Keep It Like A Secret review by Built to Spill

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  • Released: Feb 2, 1999
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (7 votes)
Built to Spill: Keep It Like A Secret

Sound — 10
Built To Spill has a very unique sound quality to them. A quality to say that, if you were to hear a song from them, you'd know it was them right off the bat. Besides their own sound, they also have a large variety of sounds within their music; ranging from rock, pop, and songs that are the type that you'd hum yourself to sleep, all with the signature BTS sound. In most songs, "Broken Chairs" in particular, you'll get surrounded by loads of different uses of instruments, but nothing feels off key or un-needed. Everything adds to the overall feel of the song and makes them sound more phenominal than a song would usually sound. In other songs, like "Else," you'll get a simple guitar riff and a drumline, with little outbreaks here and there, but it still has a beatiful quality to it. Those two songs alone can probably stand as a definition for Built to Spill, two songs that are completely different from each other, that they'd seem so far apart from their genres, then again you'll know it's Built To Spill when you hear them, and are also some of the most powerful songs in the CD. "Keep It Like A Secret" is no exception to the usual Built to Spill. With the beautiful music and atleast one song crossing the 8 minute mark. One song, "Temporarily Blind" could have been two, as it begins lightly and turns to a harder feel in the middle of it. This 10 track CD clocks in at 47 minutes of Built to Spill's best.

Lyrics — 9
I believe I once heard that Doug, the lead singer in the band, said the lyrics don't mean much. It's strange to hear that when some of the songs sound lyrically genious. "You were wrong when you said everything's gonna be alright" is sang throughout "You Were Right." The song itself is basically made up of famous quotes from other songs. The result is one of the highlights of the album. Doug said his voice is an instrument and he uses it to compliment the overall song. That being said, he's done that very well. The lyrics match the music and contributes to the overall feel of the song. Doug's vocals hasn't changed much, but that's not a bad thing. Not bad at all. I didn't give the perfect 10 because I didn't feel much for "Sidewalk." It seemed a bit too poppish for me and out of place for this other-wise ground-breaking album.

Overall Impression — 10
"Keep It Like A Secret" is, in my opinion, the best Built to Spill album, dare I say, ever. It has just the right diversity in its songs, perfectly mixing the best of their earlier tracks from "There's Nothing Wrong With Love" and "Perfect From Now On", and introducing a new pop feel into a couple songs. The whole album is beautiful to begin with, but what makes the CD so phenominal are the last five tracks, beginning with "Time Trap" and ending with one of the greatest songs to conclude a CD, "Broken Chairs". I have to say "Else" is my favorite song in the album. "Else" is definitely one of the most beautiful songs I've heard, in this album and out. There's nothing I hate about this album, and is one of my favorite CD's in my collection. I have lost it before when I moved, when I found out I went out and bought a new one. This CD is one of those CD's that, in the world where pirated music is everywhere, you'll go out and buy the actual CD, just because. Buy this CD, you won't be disappointed.

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