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artist: Bullet for My Valentine date: 04/27/2010 category: compact discs
Bullet for My Valentine: Fever
Released: Apr 26, 2010
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Jive Records
Number Of Tracks: 11
Bullet For My Valentine's third studio album features no shortage of impressive riff work, but the band also proves it's not afraid to show its sensitive side.
 Sound: 7.8
 Lyrics: 6.4
 Overall Impression: 7.7
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overall: 7.3
Fever Featured review by: UG Team, on april 27, 2010
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Sound: Bullet For My Valentine has always had a fairly strong sense of melody within its past work, but the Welsh band's latest album Fever does seem to place more emphasis on that side than ever before. As a band that has been greatly inspired by classic metal artists like Metallica and Iron Maiden, the quartet hasn't completely abandoned its heavier roots. There is plenty of skillful guitar work to be found among the 11 tracks, and while impressive, those moments are actually overshadowed by the clean vocal parts during the choruses. Fever doesn't deliver any huge surprises in the end, but it does show that BFMV isn't afraid to show its sensitive side.

The CD opens with Your Betrayal, an incredibly catchy, standout tune that remains fairly consistent with BFMV's past work. There is a back-and-forth approach in the chorus in terms of screaming/singing, and the general format of the song could be considered trademark BFMV. Accentuated by militaristic drum beats and energetic strumming, Your Betrayal is a solid choice to kick off the record. The title track is one of the heaviest on the album, and it makes you wish that the band would have delved a bit more into more of a straightforward metal sound for the entire album. Sure, there are riffs galore to be had on the album, but Fever has an angrier approach altogether that works extremely well. Between the pinch harmonics, the in-your-face (but clean) delivery from Matt Tuck, and an overall fresh approach to songwriting, Fever is the best offering on the album.

For all of the riff lovers out there that eagerly await what Tuck and Michael Paget's latest guitar mastery, you should be pretty fulfilled with Fever. It's jam-packed with a feast of skillful leads that range from your general Maiden-worthy licks to classically inspired material (The Last Fight), and those elements do elevate the album. The verdict is still out if BFMV is truly metal, as many of their tracks do have a pop sensibility underneath the core songwriting. That's not to say that Fever is devoid of low-end, grinding riffage, but a ballad like A Place Where You Belong could easily be heard on a good deal of radio stations. In general, Fever doesn't feature songs that venture too far out of the band's comfort zone, but again, it's a feast for the ears if you enjoy hearing various guitar techniques. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrical content on Fever is pretty standard rock material, with a good deal involving emotions/relationships. Whether it involves reflection on one's own flaws in Begging For Mercy (Please forgive me; I don't know what I'm doing; Someone help me) or being torn over a dying affair in Your Betrayal (My heart is pounding as I say goodbye; So now I dance in the flames; I love you crying and screaming my name), the lyrics come from heartfelt emotions that a broad audience should relate with even if they've heard the themes before. // 7

Overall Impression: To BFMV's credit, the band isn't afraid to pull out an acoustic if it's for the good of a song. While Tuck and Paget certainly make an effort to pepper the faster tempos with insanely impressive guitar work, songs like A Place Where You Belong and Bittersweet Memories certainly showcase a mellower side that revolves around a strong base melody. Of course, songs like that also push them away from some metal purists, but at this point BFMV has probably realized that you can't please everyone all the time. // 7

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overall: 4
Fever Reviewed by: BlackMist, on april 27, 2010
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Sound: It has been over two years since Welsh metalcore band 'Bullet for my Valentine' have had an album released and established in the UK and US charts - however, given the lengthy amount of time the band had to work with 'Fever', it still comes as very much the same package that listeners experienced with 'The Poison', but more so 'Scream, Aim, Fire'. Essentially, this album establishes the band's sound even further instead of taking their music in a progressive direction, which is arguably the downfall of the record. 'Fever' throws no surprises at the listener at all, but rather simply sticks to the well known formula that has gotten 'Bullet for my Valentine' so far up until present, except this time it begins to wear a little thin. The band don't seem to have come an awful long way since their last record - the song structures on 'Fever' still follow a very close replica of those heard on 'Scream, Aim, Fire', and the few that don't simply seem to fall into the category of 'filler songs' on this very confused and mixed up album. 'Fever's opening track, 'Your Betrayal', begins with an intro that any self respecting guitarist has heard a thousand times over, and sad to say, almost the whole album carries on this way - dry, overused chord progressions and unimaginative use of the two guitars let this track in particular down, but not as much as the lyrics and vocals do - the concepts and ideas behind 'Bullet's' lyrics seem to follow the same trend as their actual musical composition does - write, rinse and repeat. More on the lyrics later in the review. It is tracks such as 'Breaking Out, Breaking Down', 'Begging For Mercy' and 'Last Fight' that establish 'Fever' even further as a very predictable record in every sense of the word. Unfortunately, whilst the last two albums from this band have been very similar, neither have captured the energy and excitement that was clear throughout their dbut album, 'The Poison'. The tracks all seem to be very single layered, conceptually and musically, which is probably the only thing that has actually changed about 'Bullet' over the past few years, and quite frankly I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I miss how it used to be. The production on 'Fever' has to be questioned at times too, especially on tracks such as 'Alone' and title track 'Fever'. From my first few listens, the bass was practically unheard and the tone of the guitars is simply a clichd max-gain humbucker fest to epic proportions. It's issues like the mastering of the guitars and poor vocal recordings that makes 'Fever' suffer at times when it could have clearly pulled itself back into the domains of an above average album rather than a simple meltdown of everything we have heard before. The solos often seem weak and blurred - whether they lose their appeal through means of production or content, I'd say it's a mix of both. Nonetheless, disappointing guitar work on the whole. You'll hear the typical 'Bullet' harmonies and palm muted riffs on every track though, if that's your thing. // 5

