Temper Temper review by Bullet for My Valentine

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  • Released: Feb 12, 2013
  • Sound: 4
  • Lyrics: 3
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 3.7 Poor
  • Users' score: 4.9 (380 votes)
Bullet for My Valentine: Temper Temper

Sound — 4
Bullet For My Valentine's rise to the top has been rather impressive. They started as a quasi-metalcore outfit in rural Wales many years ago, built a following, injected a thrash edge on 2008's "Scream Aim Fire" and eventually found their stride as serviceable metal hitmakers who play to thousands every night. They've shown sharp songwriting in fits and starts but never made an LP of real quality. Nonetheless, in a few instances over the years they've offered some explanation as to why they're one of the most popular names from the new stock of British metal bands. No such luck here. "Temper Temper" is a toothless, unimaginative bore of an album with all the character of a paper plate. Couldn't say it's a great deal heavier, either.

All the pieces are in place for a commercial metal album surging opener "Breaking Point", stomping lead single "Temper Temper", heart-wrenching follow-up "P.O.W." and rocking party anthem "Riot". Melodic vocals with the odd scream, chuggy riffs with a few old-school ones, peaks and troughs in all the usual places. It ticks all the boxes but unfortunately it seems as if those boxes came straight out of a page from Metal for Beginners and the band's creative ambition didn't stretch any further than that.

Writing it off entirely would be unfair; "Livin' Life" is an effective and enjoyable return to their older sound, the soloing shines on highlight "Dead To The World", and there are bits and pieces of good riffing or vocal writing scattered about elsewhere. Nothing to write home about, though, for anyone who's heard this stuff done before.

Lyrics — 3
We get some attitude in the lyrics though; boy, do we get some attitude. It's hard to believe frontman Matt Tuck turned 33 this year because at times his lyrics read like the diary of a 13 year-old Pantera fan with ADHD. An impressive total of 5 songs are about getting really angry, and three of them warn the listener not to push his buttons, or else. He doesn't mention locking himself in his room or refusing to eat his greens but the threat is implicit. When he's not strutting his stuff on the playground, Matt's got a bone to pick with a lady friend. "Tears Don't Fall (Part 2)" is a thematic reprise of their 2006 hit, but 7 years hasn't done much to help his articulation. The quality on offer across the album is best illustrated with a selection of quotes:

"Run mother--ker, it's time to hide, go bury yourself in a grave of lies."
"That's headache taste on the tip of my tongue."
"Your invitation... IT DOESN'T EXIST."

Because of lyrics like these, even the brighter musical moments struggle to get off the ground. It's a real shame.

Overall Impression — 4
Maybe I'm being harsh here. Besides the lack of bottom end the thing is slickly produced and, although predictable, the songs are nice enough. But that's the problem; even at the more commercial end of the metal spectrum there can't be too much room for 'nice' and that's exactly what "Temper Temper" is despite its best efforts. Difficult to recommend with any enthusiasm.

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    All I've heard from this album is less than mediocre. And I thought Fever was bad... By the way, does anyone else think the singer looks like a lesbian with his new short hair?
    Totally agree, they need to do something radical because they are completely out of ideas. they even rip off their own songs it's really quite something.
    I know a lot of people want SAF! or The Poison like albums, but we can't do much to change it. I feel that this is a whole new step from Fever, the lyrics are less emotional and the musics better (than Fever). But since Matt can't scream like he used to, it's going to be difficult for them to go back. But then again... it's all about the current music. But, you have to admit, there are a few decent tunes on the album...
    He is such a bad vocalist. Never changes tempo or melody. So Monotonous.
