The Poison review by Bullet for My Valentine

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  • Released: Oct 26, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (640 votes)
Bullet for My Valentine: The Poison

Sound — 9
As most BFMV fans will know there are many ways of interperating thier genre some will say emo core and some will say metal core. I am not saying I think BFMV are emo core but this is definately thier lightest album and thier most melodic. The almost orchestral guitars matt tuck and mathew padget are amazingly unique and intricate in thier playing style. Each song hails another finger contorting riff and with a very minimal amount of filler power chords as some songs do. This band is obviously guitar based by the fact alot of bands will quite often have filler tracks that are just made up of power chords one after the other. This does not sound bad but it gets repetetive and uses no real skill. The drumming is up beat and fast. Music that can apeal to everyone in the metal audience. A minimal amount of screaming but in balance as to make it not sound like another crappy emo track or some twisted gothic black metal. The instrumentals on this album of all BFMV's albums is the best and most intricate of them all. Thew sound once melded together is a unique revouloutionary sound that no other band could ever quite achieve.

Lyrics — 6
The singing styles on this album are amazing. Matt Tuck's emoesque singing(I still hate emo) is amazing because it doesn't go into a rather tunless mindless voice like Jimmy eat world or fallout boy, but it doesn't go into a bizzarre bring me the horizon scream. Jason james's agressive hardcore growl scream adds the agression needed for the album. It stops songs like 'All These Things I Hate Revolve Around Me' and 'Tears Don't Fall' from being wet. He has a great voice that is very agression inspiring. His voice tells the stories of his life, Neglect, Hate, Sadness and Confused. But the lyrics are this albums let down, lyrics like this bit from suffocating under words of sorrow 'Her fingers running through my hair, But it's all just fiction, She steps out from her underwear'. What does that mean. I mean I prosume it is talking about the fact he's never managed to find love but firstly love is not a very originally topic and probably if you did have a girlfriend and you were in a famous band you would be cheating on her 24/7. Secondly who really cares can't he sing about somthing that matters. And thirdly it sounds like he's watching a porn video and mastibating that line does. Tears don't fall has marginally better lyrics but still marginally fractured. Don't get me wrong I love this band but anyone with common sense knows that these lyrics are bad. The only good thing is that in some of the songs he couldn'y really be singing about anything other than that just because of the melodic style of vocals and guitar in some songs.

Overall Impression — 9
This band is quite obviously the leader of the metalcore industry and is one of the most chart friendly metal bands metal gets. They are relatively accessable as metal goes(excluding some nu-metal: Linkin park, SLIPKNOT, LimpBixit, Disturbed etc.). I reackon that this band will probably end up being one of the main contenders for metal supremacy probably between BFMV, SLIPKNOT, Marilyn Manson and maybe KoRn. They have a sound very similair to metallica which is no surprise because they used to be a cover band who mainly played metallica and nirvana apparently. They are a great band with a sound stronger and more powerful than Atreyu, but a less agressive thrashy sound than Trivium. My personel favourite album of all time just so you know.

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    IROn 5L1nKY
    So basically a lot of you people are stupid, to begin with, and second of all, the latest review of this album was a fuzzy turd of incoherent thoughts. Thank you all for your time.
    TeenBite wrote: Hand of Blood is on the album? They've got talent, but can't consistently write good material. I think they need to work with a songwriter for their next release.
    Good bands don't use songwriters and bullet are a good band