Lyrics: Quite simply put, I found the lyrics to be very basic and lacking in every context you exam them in. Highlights include title track 'Fever' which fall short very badly, simply seeming to be explaining a fourteen year old's first experience at a house party. Whether this was the bands intention I don't know, but if it was they've hit the nail on the head. Bar a couple of tracks, all the songs on 'Fever' also seem to be about the exact same thing - either liking a girl and she doesn't want to know, or liking a girl who is bad news. (Ring any bells? Yep, you guessed it - just like their first two albums.) I must be beginning to sound like a broken record, but everything on this album we have literally heard before and it's extremely disappointing from a personal point of view. I like to see artistic progression - and if this is what you are looking for, then 'Bullet for my Valentine's' new album is not the place to find it. All lyrics are seemingly blunt and to the point, but to an all new level. There are no clever uses of metaphors or simply even songs left to the listeners interpretation, but rather everything is made perfectly clear with the very bland writing technique that was used throughout 'Fever'. At times, (as mentioned before, especially on title track 'Fever') the lyrics are almost cringe worthy to listen to, so if you're into subtle messages cleverly explained through the means of poetry and song writing, you ain't gonna get it here. // 2

Overall Impression: Whilst I'm well aware I've been very negative about this album throughout the whole review, there are glimmers here that almost make 'Fever' more than just worthwhile, but a fair album. If you are a 'Bullet' fan and simply want more of what we've all heard in the past, you'll be in absolute bliss - this album was written for you. If, however, like me, you are looking for something slightly new and innovative from these Welsh rockers then you're going to be disappointed. As I mentioned before, there is still some appeal in 'Fever', albeit in small doses. 'Dignity' could almost sound like a track that didn't quite make it onto 'The Poison' - though like many of the songs on the album, poor lyrics and questionable production weaken the foundations of this stand out track. 'Bittersweet Memories' is reminiscent of 'Tears Don't Fall' at times, but never quite stands up next to the classic track that brought 'Bullet' onto the scene. In summary, 'Fever' is a very mediocre album at best. I realise I've written a lot of negative things in this review, but if I was to list the positives then there simply wouldn't be any point as I'm sure you've heard it all before with the previous two albums. Whilst parts of 'Fever' are enjoyable, it is safe to say that it doesn't equal 'Bullet for my Valentine's' past two works, and will not stand the test of time. There is fun to be had here for die hard fans, but for the rest of us, we can only hope for a more ambitious and innovative forth album. // 5

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overall: 8.3
Fever Reviewed by: Mr_Cbone93, on may 05, 2010
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Sound: First of all let me start off by saying that I am a pretty big bullet fan as they were the first metal/hard rock band that I started listening to, so my review might be biast in there favor. However, I don't agree, even from a purely musical standpoint, that this album is as bad as many people claim. For starters, this album (in my own opinion) has a better sound than either of their previous albums. And though many seem to claim that "The Poison" was their best work... in my opinion, it lacks the maturity, both in talent and feeling, of their later 2 albums. "Fever" showcases much more of Bullets skill in guitar playing than their previous atempts. There are plenty of riffs that (while slightly forgettable) still make you instinctively bang your head, or whatever else a nice heavy riff makes you do. Also Matt has learned to put much more emotion into his voice and lyrics than on the previous albums, songs "A Place Where You Belong" and "Pretty on the Outside" show this emotion at its best. The album is filled with melodious choruses and fast paced verses. And definately does not let down those who like to hear Bullet's softer side. However, if the only thing that you enjoyed about their debut album were the angry screams and typical metalcore sound, you probably should have abandoned ship after "Scream Aim Fire" as you will find this album lacks those qualities as did "Scream Aim Fire". But for those of us that stayed and watched as the band played on you will find this album far superior to their sophomore attempt. And those of you that just love Bullet should find this album superior even to their debut (again in my opinion). Keeping in mind the previous two albums, I have to say that this album is a step in the right direction in overall sound and I'm expecting a bigger step for the fourth album. // 9