    I thought he sounded good on the poison, even on scream aim fire thanks to good production, but on TT he sounds like a complete joke
    if u listen to the album already thinking beforehand its bad, you will feel its bad. After listening to the singles i also was a bit dissappointed but i kept waiting for the whole product. Its not an album that u hear and say "hey its bfmv". Also, its not an amazing album but its good man, come on, just because its not better than the other albums it doesnt mean its total garbage
    It's one thing when you listen to an album the first time around and think, "Maybe it'll grow on me. It's not awful, but I don't like it that much." compared to "This shit just straight up sucks." There's very few things good about this album. I tolerated Fever because it certainly had its moment, but this is just awful. If this band was capable of coming out with The Poison or SAF, they're certainly better than what they released. What is astounding to me is that four members all heard the songs and deemed them worthy of releasing. For a band with funds up the ass and a reputation as one of the biggest metalcore bands, this not only bad by what they're capable of, this is bad by any standards.
    You're completely right. In an interview Matt replied to a question about pressure to top past albums with "I just dont give a ****" or something along those lines. Thats not the attitude to have if you want to stay on top of your game or if you expect people to spend their hard earned money on this crap.
    Its not an album that u hear and say "hey its bfmv"
    That is excactly what it is. I only needed to hear 10 seconds to notice that it sounds just like the 3 earlier album. Unfortunately a few songs in I also noticed that even though it sounds like the old ones, it is one hell of a lot worse than them.
    Sorry we have opinions. It is horrible and I feel bad for you if you actually like it.
    He just wants to convince himself he likes it. I had the same feeling when I heard it. I loved the first two albums, even on Fever most of the songs were pretty good. When I heard about TT, I was first like "Woah, BFMV new album? That sh*t's must be cool!", then I legally bought the album (didn't download it from pirate bay) and took a listen... I was disappointed to a point of desperation.
    So I bought this record last saturday. It had a few goes in my CD-Player since then. Am I rather euphoric or dissapointed? Well, Neither of them. Warning, subjective opinion following: It's not so godawful like mentioned here (Except of some lyrics, that the reviewer already pointed out). But on the other side it's just not good. I LOVE The Posion. I like Scream Aim Fire. I (thankfully) forgot about Fever. So were does this one come in? Well, I think it stays on a good (or bad; choose for yourself) place with Fever. + / - + Some riffs are actually quite nice + Some solos (even though there aren't enough for my taste) are pretty delicat. + A PHAT production. It really kicks the boxes here, but... - ... it lacks something important. I can't say what. But remember that cool "grittiness" from Posion or the cool (read "brutal") guitars from SAF? Not available. Most of it is a hard, but way too much "ironed out" sound. And too much "bass" for my taste, where are the ****ing mids? - Lyrics: There's not one song here that could stand against "All These Things" lyricwise. Everthing's just, well, hm... immature? In recent interviews I read "BFMV have grown up" "They are men now". I'm 23 by now and somehow these lyrics just can't find their way to me. Nothing that really can break through to me (adult) person. And I really don't care about all the sexual intercourses that the singer wants to have. - All in all it's way too soft. Nothing against a mellow ballad, I'm good with that. But heck, half of this records a ballad. Or maybe I just heard to much Death Metal recently. - the records too short. 11 songs? 11? Some even under 3 minutes? Holy ****, I paid 15 for this. Result: 3 of 10. I'm gonna listen now to The Posion. "Good 'ol times" 'n bla bla..
    punkorama dsv
    Here are the bonus tracks from the japanese version of the album. Check it out.
    I like the band a lot, and although I think their best music was that from "the poison" or "scream aim fire", I think this record still have some good stuff, That's my opinion fellas!
    They only have one song under 3 minutes, and it's just 10 seconds below. Still I see what you mean, since 11 songs is much for an album at all. A bit uninsteresting songwriting doesn't tempt me to buy it either, so I will probably just stick to their older material if I want to hear them again.
    I just saw it in my Media Player, you are right RIOT is the only one below 3 min (2.49 min in my version). But holy ****: 44 minutes in general? Plus: My version (Paid 15 , just normal CD Case with booklet) doesnt have any ****ing bonus songs or something. I'm still disappointed. Normally I buy a CD, rip it on my PC and shove it to my Phone/MP3 Player. Somehow I have ZERO interest to do this here. "Why would I listen to that whilst work?", that's my thoughts. And holy shit, I've heard some terrible music while working.
