Confessions review by Buckcherry

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  • Released: Feb 19, 2013
  • Sound: 5
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 5 Decent
  • Users' score: 4.6 (38 votes)
Buckcherry: Confessions

Sound — 5
American hard rockers Buckcherry have made a living reimagining the younger days of old men like Guns N' Roses, AC/DC and Aerosmith (with all their bravado) but they're starting to get on themselves. They formed almost two decades ago and have a collective age of 214 but there's no shortage of zest or energy on "Confessions". What we do have, though, is the feel of a band who are content to move along at their own pace and ply their craft without ruffling too many feathers.

The GnR comparison remains the most pertinent, with familiar highs and lows of the rock n' roll lifestyle blared out relentlessly by frontman Josh Todd to the hard rock backing that clearly owes so much to the 80s with its sleazy riffs, overblown guitar solos and versatility of tempo. Todd and his overdubs take centre-stage on the biggest rock numbers "Gluttony" and "Seven Ways To Die", bolstering the heave with an octave or some other harmony, but swooning ballad "Sloth" and faux-country ditty "Dreamin' Of You" see him going it alone. So dominant is he within the band that, besides the competent solos and other occasional interjections, the quality of his vocal more or less decides the quality of the song. And as you may have guessed, he comes off best on the faster, heavier tracks.

Lyrics — 5
The muddled themes of the album are best told in numbers; there are seven songs named after the deadly sins, one brings them all together, two more are called "Air" and "Water" and then there's another three which seem completely unrelated to anything. It smells faintly of the botched concept album which required a name change and a bit of filler to make it onto shelves. A deeply personal feel is present throughout however, and Todd sings of his troubles very honestly, if not in a particularly original manner. Ignoring envy, greed and the rest his greatest sin is probably naming these sins in his lyrics (22 times in "Lust"!) as if it wasn't clear enough already. It's all rather tacky and patronising to the listener but if tales from the LA underworld are your bag then this will be comfortable territory.

Just as an aside, the line "Hey man, do you wanna get a fist so hard? Do you wanna see who's in charge? I'm gonna show you your future" somehow found its way onto "Wrath" when it sounds like it was meant for "Lust". Not sure what happened there.

Overall Impression — 5
This is all pretty lowest-common-denominator stuff but the thoughtful "Pride" and infectious "Gluttony" are, at least, enough to keep Buckcherry on the road for another few years. You wonder whether that's all these seasoned rockers really need to keep themselves happy, reputable in the live arena and reliable for making tunes that hit all the right buttons for dedicated fans. Don't expect "Confessions" to make you one if you aren't already.

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    anvil is god
    Band is terrible cock rock.
    Agreed. I think Nickleback are better than these guys. Awesome avatar, by the way. /)
    I was a huge fan as they brought sleaze rock back in the late 90's and most of the 2000's, even their later releases had several rockin' songs among the co-written ballads or radio rock. This is the first album that there wasn't a single memorable song. I will say some of the guitar solos were very melodic showing Keith/Stevie maturing as musicians
    Lust is alright but Gluttony is worse than the new Bullet For My Valentine...
    Nothing is worse than the new Bullet for my Valentine. Temper Temper is as low as anyone can go.
    Wow...I miss the sound of "Lit Up" they really had their sound right when they wrote that album. Then they lost their guitarist, and Josh Todd is losing the power in his voice. He doesn't sing like he used to...still has the rasp but lost the power and range...he's got such a great rock voice that he's letting waste away with this garbage sound they've had since they got a little success with "Sorry" and "Crazy Bitch" SMH...i'm thoroughly disappointed.
    Nickelback and buckcherry both rock with the vocals and song writing also this buckcherry album was very good... I loved it so for those who say it sucks obviously did not listen to the songs all the way through or something... To me I'd expect buckcherry to sound like this. The album sounds like them.
    Buckcherry is one notch above Nickelback when it comes to sh*t rock. Luckily for these bands playing to the lowest common denominator will always be at least somewhat profitable.
    Sgt Killswitch
    Since we're on the topic of comparing Buckcherry and Nickelback, it's funny that both of their vocalists are extraordinarily terrible at both singing and writing lyrics. 30 years ago their mothers lied to them when they told them they had such beautiful voices. Thank you, ladies, for providing the world with crappy rock music.