Enter The Chicken Review

artist: Buckethead date: 09/17/2009 category: compact discs
Buckethead: Enter The Chicken
Release Date: Oct 25, 2005
Label: Serjical Strike
Genres: Guitar Virtuoso, Experimental Rock, Progressive Metal
Number Of Tracks: 11
The 11 track adventure is filled with sonic twists and tunrs that will leave listener's ears delighted and their mouths overflowing with enthusiastic comments.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 7.5
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
Enter The Chicken Reviewed by: Mazzakazza, on march 25, 2008
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Sound: This album is an incredibly varied release, containing spell-binding solos, heavy thrash, and mind-blowing ambient tracks. 01. Intro - a 15 second intro track (obviously). Feels very edgy, but doesn't really go anywhere, ultimately. 02. We Are One (feat. Serj Tankian) - first thoughts, System Of A Down? Yup, it's Serj Tankian guest vocalising, and the guitars and drums pull out some sweet System-styled riffs. Further in, we get our first taste of Buckethead's trademark effects at work, winding up a nice gentle solo, before we're dipped back into some thrash. The use of left and right speakers to create a feeling of unease is brilliant, especially during the breakdown. Runs onto the finish, heightening tension all the way. You'll feel really on-edge by the end. Any SOAD fans will probably love this track. 03. Botnus (feat. Efrem Schulz) - more metal? I wasn't expecting this, to be honest. But it suits Schulz' vocals. Which aren't too wonderful. Personally, this track isn't a favourite, because the screaming/growling gets quite tiring, quickly. Reedeming, however, I admire this album for having something to 'appeal to everyone', while easing them into Buckethead's vibes. 04. Three Fingers (feat. Saul Williams) - funky. Very chilled, especially with William's singing style. Maybe goes on for too long. But pretty cool. 05. Running From The Light (feat. Gigi and Maura Davis) - the first female-fronted song on the album. Really powerful song, with a haunting melody. Not much from the Bucket in terms of guitar solos or the like, but there is a nice clean outro piece from him, which highlights the melody well. 06. Coma (feat. Azam Ali & Serj Tankian) - what can I say? This track blows me away. If Running from the Light is haunting, then I don't know how to describe this. Ali and Tankian really complement each other's vocal styles, and the chanting technique chosen to sing in adds to the music's lingering refrains. My second favourite track on the album. A beautiful blending of music and singing, that match perfectly. 07. Waiting Hare (feat. Shana Halligan & Serj Tankian) - Halligan's voice is nasal and irritating. Once you get past that fact, this song seems to be some kind of extension of coma. But less good. Tankian brings some of his vocal power into the song, but it fails to outweigh the insidious sound of the female lead. When it breaks away to the chorus, the instrumental part pulls up some funk based lead, followed by a bluesy solo. Another appreciated variation. 08. Interlude (by Donald Conviser) - I'm assuming this is merely a byproduct of Buckethead's oddity. The lyrics are hilarious. I liked it. It reminded me I was actually listening to a Buckethead album, to be honest. 09. Funbus (feat. Dirk Rogers & Keith Aazami) - heavy track here, much better than Botnus. Intercut with brutal guitar transitions, and shredding solo pieces, to bring this very, very angry track to a climax. Buckethead's use of an almost atonal approach adds to the general uncomfortableness. Brilliantly balanced. 10. The Hand (feat. Maximum Bob & Ani Maldjian) - crunching guitars, wailing background singer, and lead singer who sounds like he's been taking crack. Not that that's strictly a bad thing here. Maniac laughter, and mad screams emphasise the sentiment of madness. Which fits well into the use of squealing effects and jarring guitar. 11. Nottingham Lace - the sole instrumental track, bar the intro. Classic Buckethead style, at it's best. Rock, funk, and blues, mixed together to climb to the pinnacle of the album. Buckethead's absolute control of the guitar is jawdropping, and best demonstrated on the album here. Cut the lyrics, and this is what Buckethead really does best. Play like his life depends on it. A rollercoaster of a song. // 9