    From what I can see it's not genuinely awful, just really really.. beige. There's nothing that stands out at all. It's a shame, really.
    BFMV was my gateway band to bands like Megadeth and Pantera, so I'll always be partial to them. They've gotten worse over time. The thing I actually think that's funny is that over all the albums, you can see Padge's progression as a lead guitarist. He's blossomed, but the rest of the band has not. I feel he would do much better in a side project that could use a good melo-shredder.
    When I was a little younger, I was into these guys. I thought their first two albums were great. Since then, I've progressed a little further away from this sound, but occassionally still dabble in it because I found their riffs to be great. Unfortunately, I find their lyrical content to be too juvenile now and its almost embarassing to listen to some of their newer stuff. Its really sad because I really thought these guys had alot of potential and the last two albums just appear to be re-hashing the same juvenile themes over and over again. Its really sad to see that alot of bands that I thought were really cool are now stuck in this rut of catering to the lowest common denominator: angsty kids. Too many awesome sounding bands have gone this way, either as a cop-out or just lack of creativity.
    IEvan xD
    Really disappointed with this, they've just descended into mainstream radio rock.
    After watching the temper temper video all I can think is... "I'm so mad I could just...I could just...I COULD JUST THROW A PILLOW AT YOU."
    Honestly, this is the laziest album I have ever heard. There are worse albums but none are more half-arsed than this piece-o-shit.
    guitars got weaker, only some solos are cool to take the time to listen (Deluxe edition have the best solos lol i don't understand why). lyrics... oh well, let's skip this part. melodies... yeah, I really enjoyed the vocal melodies. Even fever had some cool mid-riffs like Alone (awesome song), begging for mercy, pleasure and pain. And the title track had a really cool bass-riff... but this album doesn't have ANY GREAT riff, just some fills with chuggs. 1. Breaking point: cool vocal melody, it's nothing NEW, but it has a cool vocal melody. riffs: OK intro. Chuggs with pull offs riff, but sounds ok. Well, cool solo. 2. Truth hurts: cool vocal melody, but it has some weird moans like 'your betrayal'. riffs: nice intro. Riff sounded like an Asking Alexandria song (well, it's a shame...). 3. Temper Temper: I HATE this song, but I'm ashamed to admit that I find myself singing this song at some parts of the day although the lyrics sounds like a cartoon-racing game. riffs: tremolo-picked intro that repeats almost through the whole song, EVEN IN THE INTERLUDE PART THEY DID THIS SHIT. 4. P.O.W. : Favorite lyrics and vocal melody, really nice. riffs: repetitive and lazy, but fits the vocal part... repetitive guitar parts, but okay. 5. Dirty Little Secret: Didn't like the vocals that much, but it's growing on me. Riffs: meh tapping intro followed by a simple, but cool riff. Meh clean guitars on verse. Chorus is the simple, but cool riff. Lead part after the second chorus followed by a repetitive vocal part, octaves strum and some keyboard. 6. Leech: Fucking hate the lyrics, but I gotta admit that I loved the vocal melody of the chorus haha. riffs: meh lead intro, but ok. Let-ring guitars on the verse followed by an open-note riff. Bridge part are simple, but okay. 7. Dead to the world: reminds me of say goodnight... good vocals and okay lyrics too. riffs: nice lead intro followed by good clean guitar parts through almost the whole song. Little heavy riff near the end followed by a cool solo. It has a nice guitar, I won't complain about this one. 8. Riot: I'll pass the vocal part... Riffs: meh riffs, meh solo. 9. Saints & Sinners: okay vocal melody. riffs: meh intro followed by the chorus guitar part, which it has a cool guitar. Meh verse. Nice solo. 10. Tears Don't fall (part 2): This one's the most polemic haha. Well, I ****ing loved the vocal parts specially the end. riffs: Most people say it sounds like a recycled tears don't fall, but I think it fits as a part 2, cause I know that people would talk shit if it was a fast and nothing-alike tears don't fall song. Better solo than part one. 11. Livin' Life: Meh vocals riffs: meh everything. Bonus tracks Not invincible: vocal melodies are nice. riffs: nice intro riff followed by a nice solo. Verse has a okay-but-nice riff. Nice solo. Playing with fire: okay vocal melodies. riffs: meh riffs and intro, but really nice solo. I enjoyed the album... Vocal melodies are the best stuff if you ignore the lyrics.
