It's Nothing Personal Review

artist: Bury Your Dead date: 06/15/2009 category: compact discs
Bury Your Dead: It's Nothing Personal
Released: May 26, 2009
Genre: Hardcore / Metal / Metalcore
Label: Victory Records
Number Of Tracks: 12
Keeping those brutal assaults that Bury Your Dead has always delivers with such strength, the band has also added a ton more melody, showing both an open mind and the care to stick to their guns.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 6
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 7
It's Nothing Personal Reviewed by: UG Team, on june 15, 2009
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Sound: Bury Your Dead now offers a wide range of sound, and the instruments have found ways to stick out even more with their straight up knock out punches. The low end of Bury Your Dead has always been pretty superb whether in catchy or punishing structures and now the low end has evolved with some Meshuggah like guitar tones, and plenty of fierce distortion attacks. Songs such as the blistering opener of Hurting Not Helping show a fresh and alive Bury Your Dead, and the heavy hitter of Dead End Lovesong will find old Bury Your Dead fans proud that their boys are back! But the band has also settled down a little with some soaring melodies, incredible hooks, and hints of progression that show the band breaking out of their hardcore nutshell. Now there's even a piano. Such hearty offerings like Without You show strong senses of getting more out of their melodies, while Broken Body shows them at their strongest with their new musical direction. Broken Body is a hell of a killer song, and from the punishing verses to the catchy choruses, this song is structured great! And when Bury Your Dead dives into the breakdowns, they pull them off with such power, and most of the time its one unbreakable assault. Broken Body closes on such a strong moment, and truly leaves you with one to remember. Even ambience and sound hypnosis play a new side to Bury Your Dead, as the single mechanical stomp in Closed Eyes lures the listener that was a surprise. And man do those drums in Closed Eyes give such a great rhythm and sound, and in a way shows industrial metal some new tricks. The guitar counter attacks team up in ways we haven't seen the band yet, whether with the beauty or the brutality. And the drums seal the deal, matching any attack thrown its way. // 8

Lyrics: Their screaming has always been strong, no matter which singer in the band's time period was bringing the heat. It's done with such authority, and as commanding as the delivery is, its strength also has to power to move you. On It's Nothing Personal, the band has included a lot more clean singing whether structuring together choruses or bridges. I mean, nothing personal, but the clean singing takes away from those song structures that Bury Your Dead has done so well in the past. It's cool to see the variety vocalist Myke can offer, but some of the times it just doesn't fit the song. Through the range of clean singing, Korn and Sevendust influenced vocals, commanding chants, and so on, the vocal delivery is at best when Bury Your Dead gets straight to the point like they've always done. But, the lyrics are still what you'd want to hear from the band. Very powerful and meaningful lyrics that deals with real life situations, change, and just enough catch in the chorus to get you humming along. // 6

Overall Impression: First look at the artwork for Bury Your Dead's upcoming release, It's Nothing Personal, I was a little worried what musical direction these guys were going to take. Turns out we do have a new Bury Your Dead as a whole, but the band still keeps those straight to your face metal assaults that have crafted their sound, as well as their identity. From first listen, you may be pretty surprised, but keep this bad boy in rotation, and there are plenty of hooks you'll be glad you came back for. Bury Your Dead fans will for sure find elements that they will love, and newcomers should be equally surprised by the outcome. But newcomers should first do their research so they can witness the evolution that Bury Your Dead has performed up to this date. But for sure check out It's Nothing Personal. // 7

- Alex Gilbert (c) 2009

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