Temper Temper review by Bullet for My Valentine

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  • Released: Feb 12, 2013
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 4.9 (380 votes)
Bullet for My Valentine: Temper Temper

Sound — 6
This album is pretty much the definition of selling out. Bullet has the potential to write almost any genre of music, but I'm not sure what they were going for here. The album is rather shallow and lacks in the fullness we look for in bullet albums. Some songs such as "Truth Hurts" and "Temper Temper" have hints of their classic sound, but the rest of the album really misses the mark. If there's one thing Bullet is good at, it is making an album with 1-3 big hit songs, and the rest of the album is filled with decent songs. This album seemed to be filled with "okay" songs. On a separate note, the overall quality of the mix of the album is rather poor as well. The album greatly lacks in low end... And the band made a few small mistakes as well, which they should have re-recorded but obviously were just concerned about finishing the album and releasing it as fast as possible without worrying about the quality of it. Not one of their past albums has this problem. The album ultimately sounds as if a Bullet tribute band wrote songs that sound like Bullet but aren't as awesome as Bullet.

Lyrics — 7
The real issue with this album (in my opinion) is that they released "Riot" as the first single. The song was extremely lazy, to say the least. Sure, it was somewhat catchy, but who could get passed the oh so creative chorus, "Riot, Woah." This song caused die hard fans to ultimately question the albums quality, and making them far less likely to give the other songs a chance. Many reviews of this album attack the lyrics, however, song songs have decent lyrics and other have not so good lyrics. "Truth Hurts" has some very classic BFMV lyrics with a lot of emotion involved. The chorus really stands out to me "Truth hurts and I'm in pain, Truth hurts like a bed of nails, Letting denial eat me up inside, The truth hurts, and it bleeds me dry." Lets be real, most people whether they are a high school kid or an 80 year old lady has been unhappy with the truth, so this song is universally profound. Other songs such as "Tears Don't Fall Part II", confuse and disappoint me. When it started off with "Lets go again!" I could only help but think... Really? It was just cheesy and lame, but the rest of the song was alright. Definitely not even close to the art they made when writing the original song. Other songs such as "Temper Temper" have some great lyrics mixed with some... Not so great and very confusing lyrics. Lines such as "Take a breath, hold it in your lungs" are memorable and possibly quotable, but then are followed by the line "Being from rage, will it overcome?" which doesn't really make sense to me and especially doesn't make sense with the inflection in Matt's voice. Speaking of Matt's voice... It holds up to the same standards as every other BFMV album. His screams are as good as always, and the singing stays on key without the use of auto-tune, like many modern-day "artists" love to use. However, I did notice that the bassist didn't do any screaming really in this album, which separates it from all of their past albums and strays from the typical Bullet sound that fans know and love. Overall, the lyrics and melodies of this album aren't really the main problem in my opinion; it's the lack of awesomeness (for lack of a better word).

Overall Impression — 7
Despite all of the terrible reviews, and the clearly questionable quality of this album, I urge true bullet fans to give "Truth Hurts" and maybe even "Temper Temper" a chance. Hopefully these songs can revive this album. I wasn't impressed by anything from this album really, it just added a few songs to the list of Bullet songs I could listen to. If this album were stolen from me, I would track down the thief and hand them "The Poison" and tell them that they stole the wrong album. But really, if this album were stolen from me, I would probably go out and buy the deluxe version (Seeing as Best Buy boned me by only selling the original album, and then when I walked into FYE I see the deluxe album for the same price that I paid for the original at Best Buy.) Also, I believe that if Matt just released the song "Cold" (from his side project with Axewound) on this album, the album would have that sense of completion that the dedicated BFMV fans are looking for. Overall, I don't recommend that anyone goes out and buys this album if they are looking to be wowed, because this isn't the album for you. If you are looking to add a few more songs to your playlist, then by all means, go out and buy it.

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