    Ignore the lyrics? Even as someone whose first language isn't english I just can't "overhear" them. They're just childish. Nothing more. Topics: - Matt telling someone to shut up - Matt telling someone to not push his buttons again - Matt wants to have sexual intercourse with a lady I'm pretty sure most metal/rock bands have the same silly topics, but somehow it never sounded as stupid as here. worst lyrics: Leech. I just can't stand it. "Hey..... Leech!" meh!
    Temper Temper represents their point of no return... I'm sorry for them...
    Guns N' Chains
    I agree with the review. Haircuts and a swing toward a more radio friendly sound. Sounds like one of their metal hero's in Metallica back in the day. I thought The Poison was a decent album. Not bad for a first album at all. Had its moments and showed the band definitely had a future that would likely be bright. Looked forward to the next release. I absolutely loved Scream Aim Fire. I am pretty sure that will forever be one of my favorite albums of all time. Every song punched you in the face and was full of aggression and emotion. It truely reminded me of an album created by Thrash greats like Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth, Metal Church, ect, ect, through out different songs on the album. As someone else mentioned, following that album, I couldn't wait to hear their next release. Then came Fever. Definitely not SAF, but still a very good quality album. More radio driven, IMO, but they still delivered their best work to date. I was hoping for something more like SAF # 2, but Fever was still a very good album and I enjoyed it. Now, with Temper Temper, I am so disappointed. I know they can do better than that. I thought the review described it perfectly. Even after hearing the 2 singles, I thought there would still be some gems on the record. I have listened to the album 4-5 times off YT and not even one song stands out at all. Just the same rehashed stuff and even more watered down than Fever. I find when you are a fan of an artist or a band, you want to see them progress and release stuff that doesn't sound just like their previous, but still keep their sound and release quality music. I don't feel Bullet For My Valentine did that at all. When people in the past ripped on BFMV, I always thought the hate wasn't warranted and that they were one of the true, "young" metal acts out there primed to carry the torch. Now, not so much. That hate is deserved, IMO, and all the things people criticized them for they are pretty much doing. However, more than likely, whenever they release their next album, I will give it a listen and see where they are at that point. For now, I'll stick to The Afterman: Descension.
    I've only heard the two singles and it is enough for me to realize that this album is not worth listening.
    Wow, i'm so glad i just listened to this off YT and didn't buy it, scream aim and fire was decent, but this? ouch...I can't even rate it because it's just so bad!
    Couldn't find a song on this album that I actually like. I didn't really listen to Fever either, but there were a bunch of stuff from before that I really liked. This album is full of forgettable mediocre riffs and it didn't really seem like they were trying on this one.
    DIV ON!
    The Poison and Scream Aim Fire made me love this band so much and are brilliant albums, but after that they haven't seemed to push themselves anymore and instead are playing songs that'll keep them successful but nothing more than average at best. I personally have lost interest in them now
    Well they did issue a statement a year ago saying that this album would not be a metal album at all so I didn't expect much. The poison was a good album but each one after has gotten progressively less creative in my mind.
    Those songs gave me a headache. Who is this music supposed to appeal to?
    Yeah that's the thing, I get that some bands want to sell out, but who exactly is this shit selling out to? I can't imagine anyone but deluded bullet fans listening to this shit
    They failed in selling out. Gosh. These guys must have had really hard time with each others when they decided to release such junk. I hope their next album will be much better. I still love these guys, but this album is an absolute disappointment.
    god this album just sucked so hard, i remember them saying that this was going to be there black album, no its there st. anger, i couldn't even bear the back half of the album and i deleted it right after trying to get though the back half, i'm extremely dissaponted in bullet to go from killing cheating *****s to throwing pillows is just a travastiy, i love how all the hardcore bullet fans are defending this shit, as big of a fan as i am i can say **** this album it sucks and i won't be listening to it ever
    I don't think the album is BAD, per se. It's just terribly boring. Like none of the tracks got me thinking 'Wow, this shit kicks ass!" it was more like "Hey...heres the next song...woooo....."