Lyrics: Although I am a bullet fan, I never have found their lyrics to be extremely great(although most of you seemed to be expecting good lyrics from "Fever"). However, I don't tend to judge songs based on lyrics... I'm more of a passive listener that likes songs that sound good. However, when I read the lyrics provided in the album (always helpful), I find that this album lacks the lyrical talent that the previous two albums showed. That being said, there are a few exceptions to the that statement, "A Place Where You Belong" is one of the saddest showings of lyrics that I've ever heard. Also "Bittersweet Memories" and "Pretty on the Outside", show strong emotion. However, as is the case with most of Bullet's previous work, the lyrics are for the most part simplistic and showcase ultimately generic subjects. The two breakthrough songs that I see are "The Last Fight" and "Dignity", as these are the two songs that don't have to do with the overused subjects of girls and relationships. Overall, the lyrics aren't extremely memorable and are far from Bullet's best. // 7

Overall Impression: Overall, a fairly good album and a good buy if you like melodious hard rock, however i wouldn't recommend it to fans of the old Bullet. But if you liked "Scream Aim Fire" or if you thought it was just okay, you can expect "Fever" to be a fairly solid album with many catchy choruses. The one thing that put this album above "The Poison" and "Scream Aim Fire" is the lack of a song that you just skip every time it comes on("Hit the Floor" and "End of Days" in my opinion). all of the songs are good listens. However, if you don't plan on buying this whole album but would like to know the best songs to buy here is my list from worst to best (again, strictly in my opinion, not trying to force anything) // 9

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overall: 10
Fever Reviewed by: CJCKO, on april 28, 2010
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Sound: Before I explain my opinion on this album I have to say that BFMV is my favorite band, I have been listening to them since the poison. This album which was highly anticipated is very good. I've listened to the album multiple times and in my opion I find all the songs very good. All my friends ask me which is my favorite song or worst song on the album and I cannot answer them because I love all the songs the same. The instramental of the band is still amazing. On all there songs they have awesome guitar riffs and its amazing. The guitar solos are amazing as well. Some are heart touching (the last fight, a place where you belong, bittersweet memories) Others are just pure in your face shredding (Begging for mercy, Alone, Dignity). This band has been mostly known for their popular guitar sound from their work from 3 albums. The vocals is the best part of the album. Before SAF matt had throat surgery and could barely sing on scream aim fire. Idk how he pullled it off and recorded scream aim fire, but you can notice the difference between his voice from scream aim fire and the poison. People were stating that matt cannnot sing on any of their songs. I strongly disagree with you. This guy can sing "he was just singing the wrong melodies" stated from an interview about their producer don gilmore. Matt now sounds like his vocals improved from all the other albums and that on some songs he screams and others he doesn't. I love his voice on all his albums but this album takes the cake on his voice. Matt is just one of my favorite singers. Somepeople say he can't sing, try singing and play guitar like him. I play guitar and its hard to play and sing BFMV songs at the same time. // 10

Lyrics: This ones going to be short. The lyrics are fine. Nothing is bad about the lyrics on the songs on fever. When BFMV was recording the vocals their producer Don Gilmore had matt rewrite the lyrics for most of the songs on the album because he thought they werent powerful enough. If don gilmore who previously worked with linkin parks hybrid theory and meteora, tell you to rewrite the lyrics then you should. This man is a professional and knows what hes doing. Sall songs have great lyrics no doubt about it. // 10

Overall Impression: I really like this album, hands down. This is my favorite band and all the reviews I saw were negative comments about them and I felt that I had to show support. This album is great and has no bad song (in my opinion). There is no other way I can describe this review any much more. If you do not like this album, than what the hell do I know. I'm just a junior from clifton NJ. I love this album BFMV 4EVER! // 10

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overall: 7.3
Fever Reviewed by: KramerW5150, on april 29, 2010
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Sound: I've been a fan of Bullet since their Scream Aim Fire album. I'm not one for the ridiculous amounts of screaming in songs. I saw Bullet open for Maiden a few years ago when they had just released The Poison. They were terrible live and the music just sounded like noise...I couldn't understand a word Matt Tuck sang/screamed...and the guitar was much too distorted to even get a grasp of the licks. But after I heard Waking The Demon from the SAF album I was intrigued and had to hear more. I felt that album was great! and couldn't wait for the next record... Well here it is. "Fever" opens with "Your Betrayal" which has a fantastic intro to a heavy and catchy chorus. I felt the guitar work in this song was great. The title track follows, 'Fever'. I liked the song overall, but it was the chorus that was best part for me, the music in the verses were just ok. For the first time on the cd we have a guitar solo in the song 'The Last Fight' it's just an awesome song from start to finish. However, the solo seems to sound an awful lot like another solo I've heard before, I just can't pin point what band had a song with a similar solo,(comment if you know). We will slow it down for the next song, probably the perfect spot on the record for a 'ballad', I'm a sucker for solos overtop of slow guitar patterns, so I have to like 'A Place Where You Belong', it just sounds so heartfelt. Reminds me a lot of 'Say Goodnight' from their previous album. They pick the pace back up quickly with 'Pleasure and Pain'. The intro hook is awesome as is the solo. The intro to 'Alone' is also fantastic and a tad bit mind blowing...I had to learn it on guitar! 'Alone' is a solid song as well. The chorus and solo are well put together. 'Breaking Out, Breaking Down' the next song on the album isn't really anything special. So we shall move on to 'Bittersweet Memories' which starts off with a very melodic riff, and fades into some acoustic. It follows the standard 80's ballad, but lacks a solo, and instead just has a bridge. Even without the solo, I enjoyed this song very much. 'Dignity' is ok at best... I didn't feel it had a great hook or chorus for that matter... 'Begging For Mercy' has an wicked guitar riff, a good combination of screaming and singing as well. The guitar solo is ok, I think it could have been structured better. And finally, after close to an hour of Bullet's 'Fever' we have reached 'Pretty On The Outside' overall its a good song but I don't think it was the greatest way to end the cd, The album came in with a bang, but didn't leave with one. // 8

