Scream Aim Fire review by Bullet for My Valentine

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  • Released: Jan 25, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (463 votes)
Bullet for My Valentine: Scream Aim Fire

Sound — 10
Bullet For My Valentine has really improved their sound since the release of their debut album "The Poison" in 2005. With "Scream, Aim, Fire" they really took time and structured their songs very well and to me, it's a fine work of art. They have great potential and also, great talent. The album has great guitar tone along with screaming solos and chaotic double bass thrash. This is certainly an album to reckon with. This album is all heavy metal and no sissy punk rock. The album starts out with the title track, "Scream, Aim, Fire", featuring a pounding drum line and a screaming signature guitar solo that's second to none. It goes into "Eye Of The Storm" and features a thunderous main riff and a sweeping guitar solo. Going into "Hearts Burst Into Fire", the slow it down but still maintain a heavy sound. The ultimate heavy on this album comes next, "Waking The Demon". This is without a doubt the heaviest song on the entire album with a monsterous riff and crazy solo that screams shred. Going into "Disappear", the band stills remains heavy and fast but this song isn't as heavy as some other songs on the album. "Deliver Us From Evil", probably the lightest song on the entire album features the first bass solo on the album. My favorite song on this album, "Take It Out On Me" comes next. An amazing intro riff and a very well put together guitar solo by Matt Tuck. The second bass solo for Jay, one of my favorites. "Say Goodnight", acoustic intro, heavy chorus, nothing more. "End Of Days", they never actually mention the song name in the song which is good because it throws people off and makes them wonder that the title of the song is. To me, this song is an instant classic for BFMV, "Last To Know", a very good intro riff and a very good guitar solo that speaks to you. The final cut for the album, a slow and steady ending for the album, "Forever And Always". There isn't really much in this song to speak for.

Lyrics — 9
I was extremely surprised how the lyrics were on this album. Matt Tuck (lead singer and guitarist) really improved his singing and his screams as well. The lyrics fit perfectly with the rhythm of the music, something some people would find hard to do. Jason "Jay" James (bassist and backup vocalist) really shines on this album. He really shows what he's capable of in the song "Waking The Demon". He screams the entire verse and it really caught me by surprise the first time I heard that song.

Overall Impression — 8
This album, in my mind, does not compare to any other album out there. This will be an instant classic years down the road. To me, this album is everything to love and nothing to hate. It's a hybrid mix of acoustic (Say Goodnight) and extreme heavy metal (Waking The Demon) that hits hard and doesn't quit until you turn it off or the CD ends. I encourage everyone to buy this album and listen to it from beginning to end and if it's lost or stolen... Get another one because this is not an album you don't want to miss.

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    metal_maniac#1 wrote: Im seriously fu-king sick of people saying that just because a vocalist doesnt use full on screams or growls in metal, that they are using a james hetfield sound, fu-k that.... but i love the james hetfield sound...your not metal if you don't.... off the rant, i liked the album, love the fact that it's different, and some people can't handle it, haha.
    as for the singing.. he has an amazing voice.. creaming or not.. it kicks ass
    Lmao. He has a great voice, even when he's ejaculating.
    Why did everyone say that this sounded nothing like the poison, if anything it sounded almost exactly the same haha! There now new album Fever, sounds pretty much the same too, maybe a lil bit lighter but that's all, it's still recognisably BFMV which I respect... a lot.