    2013 has just started, but it seems that we already got the worst album of the year ! HOORAY !
    a drummer
    oh man...and i used to really like this band. this is terrible. O well, i'll always have the Poison.
    I think the problem with this album is that while the poison was a good album, that I enjoyed as one of the first albums I actually bought myself, the rest of them just went downhill from there, and this album hasn't stopped the trend. I can listen to these songs, and say, I recognise that it is bullet playing. But asides that, I don't feel anything from it. It's just predictable and samey throughout. It actually angers me a bit that these guys have the chance to get an album out, and they do so with no artistic flare or adventure. Its similar to radio pop, just put out there, because people will buy it, not because they are good tracks.
    Le Fantome
    This is honestly one of the most depressing albums I have heard in a long time. That the band who got me into guitar and metal just put this out, is..... ughh. I am normally fairly forgiving of generic metal, as long is it is a bit of fun to bang your head to, but this is honestly terrible.
    dude i feel the same thing, they are the reason i play guitar bun now they just ruined everything The Poison and SAF forever
    I was amazed at the absolute amateurish TemperTemper video. It's clearly supposed to be the hit song and the record company can't pony up for better directing and acting than that. It's sooooo bad, makes you question whether the album is worth buying. I will preview with caution... As others mention, BFMV have found a formula, and may now just be milking it... we'll see.
    OK... did the iT preview and actually got bored enough to tune out. There are moments of cool, but then they just find a way to kill it with recycled ideas and banal lyrical/vocal pap. Hmmmmm. Disappointed thus far. I'll revisit on YT to see if I bother to spend the coin.
    I can't say I'm suprised. I like this band, don't get me wrong, but they've always been a bit overrated. The only song by them that's actually made much of an impresion on me is Tears Don't Fall and then the rest of the album is good. Scream Aim Fire had it's moments. With Fever you could just tell they were running out of ideas. Now with this it's so stereotypical, quarter note beat, tremelo picking metal that's it's just boring. Not bad. But boring. I think their 15 minutes of fame are about up.
    BFMV was one of the first bands I saw live and The Poison is one of my favorite albums. Really disappointing to hear these reviews hopefully they'll bounce back
    Pretty terrible, filled with sub-par to okay riffs that aren't as memorable as some of their previous work, vocals are weak and lyrically EXTREMELY weak, "Riot" contains some of the most generic metal vocals a band can possibly muster, same with the title track, all the songs sound like re-worked songs they already have and part 2 of "Tears Don't Fall" is exactly that. They are either running out of ideas for songs or they are just losing their touch because each passing album is getting gradually worse and now they've almost hit rock bottom with this album. The one positive though I can say about it is that solos are improving and are actually becoming really really good, but everything else is going in the opposite direction. 2.5/10 from me. A War You Cannot Win suddenly doesn't look that bad now.
    When I was still experimenting with the heavier sounds of metal when I was 18 (I got into listening to Metallica and thrash around 13, then over time I got into Pantera and Slipknot around 17-18 - I am now 25) I was quite into Bullet For My Valentine. I actually heard "Hand of Blood" on Need For Speed: Most Wanted (the original) and really dug the raw, relentless vibe they brought to the table and, eventually, I became quite the fan. Eventually, I grew out of them, somewhere after "The Poison" I lost interest (I have ended up into all sorts of different metal, from nu to death), I got bored... And that is because I started to see their lack of interest in keeping that sound. Each album has witnessed a steady decline since... However, as much as I had little faith in "Temper Temper" prior to the release, that steady decline has become a rapid descent... I saw the video of the title track on Scuzz, and my jaw dropped... in a "What. The. Fuck...did I just see?" way. And after drawing my conclusion to what the album represents, I listened to it on Spotify... and my instincts were 100% spot-on. The conclusion is, BFMV have taken a complete 180 degree swerve and drove down Sell-Out Way. And if that is not enough, it's not just an awful album - it's just plain SHIT!! I am embarrassed to have once been a fan of the band. I get it, they want to take things somewhat more mellow... I like mellow; a good ballad goes down a treat, I am a big fan of bands like Alter Bridge and Foo Fighters as much as I am of Behemoth and DevilDriver - I have diverse tastes when it comes to rock and metal. But "Temper Temper", I cannot even find a place for. It's not metal, it's not stadium rock - it's just bland. 0/10, and I am being generous by giving the album a rate at all.
