Fever review by Bullet for My Valentine

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  • Released: Apr 26, 2010
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (459 votes)
Bullet for My Valentine: Fever

Sound — 9
First of all let me start off by saying that I am a pretty big bullet fan as they were the first metal/hard rock band that I started listening to, so my review might be biast in there favor. However, I don't agree, even from a purely musical standpoint, that this album is as bad as many people claim. For starters, this album (in my own opinion) has a better sound than either of their previous albums. And though many seem to claim that "The Poison" was their best work... in my opinion, it lacks the maturity, both in talent and feeling, of their later 2 albums. "Fever" showcases much more of Bullets skill in guitar playing than their previous atempts. There are plenty of riffs that (while slightly forgettable) still make you instinctively bang your head, or whatever else a nice heavy riff makes you do. Also Matt has learned to put much more emotion into his voice and lyrics than on the previous albums, songs "A Place Where You Belong" and "Pretty on the Outside" show this emotion at its best. The album is filled with melodious choruses and fast paced verses. And definately does not let down those who like to hear Bullet's softer side. However, if the only thing that you enjoyed about their debut album were the angry screams and typical metalcore sound, you probably should have abandoned ship after "Scream Aim Fire" as you will find this album lacks those qualities as did "Scream Aim Fire". But for those of us that stayed and watched as the band played on you will find this album far superior to their sophomore attempt. And those of you that just love Bullet should find this album superior even to their debut (again in my opinion). Keeping in mind the previous two albums, I have to say that this album is a step in the right direction in overall sound and I'm expecting a bigger step for the fourth album.

Lyrics — 7
Although I am a bullet fan, I never have found their lyrics to be extremely great(although most of you seemed to be expecting good lyrics from "Fever"). However, I don't tend to judge songs based on lyrics... I'm more of a passive listener that likes songs that sound good. However, when I read the lyrics provided in the album (always helpful), I find that this album lacks the lyrical talent that the previous two albums showed. That being said, there are a few exceptions to the that statement, "A Place Where You Belong" is one of the saddest showings of lyrics that I've ever heard. Also "Bittersweet Memories" and "Pretty on the Outside", show strong emotion. However, as is the case with most of Bullet's previous work, the lyrics are for the most part simplistic and showcase ultimately generic subjects. The two breakthrough songs that I see are "The Last Fight" and "Dignity", as these are the two songs that don't have to do with the overused subjects of girls and relationships. Overall, the lyrics aren't extremely memorable and are far from Bullet's best.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall, a fairly good album and a good buy if you like melodious hard rock, however i wouldn't recommend it to fans of the old Bullet. But if you liked "Scream Aim Fire" or if you thought it was just okay, you can expect "Fever" to be a fairly solid album with many catchy choruses. The one thing that put this album above "The Poison" and "Scream Aim Fire" is the lack of a song that you just skip every time it comes on("Hit the Floor" and "End of Days" in my opinion). all of the songs are good listens. However, if you don't plan on buying this whole album but would like to know the best songs to buy here is my list from worst to best (again, strictly in my opinion, not trying to force anything)

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    c0bhc wrote: this was the worst album i have ever heard. that dude who's review was 10 is a complete dumbass
    +1 That's the worst album i've listened to for the last 10 years and i must say that i'm a BFMV fan
    cdek12309 wrote: I think it's kinda funny how they say this album is so generic and mediocre, but then complain about how it isn't like The Poison. The Poison is metalcore, extremally generic. What about screamo huh? All those songs sound the same, review one of those. And if it's sooooo generic try learning a Bullet song. Go ahead try... Now that you've tried I hope you realize that they're incredibally talented.
    1. You don't what screamo is. 2. BFMV's songs are really easy to play, sorry to break your bubble. And for those saying "If you don't like it, don't comment", isn't the whole point of commenting to express an opinion?
    Dregen wrote: 1. You don't know what screamo is.
    Spelling mistake, sorry.
    Question for everyone saying that the riffs are amazed and ignoring everyone else saying they're rehashed..... What is a good riff to you?
    While obviously me saying that everyone else should disregard everyone else's opinion and just be happy to have their own, saying that would make me a hypocrite considering I'm going to type out my opinion for people to agree and disagree with at length. This album was safe. While that may not sound like a damning indictment of it I want to explain that fully. This album was so safe as to inspire not a single emotional response from me. I mean even albums I hate by bands I loathe evoke such a response from me so I can at least give them that, This album has no right nor merit to exist. It is the same easily packaged cookie cutter lyrics, songs, riffs, solos, shoutalong choruses and breakdowns that anyone with even a remote concept of metal has heard 1000 times over to the point of nausea. There is not a single original idea to be found on this album, not one thing that hasn't been done already by someone else, better (or by them I may add). So, that's my opinion, glad that's out the way. PS. No one on this forum can honestly say they aren't sick of hearing the hackneyed "bass drum and single guitar preverse". Ignoring the fact that it's been abused more than a veteran Taiwanese hooker with bad taste in men, you could easily sicken yourself of it purely from this album alone