In The Mouth Of The Young review by Bullets and Octane

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  • Released: Apr 11, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.9 (31 votes)
Bullets and Octane: In The Mouth Of The Young

Sound — 8
Man, these guys are great, their drummer is amazing, their guitarist is amzing though I don't feel much for the singer. He needs to be more heavy metal. What I love about the guitarist in this band is in any second he will just breakdown and play an awesome solo. The drummer is like in its own world and it doesn't match the singers voice or the guitar but it still goes with the song somehow. The singer is like a cross from Nickelback and The Bled. The bass is hard to notice but if you listen, it plays a lot in the begging and the end never in the middle that much though. Altogether they sound like Avenged Sevenfold but better. You sholud listen to them.

Lyrics — 6
The lyrics are normal, the singer goes in and out of rock and metal thought so it's a little different that's mostly why I like it. They sing about mostly life and things in that nature. Save Me Sorrow is the best song in my view. The lyrics sound a lot like Hinder's lyrics which there alright.

Overall Impression — 9
I love them and any one who likes Hinder, Avanged Sevenfold and Nickelback would. The Disease is a very impressive song because it starts out with a solo and it goes backwards, any band that can do that is a good band. I would have to think about buying this CD again if it got stolen. I probably wouldn't because they're a band you can get sick of. I hate that the singer sings like Nickelback but I love the sound of the instruments and how they sound heavy metal.

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    I saw them live, can't say I was too impressed. Sounds like So-cal punk mixed with the flair of 80's hard rock. Don't really think they sound like A7X or Nickleback too much either.
    fu man chu
    i like them alot a friend of mine turned me on to them the other day... but yeah they dont really sound like a7x but they have opened for them... id say they sound more like a heavy version of the offspring
    i saw them at a7x. got a free sampler that their singer autographed for me. went home, listened to it and threw it away. shame, it might be worth something now. i never thought theyd get an album put out
    LPIndin wrote: i saw them at a7x. got a free sampler that their singer autographed for me. went home, listened to it and threw it away. shame, it might be worth something now. i never thought theyd get an album put out
    Do u mean when they were supporting a7x on the city of evil tour? Cause they had finished the albumn ages before then.
    Yes, when they were opening for CKY and A7X. They handed out a free demo with three songs: Going Blind, My Disease, and I Ain't Your Savior. I liked it, to be honest. I have the new CD, it's alright, a couple songs are good, but overall it doesn't do much for me. His voice doesn't match with the band.
    Guitar Skater
    i saw them with a7x and cky, he bassplayer was the only cool uy in the band the singer rips off niki sixx.i hate this band =/
    i saw them and have been listening to their sampler for a while, i think there great. i like a7x hard core but these guys were worth an opening act for a7x and they got the croud pumped. the lead singer came on stage with a7x durning burn it down. there guitarist is insane.
    I've seen them at two of the A7X concerts I was at...the first time I was indifferent, but the second time I started to like them. Perhaps it was because I was comparing them to CKY...and the reason I was turned off to CKY was because they were jerks
    This band is amanzing, and the album is awesome. Ive seen them twice with a7x and once solo I LOVE THEM!
    Nickleback? Damn man your gonna turn people off from this band.
    Bullets and Octane rocks. They do not sound anything like Nickelback. However, their live show is completely awesome because the lead singer, Gene, interacts very well with the crowd and manages to never allow a boring moment. I saw them at Van's Warped Tour and he walked out into the audience and stuff and things got pretty crazy. Ever since I first saw them at Chain Reaction, I knew they were something different.