Lyrics: Lyrics in a Buckethead album? I thought this would be a bad idea, but it's opened my mind, I guess. Singers who shine on the album would include Serj Tankian, Azam Ali, Saul Williams and Maximum Bob (whoever he is). The only poor singer on the album, in my opinion, is Shana Halligan, who sounds like she's had a cork shoved up her nose, then forced to sing through a sheet of iron. Disappointing. The lyrics themselves are often hard to distinguish, which can be slightly irritating. I might be better off not knowing. // 8

Overall Impression: This album is absolutely brilliant, and very different from Buckethead's other works. I personally like to see artists taking risks on their style, and for an instrumental artist to successfully include vocals, work it into the music, and come out with something that sounds this good? That takes skill, and he has my respect for that, and my thanks for a great album. Best Song: Nottingham Lace. Worst Song: Waiting Hare. I highly recommend this album to any Buckethead fans, or anyone who enjoys guitar virtuosos such as Satriani or Vai. It's a wonderful album. // 9

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overall: 9.7
Enter The Chicken Reviewed by: *kas, on september 07, 2007
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Sound: This album is, as far as I know, Buckethead's first and only album with lyrics and singing in every song accompanying Buckethead's guitar playing, and I must say this combination is pulled off with amazing results. Several different artists provide the vocals for the tracks on the CD, from the deep, fast, staccato singing in We Are One to the melodic, melancholy vocals of a song like Coma, the guitar and the singing sound sublime together. The style of the music ranges from Buckethead's take on metal (Funbus), what sounds like alternative rock with more complex guitar (Waiting Here), to a song somewhat reminiscent of The Gorillaz (Three Fingers). // 10

Lyrics: All the singers on the album are undeniably talented. As I said, the lyrics/singing and the guitar compliment each other perfectly. That being said, some of the lyrics can only be described as ridiculous. Of course, when listening to Buckethead, you have to keep in mind the fact that you're listening to a man who wears a bucket and a mask all the time. In the song 'We Are One,' the lyrics are more or less unintelligible. They go well with the guitar, but upon looking the lyrics up you'll find that the singer is chanting "Castrate! Castrate All-----!" Of course I have to mention the song Funbus. The verse is a surprisingly deep analysis of human psyche, popular culture, and music and art in general. // 9

Overall Impression: Compared to other Buckethead albums, this is one of my favorites. When I learned that this album contained lyrics, I wasn't sure if the combination would be for me. Now that I've listened to it a few times, I just love the combination. I find myself wishing he'd put out another album with vocals in almost every track. The most impressive songs are, in my opinion, Waiting Here, and Nottingham Lace. Waiting here, is realistically, a Buckethead song you could reasonably expect to hear on the radio. The vocals are performed by Shana Halligan and Serj Tankian, who sing seperately, during the verse, and in harmony during the chorus. The chorus, Buckethead's guitar alongside the two singers, is the pinnacle of the vocal and guitar combination in this album. Of course, the singers voices sound excellent together, but Buckethead's guitar adds something distinct and noticeable to the song. Nottingham Lace is the only full-length instrumental song on the album and it reminds you what probably got you into Buckethead in the first place. All the instruments come together to create a song with amazing rythm, beautiful solos, and Buckethead's trademark effects noises. I would definitely buy this album again, it might be the best album Buckethead has made. // 10

