Scream Aim Fire review by Bullet for My Valentine

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  • Released: Jan 25, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (462 votes)
Bullet for My Valentine: Scream Aim Fire

Sound — 8
When I first heard The Poison, I was amazed to say the least, the two-part harmonies, the solos, the incredibly catchy choruses. Needless to say I loved it, and I felt a similar feeling after listening to Scream, Aim, Fire. However, musically, this album is a lot different from their previous. There are more softer songs, more upbeat songs such as Waking the Demon and they even stretch as far as to include a new vocalist on the new album. Padge himself said they wanted to go in to the studio and make a harder record. Bullet for my Valentine have been known to be the butt of several jokes concerning the supposed affilliation with "emo", but anyone who new them well enough would know that they aren't. And they prove it in this album. The open track starts out with a riff that immediately tells you that this band means business, "Eye of the Storm"'s furious riff works perfectly with the theme of the song and the main riff from "Hearts Burst Into Fire" fits the shoe perfectly yet again. These are to name but a few of the tracks and all of them are brilliantly composed. But the band dares to try their hand at softer songs, where they do not go wrong, "Deliver Us From Evil" and "Say Goodnight" are both excellent tracks and are definitely highlights from my point of view. Personally I think that the band has kept the great riffs they had in The Poison and has gone that little step further to impress us with their softer songs which do eventually get heavy again.

Lyrics — 8
We all know that Matt Tuck underwent surgery earlier on in the year and had to cancel their tour with Metallica which they were looking forward to but it had to be done. But by losing his tonsils, Matt has also gained a new voice which he flaunts without hesitation in the new album, yet again "Hearts Burst Into Fire" stands out strong for me and "Deliver Us From Evil" doesn't fail either. His new voice now enables him to go to new extremes such as the Death growls heard on Scream Aim Fire and the softer stylings on "Say Goodnight." One of the excellent things the band has done with the lyrics this time round is the short sentences on Scream Aim Fire, helping us to picture perfectly the stress and constant thinking needed to survive in a battlefield. But one thing that can't be overlooked, is the inclusion of Benji Webb from Skindred. A known friend of the band's he was invited to help out on the track" Take it Out on Me". He performs excellently on the second and third verses adding a bit of variety to the album. Overall the lyrics work very well with the album and the inclusion of Benji Webb was a nice touch.

Overall Impression — 8
Overall I Think this album is great and well worth a buy if you like Trivium or (from what I've heard) Anterior. The bestsongs on the album are "Hearts Burst Into Fire" and "Waking The Demon" from my point of view. I love the harmonies that they've kept and the guitar duel in "Waking The Demon" and the great riffs. There's nothing I really dislikein the album. I would definitely buy it again if I lost it. Seriously, you should download any of the songs mentioned above, they are all great but the ones, I have mentioned are well worth a listen. Overall I think the album is great but they could do with one or two more tracks on the next album.

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    I Love this cd. i dont give a f*ck what you guys think of it. i dont even know why you guys are wasting your time comparing them with other bands. just listen and enjoy!!!
    This CD doesnt sound like metallica at all. So what if they dont ****ing scream as much who cares, the guitar and drum work is ****ing insane. Anyone who thinks that this album sucks needs to go back to listening to their Justin Timberlake CD and never listen to Rock or Metal again.
    AXE187 wrote: metal_maniac#1 wrote: Im seriously fu-king sick of people saying that just because a vocalist doesnt use full on screams or growls in metal, that they are using a james hetfield sound, fu-k that.... ok your an idiot. he sounds like hetfeild on this album..... because he sounds like hetfield on this album. metal band doesnt scream sounds like hetfeild?.... the only other band that has a singer who emulated hetfeild is trivium. that is untill this this new bfmv album.
    1. that made no fu-king sense 2. I said that people compare non-screamers/growlers to hetfield. 3. I didnt know hetfield had an accent... Dbag.
    Yeah I like these guys but I think this album is much better than The Poison,better lyrics,better guitars and matt doesnt look like a douche any more.