    I found out about them the same exact way. Loved that song. And well, I can't say I love it anymore. I've just came to know that there are way better bands than these guys and I grew out of that phase. Same phase that made me love Five Finger Death Punch, All That Remains, Avenged Sevenfold, Escape The Fate, and Hollywood Undead. Makes me quite ashamed that I once loved all of these bands. Now I know how immature their lyrics are, aside from A7x. I still have faith in them even tho their last album wax pretty damn boring. BFMV pretty much pulled an ATR on this album and completely sold out. What a shame bc I know they have the potential. They need better songwriters.
    A7X and FFDP are two that definitely stand out on the list. A lot of A7X fans don't recall anything prior to their "media" debut album "City of Evil", where they were a damn sight more heavier and, in my opinion, more mature. In fact I know a lot that consider "Sounding the Seventh Trumpet" and "Waking the Fallen" EPs rather than LPs, calling "City of Evil" their debut album. I don't consider A7X that bad, they have some quite jamming tracks and Synyster Gates has a lot of awesome guitar riffs. I prefer their earlier recordings and feel that they haven't truly lived up to their potential. I think their cover of "Walk" is testament to just how good they can be. FFDP, I liked their debut. "War is the Answer" was good also, but I can't even listen to "American Capitalist" because it is just that bad. I mean, there was a song hitting out at fad technology and social media, name-dropping one after the other. Who wants to listen to a metal song about Facebook and iPhones? Ugh. I can't talk about All That remains because I wasn't a big fan anyways - same with Escape the Fate and Hollywood Undead. I can relate to Slipknot in this; their last album was... meh. A few good tracks but too bland. What happened to their "don't give a ****" attitude, and why has it been replaced with "You left me so I dress up like you to remind me of you"? I think a lot of bands believe it is a natural cycle to overhaul their sound, or experimenting too much instead of sticking to their roots... BFMV have basically thrown their old sound out the window and they don't care (Matt Tuck said in an interview that it is "our band" in response to criticism), and the reason they have done this is because, in their eyes, they've won. They have the fame, the fans, the money and the sales that back them up when criticism is thrown at them. It's all too Axl Rose for me; I personally believe Matt Tuck is the driving force of that band and he is mad with power.
    Yeah, when Metallica decided to step into studio without any material, and just improvise, we gotten St. Anger. Bullet for my Valentine thought that they might be on same level as Metallica, and tried it too. Here we have Temper Temper. Moral ? Dont..
    I think the biggest problem here apart from the lyrical content is their lack of variation. Everything just sounds too alike. P.S. - Take a listen to their bonus track 'Not Invincible'. I personally think that's the best track on the album.
    I'll always like Bullet, because it was through Bullet that I got into Killswitch, August Burns Red, Maiden, Sabbath, Metallica, Opeth and the rest of Metal in general. That said, this album disappointed me at first, but it has grown on me. I'd still chalk it up as their worst album to date, but from the first time I heard it and thought 'My God, this is unlistenable' to now, I've grown impartial to it. The Poison was a good album, yes the lyrics were all about a filthy ex and the screaming wasn't exactly remarkable, but the riffs were infectious and I liked it. Then came Scream Aim Fire which was essentially "Hey y'all, we're not whiny emos any more, so shut up and listen", and I thought that was brilliant. It has bits of thrash combined with their massive harmony riffs, some excellently placed screams and nice cleans that were a bit more vicious than The Poison. Then along came Fever and I thought uh-oh, they now have no balls, and for reasons I can't quite place, I didn't like it nearly as much as SAF, but it was still a decent album. Temper Temper? It's just mediocre. Maybe the next album will pick up the pace a bit. I'm all for creative change, artists reinventing themselves etc, but when SAF was so good, why would they get sidetracked on this???
