Burn The Priest review by Burn the Priest

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  • Released: Mar 22, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (15 votes)
Burn the Priest: Burn The Priest

Sound — 9
This album tears away at your soul with every listen. If you are a death metal listener, this is for you, if not and you want to get into it, don't listen to this, because it's too extreme for a first time listener. As the band first started, they wanted heavy metal, this is not, this is death metal and there is a difference. They are just straight forward, ready to jump out of the CD player and punch you right in the nose. There are moments upon this record where it relates to such bands as Cannibal Corpse, with off-time harmonics, but it all seems to come together to make a pretty good song. If you wanted to go to a concert just to mosh and beat the living hell out of someone, you'd want to go see this band (no longer possible because they are Lamb of God now, and their sound is much more different now).

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are what you'd want to hear when listening to death metal. Lamb of God on their next album after Burn the Priest, New American Gospel, there are 2 or 3 times when you can actually understand what he is screaming, that does not hold true for a single moment on this album. You cannot understand any of it. Once I listened to the song Goatfish, and read the lyrics, then I could understand... kinda. Something I require when listening to bands is that their lyrics are complex, whoever wrote the lyrics had to have a brain, it's not just blah. The lyrics are very articulate. And one major change from the death metal genre is, it's not all about death! If you listened to Lamb of God before Burn the Priest, you wouldn't know Randy Blythe has been the vocalist the whole time. They have changed so much, in my opinion for the worse, but I am still in love with every album they have done. Randy's voice on this album sounds like he was drinkin the whole time, and it's insane. He has a such a massive scream unlike any other, it's very remarkable. His voice gets a 10 rating here.

Overall Impression — 9
Does it compare to other albums (artists)? Hell yes it does. I am not only in love with death metal, but I am obsessed with it. That may be why I love this album so much. Death metal such as Cannibal Corpse or The Black Dahlia Murder, they all seem to have sounds which relate to one another. Burn the Priest seems to incorporate death metal ways of playing music with their own style. If you went months without listening and someone played it for you, you would know right of the bat it was Burn the Priest. The best songs is a category which is seemingly pointless. Everyone has different opinions of good songs. I am a major Lamb of God fan, yet a hate the song Laid to Rest (I'm not impressed by it). On this album, I believe the best songs are Dimera, Resurrection #9 (with one hell of a breakdown), Goatfish (basically a straight forward thrash song, relating to Make Them Suffer from Cannibal Corpse), Suffering Bastard (nice drum solo, only few seconds though), Buckeye has one hell of an intro, and Departure Hymn, with an amazing outro. One song a lot of people know from Burn the Priest is Bloodletting (a song I don't like), but everyone like I said has different opinions. I love the death metal thrash sound which eats away at you. It makes you want to either hurt someone, or just go get drunk with friends. I strongly urge you all to give this album a try. Many people are Lamb of God fans these days, well you'd have to be pretty ignorant to say you love the band without checking out their early work from the days when no one knew about them. The overall impression is a very unique sound from the death metal genre. I'm not gonna say something stupid like I'll hunt down the person who steals this or something, that's just retarded. I am going to say though that I'm far to cheap to buy this album again if it were stolen since it's already on my iPod. But I'd borrow it from a friend to burn to another CD.

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    i'm also a major fan of LOG. Particularly this burn the priest thing you're all discussing.Could it be a good idea to raise a coverband that plays this album? I was thinking of doing the vocals myself, so i best start drinking...Just wondering about the opinion from LOG-fans about covering such a great album.
    id say this album is closer to thrash and Bloodletting is an amazing song! that song was the one that got me into metal in the first place.
    I dont even know if you could relate this to LOG. But i'd definately listen to it regardless.
    tjv777 wrote: I dont even know if you could relate this to LOG. But i'd definately listen to it regardless.
    They would be kind of easy to relate since theyre the same band.
    The only diff. is the second guitarist left the band and Willie Adler took over his spot on the guitar
    THen who was Krymera/Chymera? Anyway this album is worth the listen.
    jessejames1414 wrote: I looooove this album, it's sooooo good, I listen to it during English class
    [quote][b] Nice way of missing the class and maybe u can tell the teach the same.
    I love this album, lamb of god is one of my favorite bands, if not my favorite and its awesome to hear early stuff from them.
    swedish_death wrote: id say this album is closer to thrash and Bloodletting is an amazing song! that song was the one that got me into metal in the first place.
    I'd say this album is more death metal and there are hardcore elements in there as well, but whatever.