Lyrics: Lyrically, this album is average. Matt Tuck shows off his real vocal talent on this album. There is a lot more singing rather than screaming. The vocal melodies fit the music perfectly on most of the songs and most of the chorus' were catchy enough to have me singing along by the second time through. // 6

Overall Impression: Compared to Bullet's other albums, I think that this one is just below Scream Aim Fire. The amount of songs that will be in high rotation on my playlists from this album will be about 6 or 7. So just over half, similar to SAF where I really liked about half the songs. Songs I believe you will most enjoy; -Your Betrayal -Pleasure and Pain -The Last Fight -Alone It asks "If it were stolen/lost, would you buy it again or get something else?" My answer: No, because I have uploaded it to itunes and if I had lost the cd, I would still have the songs on my computer and ipod. This album is very well put together, the band is maturing as artists and is only getting better as days go by. Despite them being terrible the only time I saw them, I look forward to seeing them again now as they have taken another great step forward with this album 'Fever'. // 8

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overall: 4.7
Fever Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 03, 2010
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Sound: After being a big fan with their previous 2 albums. Even "Scream Aim Fire" was a really good album, with "Poison" defines Bullet. Their newest records, "Fever", didn't pack the bass, riffs and solos that the previous albums delivered. Especially from my experiences. The first 3 songs in the album, "Your Betrayal", "Fever" and "The Last Fight", sounded just like Bullet, what they are famous for with heavy riffs and drum beats. But there are certainly no surprise, at all, in these songs, all of it felt like it had been done a thousand times. The album still packs ballads such as "A Place Where You Belong", "Bittersweet Memories", which resembles "Say Goodnight", which is certainly, IMO, the stronger part of this album. However, not much credit can be given when the rest isn't what we expected it to be. // 6

Lyrics: The lyrics, where all of it seems to go wrong. All 11 tracks in the album is based on lust, hatred according to Matt. But again, Bullet might fall mainstreams right here in this part. Screaming is certainly weaker compare to even "Scream Aim Fire". I won't deny Matt vocal is still really good, but the producer has certainly overproduced and lyrics fall short. // 3

Overall Impression: Bullet for my Valentine has lost their original sound. Saying "The Poison" is a 10 for Bullet, "Scream Aim Fire" is a 9 and "Fever" only deserves a 6 at most. "Scream Aim Fire" had much more punch, better riffs and solos. But I do think the change of producer, to Don Gilmore, is where Bullet's problem lies. Don Gilmore has converted previously good Linkin Park, into a mediocre mainstream rock band, a rocking Good Charlotte into a pop-rock band. He had done it with Bullet too. Most of the tracks in this album fall into mainstream, with boring riffs and chord progression in the chorus. However, despite that, there is still a few worth listening tracks such as "Fever", "The Last Fight", "Alone" or "A Place Where You Belong", are my personal favourite out of the album. The album isn't a step forward but seems like a step back for Bullet, I really hope they see and correct it with their next album, with a different producer. // 5

