Black Butterfly Review

artist: Buckcherry date: 09/16/2008 category: compact discs
Buckcherry: Black Butterfly
Released: Sep 16, 2008
Genre: Rock
Label: Eleven Seven
Number Of Tracks: 12
Buckcherry proves that it might just have a few songs in their arsenal that could give Crazy Bitch a run for its money.
 Sound: 7
 Lyrics: 6.5
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 7.7
Black Butterfly Featured review by: UG Team, on september 16, 2008
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Sound: Buckcherry must have been riding high after the release of their last album Black Butterfly, which included the song that seemed to consistently pop up on ladies' MySpace profiles, Crazy Bitch. It was undoubtedly a catchy song that gained buzz thanks to it's edgy lyrics, and you'll get a few more like it on Buckcherry's latest album Black Butterfly. Granted, the catchiest one might not be entirely radio friendly. Of course, that never really caused a problem when NIN's Closer was released.

The song in the spotlight is Too Drunk, which tells the tale of a gentleman who has had so much to drink that he can't perform in the bedroom. It could easily just be a song with novelty lyrics, but the band backs it up with an equally sleazy, bluesy groove that is the glue for everything. In Too Drunk and pretty much every rock track on Black Butterfly, you get the distinct feeling the band has looked toward the classic rock artists (everyone from AC/DC to Guns N' Roses) and they do a pretty fine job of carrying the torch.

There's a good helping of old fashioned rock tracks and power ballads, and it strikes a pretty good balance. Not all of the playlist grabs your attentions instantly, but there are more than a few where Buckcherry hits it out of the park. The epic song, for lack of a better word, on the album is the closing number Cream. The title might hint at another dirty offering from vocalist Josh Todd and the boys, but this one is the most musically diverse on Black Butterfly. It all begins with only an acoustic and the vocals, then suddenly bursts with a militaristic drum beat against distortion. Eventually you even get some Joe Walsh-like slide solos, and Todd eventually closes it out a cappella. It's beautifully constructed and shows that Buckcherry is capable of writing more than 3-chord rock songs.

The opening track Rescue Me is actually one of the disappointments on the record, if only because it just pales in comparison to the other 11 songs. It's melodically solid but it almost seems purposely written to be a radio single, which it currently is. Dreams is more of a ballad, but it also fails to really make an impression. Thankfully you've got solid tracks like the STP-tinged Talk To Me and the upbeat acoustic offering All Of Me to keep things fresh. // 8

Lyrics: Lyrically speaking, Buckcherry knows how to get your attention. Crazy Bitch earned a cushy spot on the charts likely because of it's raunchy lyrics, and Too Drunk follows in the same footsteps. There's a bit of shock value to it all, but the band is able to find it's sensitive side for a good part of Black Butterfly. In the ballad Don't Go Away Todd sings, Please don't go away; You're making a mistake; You and I were meant to be; You opened up my eyes. It's true that the faster songs tend to be a bit more interesting and quirky, but at least there's a break from the same old sex, drugs, and rock and roll themes. // 7

Overall Impression: It's good to hear Buckcherry still embracing the old school rock vibe, and it definitely works for them. At times guitarists Keith Nelson and Stevie D. do have a very Slash-like vibe, and the solos are often the highlights even if the song as a whole doesn't always work. Definitely check out the guitar work Imminent Bail Out, which features a phenomenal breakdown. A perfect album Black Butterfly is not, but it does prove that Buckcherry still has plenty of life after so many years in the industry. // 8

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overall: 6
Black Butterfly Reviewed by: pepsilawson, on may 30, 2011
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Sound: The best way I can think of describing this album is Hinder playing Velvet Revolver covers. I am usually a fan of Buckcherry and have seen them live, however I feel that they have left behind what I enjoyed about them in that they where a none stop sex, drugs and attitude band but now they seem to of been over taken by the urge to show their emotions. The album doe's have some stand out moments such as "Too Drunk" (replaced by "Highway Star" on some released) which I believe maybe a bad move in that perhaps adding the very good Deep Purple cover in place of one of the ballads like Cream. // 6

Lyrics: Josh Todd brings everything you expect from him with his trade mark snarl that had him ear marked for the first Velvet Revolver gig, and at times his vocals show something that makes me feel that Slash and the boys missed out. The lyrics are a lot more emotional than in the past which has its positives in that it shows a different side to them, but sadly a side I didn't want to see. I was expecting a follow up of party rock which at times it shows with "Too Drunk" and rescue me, but I also find that his vocals are at time too quiet and his trademark screech's are hidden behind the rest of the band. // 6

Overall Impression: My ovverall impression of the album is that they have been dragging in a different direction and then decided that they need to appease their original fans and added in the harder rock songs. But even they seem forced as if they are now been a cliche of themselves and following a more Hinder root and at times similar to Bon Jovi's "country" pop rock especially on track "Rose". Songs that did impress me tho where "Too Drunk" and "Rescue Me", and after searching for it "Highway Star" which is a very very good cover and if it was on this album in place of one of the more somber ballads I would recommend this album. Unfortunately it wasn't so by all means head to Itunes and purchase them 3 tracks. But other then that I would give it a miss. // 6

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