Venom review by Bullet for My Valentine

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  • Released: Aug 14, 2015
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.1 (140 votes)
Bullet for My Valentine: Venom

Sound — 8
Bullet For My Valentine is a band who needs no introduction. If you are reading this, probably you know most of the trajectory this band has been through, and probably you know about what happened with "Temper Temper." With "Venom" the band tries to recover or heal the bad taste that they made with their previous album. Has a lot of riffs, breakdowns, the bass is a bit more audible than their previous recordings and the drum is fast and consistent with some interesting beats that reminds me of their first 2 albums.

Lyrics — 7
Since "The Poison," Matt's voice has changed a lot, for some people is a good change but for other people it's not-as-good change, in this album we can hear that the band returned to the "emphasis" for some phrases on the verse or chorus and also to the "full-scream" verses.

Matt's clean voice sounds very good in almost all the songs but there is something that I think that is missing.

Lyrically I think this is the weakest point of the album, seems like Matt has never grown from 24 to 34 and haven't become from a teenager to an adult. The lyrics are about the same topics as their first materials, and I don't think it's a bad thing but It gets a little bit boring at some point to hear the same stuff as the previous years.

1. "V" - It is the intro song that is some kind of "expansion" from their song "No Way Out."

2. "No Way Out" - Was the first single they released in May and is an aggressive and fast track that reminds me from "Scream Aim Fire."

3. "Army of Noise" - This was their third single before they released the album and it talks about the fanbase of this band. It's also an aggressive track and has fast riffs and drum beats.

4. "Worthless" - Although it's one of my favorite tracks on this album here is what I told you about the same kind of lyrics that we've heard before on previous materials. The sound it's just fine and has a cheesy chorus.

5. "You Want a Battle? (Here's a War)" - This was their second single after "No Way Out." I don't really have a certain opinion about this song, we go back to the lyrics about "being ashamed" and "self esteem" and that stuff, I think this is the more radio friendly song on this album because it has aggressive riffs at some parts but it also has parts where it gets "lighter."

6. "Broken" - "Broken" is also a very aggressive song but also has a melodic sound in parts and includes the emphasis-screams in some parts, at the solo part turns very different than it was originally but it's a good song

7. "Venom" - The title song of the album, it's the song that reminds me the most of "The Poison" and it's also one of my favorites. Talks about self esteem and that stuff, I really like how Matt's song sounds in this one

8. "The Harder the Heart (The Harder it Breaks)" - It's probably my favorite song of this album, has a nice chorus and it's like the sing along song of the album, has a nice touch of aggressiveness and it's absolutely amazing.

9. "Skin" - The song starts with a nice riff followed by an awesome guitar solo and then it gets to the first verse, it's a really nice track and also has a cheesy chorus

10. "Hell or High Water" - It stars with Matt singing with a really nice riff behind, I like the verses, and chorus. It's the kind of song that you sing in your head while you're walking on the street, very melodic and also radio-friendly.

11. "Pariah" - The intro sounds a lot like "Scream Aim Fire," aggressive beats, fast riffs, thrashy sound, lots of breakdowns, nice verses and chorus. I think this is one of the best songs on this albums. Has a dark lyrics, reminds me a lot of AxeWound.

Overall Impression — 8
My final opinion about "Venom" it's that it's a really nice sounding album, has all that it's needed to please your hearing, fast riffs, slow riffs, breakdowns, sing-along choruses, and the production it's almost impeccable for me.

The only weak point that I mentioned before is the lyrics, the band it's growing with their fans, and I think that they think they're still playing for the same teenage fans that had on 2005. Beside that it's one of my favorite albums that this band has released and I think that you're not going to get disappointed while listening to it. Hope you enjoy listening this.

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    Ya know, I liked the album. Sure it wasn't The Poison, or SAF, but it's much better that previous efforts. Yeah a bit immature lyrically, but it fits the demographic that they are trying to reach. I'm alright with this album.
    Thank UG team, for openning your eyes and let other person do a review. The second review is a true review, with no disrespect and no subjetivism.
    Pretty much lost hope for this band after Scream Aim Fire. But, I have this album a listen because I just recently saw them. I have to admit, a lot better than their previous efforts. I enjoy it
    So after a few more listens, does anyone notice how similar the intro of Pariah is close to Begging For Mercy, and Hell Or High Water's breakdown section later on in the song sounds like Scream, Aim, And Fire?