Fever review by Bullet for My Valentine

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  • Released: Apr 26, 2010
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 7.7 (458 votes)
Bullet for My Valentine: Fever

Sound — 8
I've been a fan of Bullet since their Scream Aim Fire album. I'm not one for the ridiculous amounts of screaming in songs. I saw Bullet open for Maiden a few years ago when they had just released The Poison. They were terrible live and the music just sounded like noise...I couldn't understand a word Matt Tuck sang/screamed...and the guitar was much too distorted to even get a grasp of the licks. But after I heard Waking The Demon from the SAF album I was intrigued and had to hear more. I felt that album was great! and couldn't wait for the next record... Well here it is. "Fever" opens with "Your Betrayal" which has a fantastic intro to a heavy and catchy chorus. I felt the guitar work in this song was great. The title track follows, 'Fever'. I liked the song overall, but it was the chorus that was best part for me, the music in the verses were just ok. For the first time on the cd we have a guitar solo in the song 'The Last Fight' it's just an awesome song from start to finish. However, the solo seems to sound an awful lot like another solo I've heard before, I just can't pin point what band had a song with a similar solo,(comment if you know). We will slow it down for the next song, probably the perfect spot on the record for a 'ballad', I'm a sucker for solos overtop of slow guitar patterns, so I have to like 'A Place Where You Belong', it just sounds so heartfelt. Reminds me a lot of 'Say Goodnight' from their previous album. They pick the pace back up quickly with 'Pleasure and Pain'. The intro hook is awesome as is the solo. The intro to 'Alone' is also fantastic and a tad bit mind blowing...I had to learn it on guitar! 'Alone' is a solid song as well. The chorus and solo are well put together. 'Breaking Out, Breaking Down' the next song on the album isn't really anything special. So we shall move on to 'Bittersweet Memories' which starts off with a very melodic riff, and fades into some acoustic. It follows the standard 80's ballad, but lacks a solo, and instead just has a bridge. Even without the solo, I enjoyed this song very much. 'Dignity' is ok at best... I didn't feel it had a great hook or chorus for that matter... 'Begging For Mercy' has an wicked guitar riff, a good combination of screaming and singing as well. The guitar solo is ok, I think it could have been structured better. And finally, after close to an hour of Bullet's 'Fever' we have reached 'Pretty On The Outside' overall its a good song but I don't think it was the greatest way to end the cd, The album came in with a bang, but didn't leave with one.

Lyrics — 6
Lyrically, this album is average. Matt Tuck shows off his real vocal talent on this album. There is a lot more singing rather than screaming. The vocal melodies fit the music perfectly on most of the songs and most of the chorus' were catchy enough to have me singing along by the second time through.

Overall Impression — 8
Compared to Bullet's other albums, I think that this one is just below Scream Aim Fire. The amount of songs that will be in high rotation on my playlists from this album will be about 6 or 7. So just over half, similar to SAF where I really liked about half the songs. Songs I believe you will most enjoy; -Your Betrayal -Pleasure and Pain -The Last Fight -Alone It asks "If it were stolen/lost, would you buy it again or get something else?" My answer: No, because I have uploaded it to itunes and if I had lost the cd, I would still have the songs on my computer and ipod. This album is very well put together, the band is maturing as artists and is only getting better as days go by. Despite them being terrible the only time I saw them, I look forward to seeing them again now as they have taken another great step forward with this album 'Fever'.

