Shadows Between The Sky Review

artist: Buckethead date: 03/04/2010 category: compact discs
Buckethead: Shadows Between The Sky
Released: Feb 6, 2010
Genre: Experimental Rock, Avant Garde Rock
Label: TDRS Music
Number Of Tracks: 15
It is a continuation of the previous album "A Real Diamond in the Rough" only with a bit of a faster pace.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
Shadows Between The Sky Reviewed by: HernaldoLazo, on march 04, 2010
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Sound: Buckethead just released his new album "Shadows Between the Sky" and I got to say that it is a fantastic album. It is a continuation of the previous album "A Real Diamond in the Rough" only with a bit of a faster pace. I is proven that Buckethead truly doesn't need shredding to be good. People mention that you could hear a few songs continuing from the previous album "A Real Diamond in the Rough" but that is something for you to find out.It is all acoustic. It has mellow rhythms, soothing, and yet has a spice of "Peppers Ghost" speed which is OK speed. My favorite songs in this album are "Shadows Between the Sky", "City of Woe", and "Chaos of the Unconscious". Unfortunately, there is no shredding like good old Buckethead usually does in which I miss. And I feel that others might agree. But overall I love this album, with shredding or without. // 9

Lyrics: Of course, Buckethead doesn't sing. It is all instrumental so he lets his guitar do the talking. It shows that lyrics are not needed to show emotion in this album. That is why I like Buckethead because of his versatile way of playing. From an angry metal playing to a soft soothing melodic playing that could make a man cry. // 10

Overall Impression: If this album were to be stolen, lost, or for any reason I would totally buy it again. What I love about this album is that its a faster playing acoustic album. What I hate about this album is that there is no type of shredding at all in which I truly miss. Compared to the previous album "A Real Diamond in the Rough" the latest album known as "Shadows Between the Sky" is quite intriguing. This album has great acoustic strumming and hypnotic picking. But what I love most about this album is that its acoustic clarity. You could hear every note with great ease in which I love the most. Every song has a great melody. Even though there is no shredding in this album, I love this album and that is my final decision. // 9

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