Fever review by Bullet for My Valentine

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  • Released: Apr 26, 2010
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.7 (459 votes)
Bullet for My Valentine: Fever

Sound — 10
Before I explain my opinion on this album I have to say that BFMV is my favorite band, I have been listening to them since the poison. This album which was highly anticipated is very good. I've listened to the album multiple times and in my opion I find all the songs very good. All my friends ask me which is my favorite song or worst song on the album and I cannot answer them because I love all the songs the same. The instramental of the band is still amazing. On all there songs they have awesome guitar riffs and its amazing. The guitar solos are amazing as well. Some are heart touching (the last fight, a place where you belong, bittersweet memories) Others are just pure in your face shredding (Begging for mercy, Alone, Dignity). This band has been mostly known for their popular guitar sound from their work from 3 albums. The vocals is the best part of the album. Before SAF matt had throat surgery and could barely sing on scream aim fire. Idk how he pullled it off and recorded scream aim fire, but you can notice the difference between his voice from scream aim fire and the poison. People were stating that matt cannnot sing on any of their songs. I strongly disagree with you. This guy can sing "he was just singing the wrong melodies" stated from an interview about their producer don gilmore. Matt now sounds like his vocals improved from all the other albums and that on some songs he screams and others he doesn't. I love his voice on all his albums but this album takes the cake on his voice. Matt is just one of my favorite singers. Somepeople say he can't sing, try singing and play guitar like him. I play guitar and its hard to play and sing BFMV songs at the same time.

Lyrics — 10
This ones going to be short. The lyrics are fine. Nothing is bad about the lyrics on the songs on fever. When BFMV was recording the vocals their producer Don Gilmore had matt rewrite the lyrics for most of the songs on the album because he thought they werent powerful enough. If don gilmore who previously worked with linkin parks hybrid theory and meteora, tell you to rewrite the lyrics then you should. This man is a professional and knows what hes doing. Sall songs have great lyrics no doubt about it.

Overall Impression — 10
I really like this album, hands down. This is my favorite band and all the reviews I saw were negative comments about them and I felt that I had to show support. This album is great and has no bad song (in my opinion). There is no other way I can describe this review any much more. If you do not like this album, than what the hell do I know. I'm just a junior from clifton NJ. I love this album BFMV 4EVER!

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    person s**king on matt's balls would review it as 8+ cuz it is really a bad piece of art i would rate it 6 and thats it songs WORTH listening Your Betrayal Begging For Mercy The Last Fight Bitter Sweet Memories track count is same as of SAF
    mpastrick wrote: This is just another album in BFMV's career that will be studied for the future. Just like The Poison and Scream Aim Fire were extremely different, so is this. I think BFMV is still yet to completely establish a consistency and i expect their future stuff to just keep getting more experienced and continue to mix things up until theyre right where they wanna be. But its a great album in my opinion. I love it
    Completely agree. This is only their third album and im glad that all three sound slightly different from each other. IMO all three are great albums and i cant wait till the next one. But until then i will enjoy fever
    I rate this 10/10... You probably find this odd but I honestly thought this album was DIFFERENT from the others... It shown a softer side of Bullet. Every band has their soft side and it's about time Bullet had shown it. They have their share of heavier songs like Your Betrayal, Begging for Mercy, and Pretty on the Outside but maybe they weren't searching for heavier for this album... Wait they said they wanted a Hard Rock album. Remember Hard Rock... This is a great Hard Rock album... beats any other Hard Rock album if you ask me... Nickelback suck, Shinedown are okay, but Bullet pull this off very well... They keep their riffage similar I will say but thats what made us Bullet fans happy and everyone out there that disses A Place Where you Belong has issues cause that song is terrific.
    I find this album to be really good. The poison will always be their best b/c it was their first. I think this album did do better than SAF. I give the album an 8/10 stars
    I will start out by saying that Fever puts Scream Aim Fire to shame. It is a more well put together CD all around.So they don't change up very much. They stick with what we the fans like. With that being said I am glad they put another song on here to tie the other two together. I like how The End, Say Goodnight and now A place where you belong tell a story. Most people who want to talk trash on this band are usualy to close minded to get the deeper meanings to the song.It you want to takl trash about BFMV then just go back to the crap you call good music. BFMV is and always will be a great band.
    Unispex wrote: Said it countless times before, and I'll say it again: This album is just terrible in all aspects. Also, everybody who disagrees is wrong and only my opinion matters.
    Really? You think you're just that special huh? If you want to get a point across and be persuasive and then don't say completely irreverent ignorant shit. Thank you
    I think it's kinda funny how they say this album is so generic and mediocre, but then complain about how it isn't like The Poison. The Poison is metalcore, extremally generic. What about screamo huh? All those songs sound the same, review one of those. And if it's sooooo generic try learning a Bullet song. Go ahead try... Now that you've tried I hope you realize that they're incredibally talented.
    Please forgive me/ I don't know what I'm doing/ Someone help me These lines sum up the whole album well. I loved BFMV's previous stuff, including Scream Aim Fire, but this album is a total let down.
    BFMVforlife wrote: It's funny how nobody gets the fact a band isn't gonna try and do something they have always done. The Poison is their best and probably will be their best for a long time. every album is gonna sound different. it's called maturing. and if you were a true bullet fan, you would support them anyway. The album was pretty good. Pretty on the outside is my favorite
    A valid point until you listen to the album, and realise they havent matured in any way. Same song topics, same sound, and in some cases, virtually identical riffs... Scream Aim Fire was a great and underrated album in my opinion, this just sounds like they've tried to add to it, rather than build on it, and the result is something which isnt new or different or of the same standard...sure it has a few good tracks, but on the whole, not as good... (and i'm already getting pissed off with listening to it, and halfway through going "wait, i've heard that before", whether it be lyrics, progressions, riffs etc...fair enough ripping off other people's ideas, you can disguise it, and begrudgingly it is a part of music...but when you do it to your own music, you can't disguise it! and that shows in spades here)
    As a big fan of the EP and The Poison, SAF was quite a let down. Although (as stated plenty times before) it doesn't break new ground or do anything outside of Bullet's comfort zone, I still enjoyed the album. It could be argued that when bands change they lose a majority of their fans (In Flames and Metallica to name a couple) so it's hard to strike a balance between keeping your own sound but not becoming stale. Iron Maiden have barely changed their sound throughout their career, for example, but they still remain relevant to a lot of people.
    One thing that has made me laugh is if you have listened to all of bullet for my valentines music, you will hear the lyrics (tables turn) i believe 4 times throughout there albums. In Fever matt say's it in Alone, SAF has it in Ashes of the Innocent, and also in Last To Know. I'm pretty sure there is another song where they say that lol, correct me if im wrong. anyways, getting to the point, i find it a little unoriginal :p
    bass-boy-garith wrote: xCookieMonsterx wrote: bullet isnt a bunch of TRUE metal fans or whatever else you fags call yourself. they're true MUSIC fans and they play whatever sounds good to them without giving a s*** about what genre you lock them into... Doesn't matter what genre they are, they're still garbage.
    TO EVERYONE WHO DISSES THIS BAND: I'd like to see you do better... Fever is great if you like the band. If your new, definitely start with the poison. I'm not dissapointed at all despite the lack of heavier songs, and if you miss the heavy stuff, there's plenty of similar harsher music out there - the closest is atreyu.