Mosh 'N' Roll review by Bury Your Dead

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  • Released: Aug 2, 2011
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.5 (14 votes)
Bury Your Dead: Mosh 'N' Roll

Sound — 9
The constant barrage of heavy (Drop-A) guitars usually gets repetitive, but not on this album. Every song seems to be a constant break-down that never gets old and somehow has a groovy flow to them that continues to take the listener deeper into the album, just to see how heavy will this album get?

Lyrics — 9
Mat Bruso returns picking up exactly where he left off in 2006's Beauty and the Breakdown. His lyrics flow back and forth between silliness and deeply moving lyrics, keeping the album fresh and not bogging it down the way other Hardcore Albums do. The upbeat 'Bluebeard's lyrics will have you smiling while headbanging (This death comes quick with this Anchor around my feet!)(Search for the truth, in the blood of Shark's Teeth!), while other songs such as 'Timequake' & 'Jailbird' will have you wanting to punch someone in the face(Two years of my life! Just a F***in' Lie! I did everything for us! and you just watched us DIE!). He definitely uses the 'F' word a lot, but every time you here it, you feel exactly what Mat feels: be it anger or pain. Mat hits every scream perfectly in exactly the same way he did before his departure from the band: He doesn't sing any of the lyrics and after hearing how well is voice goes with the heavy guitars... you won't want him too.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall I find this album one of the best i have heard in a long time. In a time when Metalcore & Hardcore no longer exists to the level it did in 2003-2005, BYD seems to have bridged the gap. The only other CD I can compare this album to is Emmure's last album 'Speaker Of The Dead', Which I thought was a fantastic Album that took Melodic Hardcore to an entirely new level and Bleeding Through's 2006 Album 'The Truth'. 'Mosh N' Roll' is loaded with catchy singles that will have you down in the mosh pit ready to decapitate someone with tracks like... 'Slaughterhouse-five', 'Bluebeard', 'Deadeye Dick', 'Timequake', 'Jailbird' and the title track 'Mosh N' Roll' will have you chanting "BURY YOUR F****** DEAD!". This is definitely a CD to buy and if you should lose it, certainly you should buy it again...

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    I've always enjoyed these guys but i think the uber hardcore sound is getting played out for them. I truly enjoyed the progression of all their past albums, including It's Nothing Personal. Infact, I loved It's Nothing Personal because of the originality. Personally, Mosh n' Roll really feels like a step back.