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overall: 6.7
Fever Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 06, 2010
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Sound: I loved Bullet since the beginning. Their self-titled EP was great. "The Posion" I saw as their masterpiece. But things took a turn when it got to "Scream Aim Fire" and many people agree with me that it was (with no disrespect here) a shoddy album of boring, over-polished material that was made merely to show people that they could make it to no. 4 and had no actual heart put into it. It changed my view on Bullet a lot. I hated them after that album. And when promos for songs off "Fever" emerged on YouTube, like "Begging For Mercy" and the Sonisphere video of "Who Do You Think You Are? (now "Pleasure & Pain") I was determined to think that the next album was going to be even worse. But then I decided to stop dwelling on my hatred for this band and actually give them a listen without cringing and claiming they'd sold out. And thankfully I wasn't cringing anymore. More and more songs leaked onto the internet and the more I heard, the better I felt about this new album. I've always thought Bullet's sound was brilliant, always tight and nothing drowned out anything else. And the sound on "Fever" has carried on that trait. However, "Fever" is not without it's flaws. They've become a lot more simple musically in the way that the songs aren't as technical as they were on previous releases and a lot of the chord progressions we've all heard before. Like the dreaded '8th fret - 5th fret - open' in "Alone" that just won't vanish from the metalcore scene. Bullet have repeated themselves riff-wise on this album a lot, as well as ripping off many Killswitch riffs. For instance "Dignity" sounds like a mix of "Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow" and "Tears Don't Fall". "The Last Fight" plays off as a copycat of "Scream Aim Fire", as did "Disappear" of the last album. And in one song ("A Place Where You Belong") they actually rob Opeth blind with the main riff for "Hope Leaves"! But my God, with Matt tucks ingenuity for great melodies and catchy hooks it doesn't really matter anymore. Now just for the sake of it, I'll do a track-by-track review, coz I've always wanted to do one. 01. "Your Betrayal": a great solid opening number. Yes, we've heard that same chord change in a million other songs but the pure catchiness of the chorus and the awesome oooooh aaaahhhh's behind the breakdown make this a dark, brooding song that I've aways wanted Bullet to make. 4.5/5 02. "Fever": I can tell this will become a crowd favourite. By far the most cheesy song Bullet have ever written, the song speaks about what I'm assuming is Matt Tuck seeing a girl at a gig he's playing and becoming sexually obsessed with her. Not something new to write about in the metal world and Matt's lyrics really are awful in this song, but an infectious chorus covers up some of it's flaws. 3/5 03. "The Last Fight": the first single that it already sweeping the nation. I hear people on the street talking about it all the time. It again takes the melodic thrash trait of "Scream Aim Fire" which is why a lot of people love it, but they've used the same thing so much it bores the hell out of me now. I think this is one of the worst tracks on the album as there's never really anything in the song that makes me want to keep listening to it. 2.5/5"A Place Where You Belong" - I absolutely adore this song, start to finish. It's perfect. The song comes crashing in after a beautiful clean section with Matt screaming "You're gone!". Again he writes of the death of a friend but there is so much passion in this song that it's impossible to not feel a little bit sad at some point. Incredibly catchy, a huge epic song, awesome lead work, perfect structure makes this one of the best on the album. 5/5 04. "Pleasure & Pain": "COME TAKE THIS SACRIFICE!" This is another thrashy song with melodies and hooks running all the way through. Musically it's kinda boring but again, Matt saves the day with his vocals, something that happens a lot throughout this album. 3.5/5 05. "Alone": again, I love this song. Even though the intro riff is over-used they throw some tapping over it to spice it up, give it a bit more variety. At least they're trying to make things a little different. This is one of the darker songs on the album that tells of someone dying and rotting alone for their past pretenses. Some lush duel guitar harmonies during the middle section and a pretty decent solo, and again Matt's vocal work make this another song that I've always thought would suit Bullet. And it does. 4.5/5 06. "Breaking Out, Breaking Down": this song reminds me so much of Maiden. I think it's the chorus. Cheesy as hell but still maintains some awesome 80's style riffage. The verses for me make this song awesome. The way they play a couple of power chords and stop for Matt to sing a little bit (similar to "Your Betrayal") obviously makes a good trademark for this band. And who could possibly resist the soaring bridge where Matt sings "Coz in the thick of darkened days, we know". Just gorgeous. 4/5 07. "Bittersweet Memories": love, love, love the verses. The way Matt takes a very croony style to the lyrics and throws it with the melody makes it so awesome. The chorus and such can be a little samy in the vein of "Forever & Always" which kinda takes a bit of the edge off it but this will most likely be a great song live and again a fan favourite. 3.5/5 08. "Dignity": this is an awesome little ditty. It mixes everything Bullet do well together. Some little thrashy parts, stop-and-start verses, a bit of grunted singing, duel harmony guitar work and a big wide-open chorus make this a pretty sick little number that'll definitely get you singing along and "moshing" too. 4/5 09. "Begging For Mercy": now this is the first song I heard from "Fever". At first I hated it. It was way too cheesy and the chorus almost sent me to sleep it was that boring. But over time I have learnt to love this song. Definitely one of the heaviest on the album and really has a punch that'll get the crowd going and some of the maturer listeners seeing a little bit of old Bullet in there. Always a good thing. 4.5/5 10. "Pretty On The Outside": this... is by far... the BEST song on "Fever". This song absolutely f*cking rules. The riff is a mix betwee "Ashes Of The Innocent" and KsE's "Reject Yourself" but all accusations of plagiarism are off on this account as this is probably the most badass song Bullet have ever made. The verses are just filled with awesomeness. Painful screams sound like Matt's actually going through what the narrator of the song is. The duel harmonies that Bullet do so well. The half time drum pace in the verse just makes me wanna pit it every time I hear it. Bridge is just a simple two chords, a stop and Matt sings "If... I..." and BOOM! into the chorus. "Tear you open wide, take a look inside, are you pretty?" Matt sings over the octaves and power chords. I'm not gonna say anymore as you just might as well listen to it. Albeit a different way to end an album it's pretty clever, coz it just makes you want more. // 7