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overall: 8.3
Enter The Chicken Reviewed by: RHCPguitarist4, on october 04, 2007
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Sound: This beautiful piece of music was recorded by the master, Buckethead himself, along with some of his friends in the music industry. The reason why it is so creative and so innovative is because of the wide variety of sound on this album. Buckethead has special guests sing on most of the tracks, some singers being Serj Tankian (System Of A Down), Efrem Schulz (Death by Stereo), Saul Williams, Maximum Bob, and others. A total breakdown of the record would be: 01. Intro - a quick intro for the listener to feel the tone leading into We Are One. 02. We Are One - featuring Serj Tanian, a pretty rockin' song with System-esque hard rock vocals. Gets a little weird in the middle but a great song overall. 03. Botnus - featuring Efrem Schulz, a hard rock/borderline death metal song with heavy distortion, loud yelling, and a ripping solo. Classic Buckethead sound on the shredding in the middle, and a great bridge involving talented singing and genius guitar. 04. Three Fingers - featuring Saul Williams, here comes the hip-hop folks, and it couldn't have been said better than Saul. Buckethead compliments him well in his catchy rhymes and melodic beat. 05. Running From The Light - featuring Gigi and Maura Davis, a different sound of a song that I've heard. Cool chords, and very intersting melodies of the ladies singing. 06. Coma - featuring Azam Ali and Serj Tankian, a really weird, but nonetheless awesome collection of intersting progressions and drum beats. This track is for the music lovers of all kinds like me. 07. Waiting Hare - featuring Shana Halligan and Serj Tankian, this is a gorgeous chill-out song, and my favorite track on the album. Great and inspiring singing by both Halligan and Tankian. A real work of art and good song to drown yourself in. 08. Interlude - performed Donald Conviser, this is kind of a joke song with happy ukulele playing over sad-type lyrics. 09. Funbus - featuring Keith Aazami and Dirk Rogers, really heavy screaming and death metal to it's max. Awesome song with absolutely face-melting solos and riffs. 10. The Hand - featuring Maximum Bob and Ana Maldjian, this is one of the strangest most huh? songs I've ever listened to. Strange as it gets, I can't stop listening to it. It's really messed up and disturbing, but it's really good. Buckethead continues to show his crazy riffs and effects on this track. 11. Nottingham Lace - an instrumental filled to the brim with excellence, inspiration, awesomeness, and mind blowing guitar. One of my other favorites on the album, this track has a special place in the album. It ties it together in one big beauty of a song. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics on the other hand, I wasn't exactly impressed with. While the music are brilliant, the lyrics are not so much. When listening, you either think to yourself "What are they even saying", or "That has issues with it". But on some rare occasions you can hear some good writing skills. Just keep your ears open and hope for the best. // 6

Overall Impression: This, in my opinion, is Buckethead's best album to date. It is one of those records you pop in and don't skip any tracks, you just listen to the whole thing. As previously mentioned, my personal favorite tracks are Waiting Hare and Nottingham Lace. There isn't even really a bad track on here, just different styles of music. I would strongly recommend buying any or all of Buckethead's other work as well, as it is worth the purchase. But no matter what, Enter the Chicken will always have my number one spot. // 9

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overall: 7.3
Enter The Chicken Reviewed by: my creators, on september 17, 2009
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Sound: The Album was very diverse in sound. Musically my favourite songs were Botnus, Funbus and the 6:34 instrumental was a standout performance also his most recognisable song apart from Jordan. Funbus has been put as one of my favourite songs of all time just because of the last two solos with the viking chant in the first one simply makes me feel like kickin some ass. As with all Buckethead records there was a very wide array of techniques and effects not used by most guitarists today. The albums design pretty much follows what what Buckethead's whole persona is based around Chickens. I love this album for its change in guitar work and genius. // 7

Lyrics: There was a number of lyricists in the record with of course Buckethead mainly on guitar. The first song or Intro is 0:15 of an opera singer by the name of Ani Maldjian. The 2nd has Serg Tankian as voclas with "We Are One" and compliments the guitar very well. Botnus having Efrem Schulz sing death metal with advante garde metal making a very nice blend of the two. Three Fingers also having a conifdent blend of Saul Williams and Bucketheads blend of hypnotic guitar work. // 7

Overall Impression: Compared to other albums by Buckethead it does follow a more normal song structure apart from the last 2 instrumentals which are classic Bucky. THe most impressive songs from the album are Botnus a metal song with classic death metal singing, Funbus which is a crazy expedition into the world of Bucketheads skill and also showing what he sees of music of this type and bands such as Slipnot etc. And of the course the instrumental Nottingham Lace a 6:34 nice peiece with unorthodox guitar techniques and a 4 minute solo to end the song which must be listened too by any die hard Buckethead enthusiast. The love the metal side of the album very much but dislike the other slower songs on the album for there slowness. If it were stolen I would deffinitely look for these songs again because of the great musical genius presented by this master. // 8

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