Temper Temper review by Bullet for My Valentine

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  • Released: Feb 12, 2013
  • Sound: 5
  • Lyrics: 1
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 3 Poor
  • Users' score: 4.9 (380 votes)
Bullet for My Valentine: Temper Temper

Sound — 5
"Temper Temper" is the fourth full length album from Welsh metal band, Bullet For My Valentine (BFMV). After a full playthrough of this album, the term "metal" may be getting used very loosely. In the past, Bullet For My Valentine was known for mixing 80s thrash metal with modern metal/hardcore. You could easily find hardcore chugging sections, face-melting solos, punishingly quick drum beats, raw and gritty vocals, all tied up in a neat melodic package. The band's raw talent and technicality really shined through for their first two albums, The "Poison" and "Scream Aim Fire". Their sound has changed quite drastically in the past few years first seen on "Fever" and continuing on with "Temper Temper". The overall feel is a more commercial, neutered sound. Now polish for a popular band doesn't need to always be a bad thing. Unfortunately for BFMV, they have failed to execute with their desire for polish. A big thing I've noticed on this album is the lack of thrash elements and overuse of slow sections. I will say that some of the riffs are great like the beginning of the opening track, "Breaking Point". The pre verse to title track "Temper Temper" is also pretty nifty with the pinch harmonics, but then all things must come to an end as these songs lead into slow paced verses. This is basically the story of the whole album. Also, I totally get that these guys can play guitar, but the whole "intro-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solo-chorus" song structure is way too predictable now. Replace the solo with a cheap bridge section for the even more lackluster songs on the album.

Lyrics — 1
By far, this is the low point of the album. Matt Tuck is a shameful lyricist and his voice seems to keep dwindling as years go by. Less screaming means nothing to me. Lots of bands do it, but they are progressing in a forward direction and maintaining their "essence", as I like to call it. These guys are moving backwards and have lost their sound or "essence". There is a major lack of emotion with all vocals on this album. There is just no conviction in Tuck's lyrics and voice. This never used to be the case. His lyrics haven't ever been top notch, but they were convincing and stronger in the past. Not here on "Temper Temper". Let's just say that Tuck was singing his heart out and that there were well placed screams, would this album be any better? The answer is "No". Tuck's lyrics are so juvenile and blatant, you would think they came out of an 8th grade English classroom from some bitter teen. Especially bad are "Dirtly Little Secrets" and "Riot". Total ripoffs of the respective All-American Rejects and Three Days Grace songs. The only difference is that those songs were originals and lyrics are expected to be more cliche in the mainstream rock genres. Here are some lyric examples below for a good laugh: "WARNING! Eye for an eye! You won't see it coming" "Truth Hurts and I'm in pain, Truth hurts like a bed of nails" "Temper Temper time to explode, it feel so good when I lose control" "Hey Leech! No longer will you suck my blood" "So answer me, please talk to me... Obsession, rejection"

Overall Impression — 3
So the music is tolerable, the lyrics are not. The two culprits here are vocalist, Matt Tuck, and producer, Don Gilmore. As previously mentioned, Tuck should basically be thrown out of the band to let the rest of the dudes show their real colors. On the other hand, Gilmore made this album so sterile. Distortion for the rhythm guitar is way too clean. In general, the album feels light and the overall pace is too slow for BFMV. These guys have put out some real anthems in the past like "Waking The Demon", "Scream Aim Fire", and "4 Words To Choke Upon". They haven't even come close to that former greatness on "Temper Temper". For hardcore BFMV fans I can barely recommend this album as it is not a good representation of the band. For new listeners, it is still extremely hard to recommend this album as it lacks emotion. I can't really think of what type of music listener would actually want to listen to this. Too lame and light for a metalhead, and not commercial enough for the casual listener.