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    Funny thing is - I bet BFMV makes several more albums before any of the haters who are bashing the new record make one. Personally, I think the new album rocks and if you don't like it, don't listen to it. Simple as that.
    i think it's boring bfmv didn't develop much hoped for more still good but just nothing new and too popy
    IMO, this is my album breakdown: The Poison has the best lyrics and most power, SAF had a much more thrash feel to it, and Fever put two and two together. That doesn't mean its a great album but if there is anything Bullet is consistant with, its having a fair amount of songs that have a wide appeal. As for people complaining about lyrics, thats their style of music and how they write let it be. As for the generic tone, its pretty generic BFMV they haven't grown much.
    Scream Aim Fire was and still is my favorite album by these guys.. I just enjoy them more when they bring the thrash element into it. I do like this album and the poison alot as well. Favorite tracks off this cd are Fever, Begging for you mercy, Dignity, and Breaking out Breaking down.... i would give this album and the poison an 8.5 and scream aim fire a 9
    When you skim off all the fat at the end of the day, I felt that Bittersweet Memories, Pain For Pleasure (the new version) and Pretty On The Outside were musically the weakest links. From a Bullet standpoint (aside from Pain For Pleasure, which were comparable to Three Days Grace, lyrically).
    Oh dear.. I'm horrified by these bullet fans. "omg these guyz hav so much more skillz than uu!! bullet 4ever!"... These guys are really giving BFMV fans the wrong image.. And I use to be like that too.. Jesus. Anyway, I didn't think this album was too bad,it certainly did not meet my expectations but it's an alright listen. I'd give it a 7 or 6/10. It is definitely not worth a 10/10 score.
    People need to stop basing their opinions on reviews and getting upset over negative scores. Music is subjective so it's pretty obvious many people here aren't going to like the album. As for me, I'd have to agree with the reviews that gave it a 7. Lyrically and innovatively, this isn't the greatest album but for those wanting a solid rock album with no screaming and some solid guitar riffs, that's what you get. The album isn't much of an evolution but chances are if it was, people would still think it sucks.
    People are missing the point here. If you were a Bullet fan to begin with you would see where and how Fever shines. (Does everybody really expect them to just keep getting harder, more technical and "Holy SHIT this is even HARDER than the last album!! =D"). It's called evolution. Unfortunately alot of people see that as only staying the same. I thought this was a great rock album with some metal edge to it. If you have anything negative to say about it you're saying it to Matt, the crew and what "they" want from their sound. There was some ballady stuff, but they're human man. They felt the tracks fit so let them have their cake while we eat it, too. Good job, fellas.
    SeEsAw12 wrote: G\ This album sounds like something a group of teens could have written. I like it but I don't love it, and I was hoping to love this album.
    Well maybe you could give the songs you like a couple more listens until they catch on. Personally I think that saying "an album a group of teens could have written" really isn't saying much. For example Metallica wrote the Ride The Lightning album a complete classic when they were teens so whats wrong about something like that?
    Tom Ak40
    i love this album, and Matt tuck himself said he doesn't give a **** if people hate the album because its one that bullet enjoyed making unlike scream aim fire which bored them because they wrote that album to please the people who claimed they weren't proper metal.also don't forget Matt wrote the lyrics at the same time as they were coming up with the songs rather than after the instruments were recorded like most bands do, so you cant really complain about the lyrics being deep, besides i doubt any of you actually thought that they might have a message in the lyrics e.g the last fight just from looking at the lyrics would you have guessed it was about someone trying to help a drug addict but having it thrown back in their face? i wouldn't have unless i had read it , and on this album they had a new producer who pushed them to sound different, whereas before they would do that themselves.
    Thysios wrote: Listening to Fever right now. Not liking it a whole lot. One part actually reminded me of Nickelback. Random I know but hey it did. "Come here you naughty girl you're such a tease You look so beautiful down on your knees Keep on those high heel shoes rip off all your clothes You smell so ****ing good it makes me lose control!" Can't say that bit was very good. Lyrics, and just how it sounded. Though I am personally not a big fan of sware words in songs. Sounds lazy and immature. Not a terrible song. Could have been much better. Still got my hopes up for this album Lets see how the rest of it turns out.
    If you've ever listened to The Poison, then this wouldn't have sounded like a Nickleback song to you. Have you ever heard Hit The Floor or My Fist Your Mouth Her Scars? This isn't something new.
    i love bullet, and i like the album, alot. But i will agree about the lyrics being a bit cheesy, but i like alot of the vocal melodys, guitar work is top notch. overall 8/10.
    God, I was expecting so much more. It has that Bullet sound but complete lacks the Bullet feel. SAF was better than this(and obviously the Poison was WAYYY better than this). This album sounds like something a group of teens could have written. Is this album catchy? Yes, but that doesn't disregard the fact that this album sucked. I like it but I don't love it, and I was hoping to love this album.
    I was very impressed with fever. It delivered no shortage if awsome riffs, powerful vocals, amazing drumming and basslines that stood out. A place where you belong once again proved bullets diversity and the ability to competantly play mellower tracks, just like say goodnight did on scream aim fire and curses on the EP. Yeah it's not their best work but it's deffinately an awsome piece of musical mastery. Lyrically its a strong album which people can relate too which in turn gives an audience a link to the songs. And as a song writer I can assure you this is no easy trait xD But the thing that most impresses me with fever is that bullet did this album as something they enjoy to do and not to please a crowd. I have great respect for that and you can see in their live performances of the album that it's what they love doing
    I don't like the sound of it, not because it's bad, but it is just too average. What I do think makes this album a bit more accessible is that there is alot more passion and energy in the songs than in Scream, Aim Fire.
    yea yu r very harsh!! bullet is legend!! all yu who say this album suck, well then y dont yu smart f#?%s go and make yur own album with unbelievable guitar riffs, amazing clean and screaming vocals and deep meaningful lyrics?? then we can all judge yu!! love yu bullet!! forever BFMV