    I have been listening to Bullet since they were Jeff Killed John back in 01. They don't have the heaviest sound like "The Poison" but I really liked this album. You can't expect a band to always keep the same sound though. I mean, look at Metallica? Haha. It just comes with age, age up with the music as the albums release and just enjoy some music! DAMN!
    Lyrically, this album made me want to shove my head in an oven, it's that bad; "Temper Temper, time to go home an rethink my life" - Bullet
    So disappointed with this album. I'm not a huge BFMV fan, but they've had their good moments. I quite liked Fever, but this album just sounds like the rejects from their last 3 albums. And I'm sorry but will they ever play a song that isn't in C minor :p haha xD (I know they have some that aren't, just a lot sound like they follow the same basic formula). I don't like the lyrics in many BFMV songs, so I didn't have high hopes for this album (and I was predictably unimpressed with them) but not even the music makes up for it. I mean, some of the riffs on Fever are amazing (Alone and The Last Fight being my favourites) and stuff off their earlier albums (although I didn't really like them) was better than this. I saw a review of this album a while ago that compared it to the Black Album, Countdown To Extinction and Vulgar Display Of Power.....REALLY? They had to be joking cause those are 3 classic metal albums, and this most definitely is not. I keep getting people saying it will grow on me. And with certain albums I have a hunch, whether they'll grow on me (e.g The Hunter by Mastodon), but this. I seriously cannot see this growing on me. I'm all for bands changing their sound a little, but this, in my opinion, isn't changing their sound. This is just a mediocre version of what they've done in the past.
    POW is straight up all these things i hate. Almost the same song SMH
    i can honestly say there isnt a single thing i liked about this album, and i loved fever, but this album was so awful
    The Spoon
    Back when The Poison came out, it was such an amazing album to me. I had just started playing guitar and all the guitar work was insane to me. I'm well aware that many bands were more talented than they were, but The Poison still holds a special place in my heart. None of their stuff really stuck with me though. Sounds like they just kinda half assed everything after that.
    agreed .... they have lost it! started strong and fell hard! to bad hopefully they learn from this and pick up the pieces. but to me it looks like they are trying to follow a trend and stay relevant to the same age group that latched onto them when they first became popular. thats just a theory it's really the only explanation i can come up with as to why they would create such crappy bubblegum poppy cliche "metal" and i even hate to use the word metal! they are better than this. again just an opinion
    that guy im carpooling with always asks me to listen to this kinda stuff. i gave it a try, but it still seems like 12-year-olds pretending like tough dudes.
    Some people don't know metal when they hear it, since this is a guitar site im surprised that not many people mentioned the solo's and guitar work... and Padge and matt have exceeded themselves. I believe they've become more mature with their sound. There's too many metalcore around these days aswell, this album stands out from their other works, it's not to light and not too heavy. This album gives off a great vibe. I believe this review is biased, seems like their ''fans'' turned their backs quick too. This album (along with any album) should be listened to with an open mind, end of the day it is metal, and metal is metal... would you rather listen to some chart music? I think not. I just dont see how a small change in sound completely throws people off track like that? 4 on sound? no way. Metal is all about aggression,if this album isnt agrressive then i dont know what is. Personally this shows that they've matured and come out of that metalcore stage, if thats what you desire so much then listen to the Poison, but im sure youll be sick of it going over and over and over.. I myself am going to continue to listen to all 4 albums, instead of sectioning each one and comparing them against eachother, that is something typical fake ''fans'' do, anyone can see that their sound changed. It's adjusting to that change that makes you a true fan of them, not just their music, but also their genre.