Lyrics: One thing that struck me was how much better Matt's vocals sounded. In essence I believe they're probably the best part of the album. Matt obviously has a genius mind when it comes to writing hooks and such and even though this album has many flaws, the vocal work is what saves it. For instance, if it weren't for Matt's vocals Each song would probably end up going down half a star or more. The whole vocal harmonies is out-dated but I just don't know what it is, Matt makes the best vocal lines. I read that he was really pushed on this album as he said that with "Scream Aim Fire" they settled for whatever they came up with as he'd just recovered from laryngitis which is probably what made the album a little less... well, good. And he said that this time he just wanted to keep everything even simpler but Don Gilmore pushed him to not settle for any melody he came up with and I thank him so much for that because he and Matt have now perfected Bullet vocal-wise. Ya know sometimes you listen to a song and you don't like a certain melody in it so you hum over it the melody you thought would go best? Doesn't happen on this album. Everything is down to a T which is why I say it's probably the best part of the album, seeing as not all the guitar parts are great. Matt's screams are awesome now as he can control going from singing to a kind of grunt to a full on throatf*ck with ease. He's controlling his voice a lot more so in a way I'm "proud" of him. The lyrics, however, suck ass. He said in the interview on here that he loves writing about these little broken heart fiction tales that are really just getting on my nerves. A lot of people write about them, yes, it's not just Matt, but it's only because that kind of thing is easy to write about. A lot of people when writing lyrics put pen to paper and end up writing about some random, out of the blue love story. It just happens. But Matt doesn't think "I need to stop writing about this" he just goes with it which I think is really lazy. He should know more than just about romance, he's 30 for God's sake. Write about something else! Some examples of poor lyrics on this album are "Kill me now and let the good times roll", "You're what I need so come and get my money", "This finger's for our memories" and all the lyrics of the song "Fever". Honestly, they're awful. But it's not all that bad. Every now and then Matt says a really cool line like "I want you to choke when you swallow your pride" and "I'm not a saint that's easy to tell, but guess what honey, you ain't no angel" and "All the negativity forces me down into silence but still I can dream". They're not the best lyrics ever but they're just pretty cool. So singer skills are awesome but the lyrics really let it down so I'm gonna have to give it a 5. // 5

Overall Impression: In a way I think "Fever" is the bridge between "The Poison" and "Scream Aim Fire". It's a mixture of both albums. The cheesyness and simplicity of "Scream Aim Fire" but with the melodies and slight return to form of "The Poison". It's in no way a bad album. There are just bad points. But as I've said before, Matt's vocals and hooks, some decent guitar work and mixture of all sorts of different styles make this an album definitely worth buying, even if you don't like it much. It's very interesting, and as you can tell there is a lot to talk about when it comes to it. Better than "Scream Aim Fire", almost as good as "The Poison". And I'll leave it at that. // 8

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overall: 7.7
Fever Reviewed by: naw2, on march 11, 2011
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Sound: The important thing about this album is that it does not bear any resemblance to their previous record 'Scream, Aim, Fire' and has a little bit more in common with 'The Poison'. However it is a much more mature effort as I will go on and explain throughout the songs on the album. It features Matt Tuck showing why he is one of the most popular vocalists in this style of music and a band who are comfortable in their own skin, writing what they want. This is a very well produced album. Even the Bass, which often is the simplest of parts on a BMFV album is produced well and made to sound extremely heavy and good. The Guitars have great tone and the Drums sound genuinely powerful, perhaps some of the best sounding (not in terms of what is being played but production and mixing) drums I have heard on any record I have heard since starting to listen to guitar music. // 9

Lyrics: I have to say that the lyrics are not the strong point of this album. Some of them have the problem of following too many of the clich's set by bands that have influenced. While it works for the songs I would be hoping for a song which could have some double meanings, something to ponder on as opposed to something which (as happens a lot on this album) is immediately obvious and almost feels like it was the very last things that were thought about in the conception of this record. // 6