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    I've listened to Temper Temper some weeks ago, though I didn't listen to the CD itself as someone put up the complete album on YouTube and I wanted to check it out before buying it. I know Bullet from the very beginning, to their first album I still listen very often - powerful and still fresh metalcore. You can't deny there are some hooks and bridges in some of their songs on "The Poison" that you like whether it's a little bit poppy or very melodic or because of good guitar work. In 2008 (or so?) they released their second album and of course I bought it right away... it's not as good as the first one but still there have been some songs on it that I still like nowadays. With their 3rd album Fever they went for, as it seemed to me, a completely different way... sadly! Coz' that way wasn't good. I bought Fever for like 5 bucks at a local electronics store and listened to that CD maybe 3 times... I went to a concert on the Fever tour here in Europe and was pretty disappointed. Although they played a lot of old songs, the new songs just couldn't "ignite" - neither live on stage nor at home in my sound station. I didn't think it could get any worse but then I listened to Temper Temper's first single "Riot". My reaction was like "Ohh my goood... that ain't Bullet is it?!". Sloppy melodies, sloppy guitars, sloppy vocals, sloppy lyrics... I couldn't believe it! I still remember how some people talked about Bullet as the new-age Metallica, as a band with a lot of potential! That was back in 2006 and I shared most of their opinions. And I still believe Bullet has got the thing it needs to be a succesfull band! But it's also the only band I know where you cannot see any improvement but only 'worsening'. I can only say it once again: I was a real fan of Bullet in their very beginning but if you would show me the band today and I wouldn't know their earlier stuff, I'd be like "wtf are u kidding me? who the hell likes that kinda music?". That is so sad! I hope Bullet finds back to their roots... stick to the real metalcore and stop making such crap! This is no flaming, this comes from my very heart!
    I can get into a lot of the music, but the lyrics are abysmal! Every time I listen to the start of TDF Pt.2, I shake my head and ask myself how my old heroes have fallen so far.
    I actually thought some of it was catchy. Temper, Temper, and Tears Don't fall were the two stand outs. The intro to Dirty Little seceret was okay. Bullet's my favorite band but I'm dissapointed with the new album to say the least. I hope they fix their mistakes, and +1 to making another Poison sounding album \m/
    Is it just me or does Dead to the World sound like Say Goodnight with different lyrics... All in all: Shit album.
    What are these reviews telling vary a lot in many circumstances, if we think off their recent band arguments and substance problems, which nearly tore them apart...we will say this is a joke, its stupid, its shit, ... . but when we look wiser in the tracks we find that nearly half of the songs are qualifying to listen in our playlists along bullet's older songs: Breaking Point:A qualifying song with many new things inside, despite the album's ill theme, this song pulls a good intro out of an angry-hopeless album like this. Truth Hurts:Many People liked this song, but this song is vocally one of the weakest of bullet, Matt shouldn't do a chorus like that, he can use his voice much better. I actually dont think its sound is qualifying enough but it lyrically is and the bad point is the unwell chorus repeats a lot in the end of the song Temper Temper:This song is a qualifying one, you know, its combination and the quality of songs riffs, vocals, etc. are amazing, maybe some will say it's bad, but its a powerful song, though it doesnt sound as well as its previous albums, but its good. P.O.W.:Excellent ballad, of course a qualifying song, but its theme is weak and lyrically doesnt come with the songs melody, its a hopeful melody but the only hope for the singer is "I will breath once more" which doesnt mean the real prisoner of war has any plans of encouragement although the song's melody represents much more than a phrase of hope. Dirty Little Secret:the song seems without a principle, first starts with a probably bad sound of guitar, which a piano could do better instead, and the chorus doesnt mean much...we wait until the guitar solo, its one of the best things i have seen from bullet in all these years but unfortunately its just a qualifying guitar solo, not the whole song. Leech:Nice opening, even with many of you saying its lyrics are nasty, its nasty but its enough for the song, the only problem is the riff at the middle that makes the song really unpleasant. Dead To The World:A Qualifying song, generally seems good for a slow ballad song, and much better than Say Goodnight From its past albums Riot:A half song, compact song, easy vocals, easy riffs, easy goal for the lyrics, to start a riot. Matt urges the people to riot and do what it takes so easy, in spite of the consequences. Saints and Sinners:Opens well, even with its unpleasant lyrics, it looks like a song which is not bullet, it looks foreign and since many have figured out that songwriting partially represent what goes on the songwriter's mind, and this shows Matt Tuck was not in a good condition for songwriting at all, hopefully he's mood is much better while touring with Halestorm.He Can fix that. Tears Dont Fall (Part 2):Absolutely a good song, and a powerful solo, it sounds mediocre but deeply the amplifiers are going to explode when the song is played.Sure it will qualify. Livin' Fire (On The Edge Of A Knife): I believe this is the second heaviest song from bullets lifetime, standing second behind the monstrous "Ashes of The Innocent".Its mood is really bad and sounds really ill, and totally heavy that can tear your brain into pieces, but it qualifies and its a TOTALLY enjoyable song in live concerts and there's no doubt about that(see O2 Birhingam Show on moshcam) The Deluxe tracks are better, officially "Not Invincible" that represents a complete BFMV power and strength for a qualifying song to listen in our MP3 players along bullet's old ones. and it's songs sound too harsh and too difficult to perform, so doesnt allow me to rate lower than 7, and with counting the live performance within it, it can go for an 8.
    I do enjoy this album more than Fever, that's for sure. The music on Fever just bored me to death. I definitely miss BULLET though. This album's sound is kinda' a cross between The Poison and Fever to me...Fever was bland and boring, and that shows on this album, but it has a more "Poison"-esque energy and sound to me. I just think the issue with Bullet is that they put all of their energy, creativity, and passion for their music into The Poison, and Scream Aim Fire was still really good, but was a little behind The Poison. They just lost the energy they used to have, and can't stand up to their old work, especially if, as someone stated earlier, Matt Tuck "just doesn't give a ****" about pressure standing up to their old albums. I've been thinking Bullet has run their course since Fever, and this album surprised me a bit, but I just don't think Bullet is going to make any huge comeback anytime soon. I really hope they do, but I'm losing hope fast. They're just getting lazy, which really sucks because these guys used to show time and time again that they have SO much potential, and then just dropped at a stunning rate. When I heard Riot when it came out I thought "Okay, these guys are done." Then I heard Temper Temper, and I thought it was better, but they still lost their magic. The album as a whole definitely could have been worse, but it could have been a lot better. 2.5-3/5 would be my score. Oh, and Tears Don't Fall (Part 2)? It's been like seven years...it's a cool idea, but should have been done on Scream Aim Fire or even Fever; the song jsut doesn't have the magic the original did. It's like they're doing what Escape the Fate was doing with the Guillotine series, except they actually did it better, and they've REALLY been a terrible band.