    So you have never been disappointed with a band? God, if you not as a fan can express disappointment, who would do it then? Even though there are some cool riffs and soli there are still too much filler in this album. It's not fresh, it's not groundbreaking, hell! it doesn't even really gives an impression of creativity. The Poison wasn't groundbreaking, but it had a fresh sound with creativity behind the songs, that's why it is loved. I don't demand something that absolutely blows my mind, just something that sounds like they gave a **** about playing music! It is like they have taken a certain song structure and put something in it because they had to.
    Actually, speaking as a big fan of heavy metal as a whole, I could straight off the top of my head name 11 songs in the "mainstream" charts currently that I enjoy a great deal more than the 11 presented on this diabolical release. Their self titled (namely Curses) was what got me into the band 6 years ago; The Poison was great and Scream Aim Fire was a slip but still enjoyable. Fever I hoped was just a hiccup, but now they're well and truly on their way through the downward spiral into failure. Also, "He doesn't mention locking himself in his room or refusing to eat his greens but the threat is implicit." I laughed considerably. It is very true.
    Sylosis, Black label society, Pantera, Devildriver, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Metallica, Testament, Exodus, Slayer, Motorhead, Judas Priest, Slipknot, Stone Sour, to name a few! my friend i know metal when i hear it i also know sellout crap when i hear it and BFMV have done that to extreme with this latest offering. it's their music their choice but judging by the reaction in this comment section most people aren't digging it. i know that none of the people that i run with can stand it and they have been written off they were pretty much written off after fever came out however i did like some of that album but it was showing chinks in the armor so to speak. this one just plain sucks and it's obvious the wheels have come off. don't insult people by saying they don't know metal when they hear it cause man this aint metal! it's weak candy ass rock at best! and yes some of the guitar work is good i don't think anyone is out and out saying that the musicianship is bad it's just that as a whole it's bad for instance if master of puppets had lyrics like temper temper then the song would suck regardless if the music is excellent! it would still suck! but it doesnt the lyrics are dark and they say something and they drive the song along. with a song like temper temper i just feel embarrassed listening to it, it's silly! if you like it then great crank it but dont insult those that dont by claiming they don't know what is and what isn't metal. especially when you haven't figured it out yet yourself!
    You cannot compare a band that's been producing for 8 years (not including jeff killed john) with bands like metallica and black sabbath, we all know both bands are metal legends. All the bands you mentioned above i listen to and admire. I said ''some people don't know metal when they hear it'' This is metal. Sorry, but it is. It has hints of rock, and they mentioned they were going to drift away from metalcore and into the more hard hitting rock / metal genres, then again try Axewound if you want something abit more old bullet with a kind of groove metally feel to it. I'm insulting no-one, but i guarantee people listened to this with bad intentions, and i dont blame them, because RIOT and Temper temper are the weakest tracks on the album. But this is metal, sellout crap? you speak of not insulting people when you're doing it as you write... This is just a narrow minded thread, I love all types of metal, sometimes its Nu-metal, sometimes thrash and alot of metalcore, i myself am in a Metal/Metalcore band. Alot of the negative reviews are based on the lyrics, but what are lyrics if they don't mean anything to the producer of them lyrics? I think they wanted lyrics that meant things to them and not just lyrics that appealed to the public, i see alot of hate on bands with new albums and it's ridiculous, if you dont like it, dont listen to it. I admire your opinion and it is constructive criticism so hats off for that, but respect my opinion too, and my opinion is; It's metal, maybe not the metal you're used too from bullet, but it's metal. Like i said; if you dont like it, dont listen to it. it's really as simple as that.
    Pffffft. I'll stick to Shadows Fall, and Parkway Drive.
    love both bands, and SF's new album was amazing, but again not much different from their older stuff, but i engoyed the thrashy change ups! and parkyway are just heavy hitting aussie metallers, love it. just respect my opinion
    I reviewed this album and gave it a 2.7. However, I mentioned the solos from this album as the best in their career.
    It's totally different BFMV i used to hear. They're going to make any other mainstream album market, just like what Avenged Sevenfold did. Altough I don't feel satisfied with this new album, BFMV is still my Metal Hero.