Overall Impression: First up there is 'Your Betrayal', the lead single in America. This is a relatively simple song in it's concept, with the march drum intro creating a mood almost similar to that of their first album 'The Poison'. The song stays simple, drop tune guitars, little bits of screaming and the haunting Whisper's of Matt Tuck in the verse. The second huge chorus gives way to the middle section which is different to most Bullet For My Valentine as it is not a traditional Guitar solo but the almost siren like vocal line over the top of the very heavy guitar shows a maturity in song writing which is not previously present. 'Fever' is more traditional Bullet For My Valentine, a raucous drop C tuned metal number about a night in a club. It's not the fastest song on the album but in the way it is the one with possibly the most raw attitude. The highlight of this song is the vocal harmonies which sort of add to the almost sleezy element. 'The Last Fight' was the first glimpse the UK got of this album as it was the lead single. It's a driving number featuring the album's first guitar solo from Padge. It's also my personal favourite vocal performance as it features good singing as well as the shouting elements in the chorus. This is another very mature song. On an aside note about this song, the video is simple but very cool. 'A Place Where You Belong' is a similar sort of song to 'All These Things I Hate' off their first album. A softer song with heavier bits and pieces, a stereotypical sort of Metal ballad. It's almost quite a boring song until the guitar solo happens when the song picks up. 'Pleasure And Pain' is much more like it. The opening lyric of 'Come take the sacrifice' allied to a powerful opening riff make the song's opening full of impact. The rest of the song continues in a similar vein, making it one of the most intense songs on the record. Although my favourite bit happens just before the last chorus with the quiet yet tortured sounding line "You don't want, to know the truth". 'Alone' starts with the massive tapped guitar pattern and chord sequence which is almost similar to the way 'Your Betrayal' began. The synths in the verse and the string parts in the chorus give this song a real sense of occasion. It's also a catchy number with the guitar solos being at first based on simple melodies and modulating back into the D minor of the chorus. However the occasion is brought to a crashing finale with the slowing down of the intro to crawling pace almost like the epic ending to a film or (as this song possibly should have been) a massive closing track of an album. 'Breaking Out, Breaking Down' has quite a lot to live up to consider what preceded it on the record. It is one ofthe least heavy songs on the album as a whole but it features very good harmonised vocals in the pre-chours and chorus in particular. However the rest of it is quite nice but nothing else really standing out until the 2nd half of the bridge, which is almost painfully simple but effective. 'Bittersweet Memories' is a track that is simple in method and execution. It's a ballad about love gone wrong. This song isn't about one particular bit, rather the overall effect, which is profound for the type of song it is. If this isn't a single I will chop of my middle toe on my left foot and eat it. 'Dignity' is a true hark back to the musical styles utilised more on the first record. The totally harmonised opening riff brings back memories of songs like 'Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow'. It is a bit of a middle finger this song, perhaps not the most mature of lyrics either but what makes this song truly majestic is the tightness of the music allied with the melodies in the voice, particularly in the chorus. Another good thing is well sorted mixture of the Screaming and Singing. This is really by far the best song on the album. 'Begging For Mercy' is quite the beast. The heaviest song on the album after the opener. It is a song which features massive riffs and a very, very clever final chorus. However the chorus could be seen as a bit similar to 'Fever' and 'Pleasure and Pain' but I disagree and see this track as being almost monstrously heavy. 'Pretty On The Outside' is a grooving 6/8 animal featuring the least amount of cleanly sung vocals on the whole album. This song also features (in my view) the best lyrics as I believe everyone knows at least one person somewhat like this and they want to know the person better, to see if a person is quite what they seem, so this song really connected to me personally. This album I would give around an 8/10. It is a good record, very mature musically with some very nice playing by all concerned and some mostly very good singing. However what the album falls down on is perhaps the more ballad type songs being no-where near as strong as songs like Dignity, The Last Fight, Your Betrayal and Alone which are the 4 best tracks. As mature and un-emo as it is, it is not a good a record overall as The Poison, their first album. // 8

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overall: 6.7
Fever Reviewed by: Fajita15, on may 03, 2010
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Sound: Fever is an album where I think that BFMV drastically changed. They were not 'evolving' the way some said they were with Scream Aim Fire. Don Gilmore has made a serious change to BFMV, and it doesn't sound like them in some places. On 'Pleasure and Pain' and 'Breaking Out, Breaking Down', you can hear some very Linkin Park/Good Charlotte type of arrangements, and sound. In some cases, if Linkin Park had a better guitarist, then they would sound very similar to BFMV on Fever. However, on the upside, the music sounds pretty good, but not what I expected. Padge's monsterous solos have disappeared, replaced with slower, melodic stuff that doesn't have the same in-your-face quality that songs like 'Hand of Blood' and 'Waking the Demon' have. In some places, the intros and basic guitar parts don't even sound like they work together. On 'A Place Where You Belong', the acoustic/clean intro makes you think of 'Hearts Burst Into Fire', but then you hear notes that don't seem to fit at all, and I actually cringed when I first heard it. It grows on you, but first impressions didn't do to well for me. // 6

Lyrics: In the lyrics of Fever, there were really no surprises. The quality of the lyrics got a little better, but not extraordinarily better. Matt(and actually metal writers in general) writes his lyrics better when he's writing about something deeper than women. The best lyrics on the album come from 'The Last Fight' and 'A Place Where You Belong', singing of drug addictions and suicide, respectively. The lyrics worked for the song most of the time, but a clear standout problem was the title track 'Fever'. A thrash metal song about a strip club? The lyrics didn't work for me at all on that track. They fit pretty much everywhere else. Matt can sing (in the studio--haven't heard him anywhere else), but he carries the same whiny punk-rock voice of blink-182 and Green Day. // 6

Overall Impression: Matt's comparisons between Fever and Metallica's Black Album are actually not that bad in his context. Both are very solid, simple, no frills albums. The problem is, that kind of album works for Metallica because that is their sound; heavy power chords, slow, consistant beat, etc. BFMV has established themselves as a much more fast-paced band, and it is not evident anywhere except 'Fever' and 'The Last Fight'. Second, Metallica backs up their solid heaviness with some pretty ridiculous solo work. BFMV can but does not on Fever, except on 'Alone'. The standouts on Fever are 'The Last Fight', 'Your Betrayal', and 'Alone'. Each song fits together beautifully. None of them compare to 'Waking the Demon', but are great in their own respects. // 8

