than 3-chord rock songs.

The opening track Rescue Me is actually one of the disappointments on the record, if only because it just pales in comparison to the other 11 songs. It's melodically solid but it almost seems purposely written to be a radio single, which it currently is. Dreams is more of a ballad, but it also fails to really make an impression. Thankfully you've got solid tracks like the STP-tinged Talk To Me and the upbeat acoustic offering All Of Me to keep things fresh.

Lyrics — 7
Lyrically speaking, Buckcherry knows how to get your attention. Crazy Bitch earned a cushy spot on the charts likely because of it's raunchy lyrics, and Too Drunk follows in the same footsteps. There's a bit of shock value to it all, but the band is able to find it's sensitive side for a good part of Black Butterfly. In the ballad Don't Go Away Todd sings, Please don't go away; You're making a mistake; You and I were meant to be; You opened up my eyes. It's true that the faster songs tend to be a bit more interesting and quirky, but at least there's a break from the same old sex, drugs, and rock and roll themes.

Overall Impression — 8
It's good to hear Buckcherry still embracing the old school rock vibe, and it definitely works for them. At times guitarists Keith Nelson and Stevie D. do have a very Slash-like vibe, and the solos are often the highlights even if the song as a whole doesn't always work. Definitely check out the guitar work Imminent Bail Out, which features a phenomenal breakdown. A perfect album Black Butterfly is not, but it does prove that Buckcherry still has plenty of life after so many years in the industry.

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    i saw these guys live the other day and despite being a headliner, they were a disappointment (not my opinion, only like 3 people were getting excited), and the sound was so messed up it took a while to identify which song they were playing. they got some great songs but suck live.
    For some one who appeared to like the album so much, you sure did give it a pretty contradictory score. Aren't 7's supposed to be mediocre type stuffs?
    i was forced to go to Crue Fest and they played, they sounded all right, but it was so funny the Jap guitarist got all his gear ****ed up and couldnt play and there was a huge fuss hahaa it was like a musical gay porno the singer is straight ****ed. as far as im concerned these guys are terrible
    "Granted, the catchiest one might not be entirely radio friendly. Of course, that never really caused a problem when NINs Closer was released." Awful reference. To have buckcherry mentioned in the same sentence as NIN is laughable, and I really don't like NIN all that much. Simply awful...
    too drunk to **** sounds vaugely familiar but i actually like buckcherry ill have to hear this
    Big Spender
    Haters need to leave... This Isn't as strong as 15 but there are a couple catchy songs. Nothing groundbreaking but a bit of fun, entertaining enough.
    To all the haters, go listen to Buckcherry's self titled album and tell us they suck. The album is amazing, I bought it yesterday. Too drunk is stupid, but that's what Buckcherry is good at. Being stupid. Hell, I'd kill to be able to write a song like that and actually have people listen to it. I guess they're just good at that.
    well i liked Too Drunk, its stupid catchy throwback music which is great when I don't wanna think. Rescue Me, Don't Go Away, Rose, and Tired of You are all worth checking out. Personally I found A Child Called "It" actually really offensive...I think its based on the book, and if it is its way too lighthearted for such a tragic story *steps off soapbox*
    I don't get why all these Buckcherry haters are reading this review. Black Butterfly is a good album, not as good as 15, but good rock music. Not all of this bands stuff is about Crazy Bitches and such, some of thier stuff is very well thought out, but this band likes to have fun and can write about whatever the hell they want. Buckcherry rocks!!!
    Jersey Bassist1
    yeah im feeling this one, i dig the basic tune of the whole song and the lyrics just top it off. definatly check it out if you haven't already
    The solos of too drunk sound like theyre stolen off hendrix. First solo was like from hey Joe and the second from Purple Haze
    "Talk to me" starts off sounding like a mixture of STP's "Sunday Girl" Guitar intro rhythm with Sex Type Things "here i come, i come, i come" vocal style and then comes into a very generic verse with lyrics your local high school retard could write with some STP lyric copys then comes into a more upbeat chorus which sounds a lot like Aerosmith's - Love In An Elevator True Story
    To all the people who think this band sucks and can't play good, I would have to say I would like to see you try it. Buckcherry is an amazing band and their music is their own work. They don't have to steal songs and make a remake of them. They are original and a true music lover would appreciate that.
    Buckcherry Are Good live. Actually Quite Good. I saw Them With the Trews, Papa Roach & Rev Thoery & I really Liked It the Crowd was going crazy crowd surfers and everything I was right up at the front holding on to the fence thing so i wouldnt get lost in the pit. My Personal Favourites on Black Butterfly Are Don't go Away, Too Drunk... , & Dreams. There A good Rock Band.
    Tedward wrote: i was forced to go to Crue Fest and they played, they sounded all right, but it was so funny the Jap guitarist got all his gear ****ed up and couldnt play and there was a huge fuss hahaa it was like a musical gay porno the singer is straight ****ed. as far as im concerned these guys are terrible
    Stevie could kick your ass and impregnate your girlfriend(if you were actually able to get one) without even breaking a sweat.
    I was really disappointed in the singles but I might have to check the entire album out. Thanks for the review.
    jimmy d'soul
    am sorry but this review sounds like a GCSE 'compare two pieces of music' assingment! it felt like, for the most part, the review was focusing on 15 rather than Black Butterfly. there is no talk of the actual guitar work on this album, merely hinting at it, and no focus on why this could be a good/bad album. i would agree with the reviewer, 15 is a fantastic album.
    These guys needed to be around in the 80s with Ratt, Warrant, Dokken etc... Pretty cool though. i still like listening to Cheese metal at times. Chicks definitely dig it.