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overall: 9
Fever Reviewed by: jmh765, on may 06, 2010
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Sound: I have been listening to BFMV ever since the poison was released so, this review might be a little biased but I'm going to try to be as honest as possible with it. I think the sound for this album was a little different than Scream Aim and Fire was and The Poison but it still kept the same BFMV characteristics too it as well. The guitar work is amazing essecially on "Alone", "Pleasure and Pain", "Begging for Mercy" and "Fever" in my opinion the four best true "metalcore" songs on the album. All four are put together beautifully both lyrically and instrumentaly. However, there are some differences in the album that are new but not necessarily bad things for Bullet. Some of the songs such as "Pretty On The Outside" and "The Last Fight" don't exactly sound like BFMV but still are performed well and introduce a new side of BFMV that we have never seen. On the other hand many fans including myself enjoy the sound from The Poison and Scream Aim and Fire more and relate BFMV to that sound, the new sound is good but it's not completely BFMV. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics in the song almost had the same theme for the whole album which is OK considering that each song had its own sound to it. Songs such as "Pretty On The Outside" and "Fever" were wrote in my opinion about a girl who is beautiful on the outside but bitter on the inside while the song "A Place Where You Belong" seemed to be wrote about someone who left and how the person left longs to be with them. The lyrics and instruments go well together and show BFMV's skills at putting together songs to make everyone of them capable of being a single. Matt Tuck's voice is still amazing even after surgery and hopefully will hold up the rest of his career and keep making album's with Bullet for my Valentine. // 9

Overall Impression: The album Fever compared to the first two albums shows Bullet's softer side and shows that they can put together a solid album with diversity on it and still not be afraid to try something new. The new album gives fans a chance to see a different side of Bullet never seen before. I can't really choose my favorite or most hated song because to me they're all good, each one has their own unique sound to it which makes the album cool. I like how they tried to explore something new and be creative but they kinda lack their old sound. I don't mind that they don't sound the same because it would get boring hearing the same type of songs over and over again. I would recommend this album to anyone who was a Bullet for my Valentine fan before or just basically anyone, Fever is a great album and I will not be bored of listening to it for a long time. // 9

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overall: 8.7
Fever Reviewed by: xxxsticksxxx, on december 14, 2010
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Sound: As a fan of BFMV I was very excited for this album, Waited what seemed like forever to see what road they would take next. After listening to the album endless amounts of times and watching few interviews with the band the comment that describes this album well is a comment made my Matt tuck "the album is the son of The Poison and Scream aim fire" which pretty much sums it up. This album is a good balance between the emotional and aggresive sound heard in the first two albums but decreasing the technical aspect of the music to let Tuck's vocals prove the critics wrong. 01. Your Betrayal - A very heavy long intro which does seem to go on forever but once the song begins it is the song that i think a lot of Bullet fans wanted them to make. (dark and creepy etc.) 02. Fever - Title track doesn't quite live up to the hype in my opinion but it is definitely a fun and different song from Bullet. A quiet surprise if you like. 03. The Last Fight - This song has it all to me; Awesome riffs, amazing vocals and harmonies, fast tempo, and a nice solo. 04. A Place Where you Belong - A cool acoustic ballad sort of style to it. Quite dark and sinister but a great softer track to add contrast. 05. Pleasure And Pain - Played live before the albums release, i like the fact that it's a very simple song and the vocal melody is awesome. 06. Alone - Muiscally, the most technical and impressive song on the album. Very old school metal feel to it. Probably general fans' favourite. 07. Breaking Out, Breaking Down - A song with a simple aim: Catchy vocal lines and old school 80's metal riffage, one of my favourites, great breakdown section. 08. Bittersweet Memories - The most radio-friendly song on the album, will be a great single no doubt. Again like the other softer track on the album, a nice, slow and likeable song. 09. Dignity - The song that sounds most like older Bullet tracks, One of my favourites on the album love the initial harmonized riff and the lonesome harmonized vocals in the verse are a nice touch. 10. Begging For Mercy - One of the heaviest tracks on the album. Shows that Tuck can still scream and that Bullet can still do what people call "real" metal. Solo is a bit odd but the pinch harmonics are a different approach I guess. 11. Pretty On The Outside - The finisher definitely doesn't disappoint, An awesome all out metal-feast throughout the roaring verses and possibly one of the catchiest chorus's Bullet have written. // 9

Lyrics: Lyrically, The album is decent. A little confusing and dissonant at times but still solid I guess. Expect usual themes of loss, death, relationships etc. The lyrics aren't totally original or anything new but the strength lies within the singing itself. The vocals are probably the best thing about the album, Matt tuck has proven that he can still sing/scream like holy hell and is one of the best musicians in modern metal when it comes down to melodies and catchy chorus lines. Almost perfect besides the actual content. // 9

Overall Impression: This album to me, doesn't show massive improvements in musical or technical ability, but from a songwriting perspective and a marketing perspective, this album is fantastic. This album shows that bullet can write epic-sounding metal songs that appeal to quite a broad audience and still maintain an aggresive sound that their older "hardcore" fans will appreciate. In my opinion all of the people arguing that Bullet For My Valentine have sold out are wrong and have misunderstood the reasoning for this album. This album was made for the sole purpose of BFMV enjoying writing and performing the music they want to and sharing it with their fans and introducing their sound to different audiences. This music just happens to be some of the very best of modern metal. // 8

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