The Sea Of Memories review by Bush

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  • Released: Sep 13, 2011
  • Sound: 5
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 5 Decent
  • Users' score: 8.8 (21 votes)
Bush: The Sea Of Memories

Sound — 5
On September 13th Bush released their first album since "Golden State" in 2001. This incarnation of Bush sees only two of its founding members, lead singer Gavin Rossdale and Robin Goodridge on drums. Former members Nigel Pilsford and Dave Parsons have been replaced with Chris Traynor (Helmet) and Corey Blitz. This new lineup delivers a quasi-Bush sound. Pilsford was so instrumental in that aggressive octave Bush-sound of the 90s, so it was obvious there would be some glaring differences. The most of which is that this is not a grunge album. "The Sea Of Memories" feels more like a 30 Seconds To Mars record than it does a Bush project. There are some bright spots on the album that make you remember why Bush was great, but after track 4 it is all down hill until track 12, "Be Still My Love", which is just passable.

Lyrics — 5
Gavin Rossdale was one of the top lyricists of the 90s in my opinion. His voice was probably the best of any of the lead singers from grunge/post-grunge bands, but it was his abstract lyrics that really set him apart; "Glycerine", "Little Things", and my personal favorite Bush song, "Body", are great examples of good Gavin Rossdale lyrics. "The Sea Of Memories" has some moments that showcase Gavin's old style, "The Mirror Of The Signs" is the best song on the record, but there are just too many times when Rossdale's lyrics get too literal for their own good. The cringe worthy "I Believe In You" is a perfect example of bad Gavin Rossdale being way to on the nose with what he is trying to say. It becomes hard to not picture him speaking directly to Gwen Stefani with some of these lyrics, and that is not a good thing. However, when he does get back to bringing the abstract lyrics that Bush was famous for, the songs become very good. Their single "The Sound Of Winter" displays this concept well.

Overall Impression — 5
It really pains me to give this record a 5/10 because Bush has always been one of may favorite bands, but here it is, one point for each song that is listenable. If anyone has heard Gavin Rossdale sing on the song "End Of Me" by Apocalyptica, you know he still has the ability to make great songs (in fact I thought it would be a good idea if he just joined that band as their permanent lead singer), but "The Sea Of Memories" does not help that argument. His band Institute was a much closer resemblance to the Bush songs of the 90s that we enjoyed. Time for me to put on some "Sixteen Stone" and remember why I loved this band.

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    Well so far none of these comments have anything to do with Bush or the record so let me start...first of all, his name is Nigel PULSFORD, not Pilsford, so really how big a fan can this guy really be? Second, I agree with several points, this is NOT old Bush. And it does resemble a lil bit of 30 Seconds To Mars. If it has to be compared to a Bush album, it's closer to Science Of Things. I would also agree that there are 5 strong songs on the album. By this I mean that I listen to them more than any others. Mirror Of The Signs is not the best song on there. Personally, I really enjoy Red Light. I also agree about Body...that is my favorite Bush song also. Bottom line, I love Bush and have since day 1. However, this is a mediocre album at best. Sounds more like an extension of Gavin's solo record with better songs. It's hard not to think that maybe he just used the name Bush to gain more attention. Don't get me wrong, I love Gavin and am a fan of just about everything he's done. I just figured people deserve an honest assessment from someone who knows the band inside and out and has followed then since the beginning. I can all but guarantee that any TRUE Bush fan will have the same feeling I did. As much as I love them I can't help but feel like I'm kinda forcing myself to like this record more than I really do. In my opinion, with as long as it took for this record to see the light of day they really had to nail it and cement their relevance into today's music scene. That didn't happen here. Which is unfortunate because I believe the potential was definitely there. 6 out of 10.
    I agree with a lot of this review, but Gavin joining Apocalyptica is dumb. 6/10 for the album.
    I actually like this album a lot. Is it as good as Razorblade Suitcase or Sixteen Stone? No, absolutely not, but there are still a lot of great songs on there.
    Please, if you're going to review an album, proof read your review. Also, to suggest that Gavin should join Apocalyptica is stupid. That would ruin what Apocalyptica is. A bunch of cellos with a guest singer here and there for fun. I'd give your review a 5/10 too.
    Don't be a dick Slayton, this is probably his first review, and anyway; he's unregistered it's unlikely he'll ever read this.
    How is telling someone to proof read their own review being a dick? You lose all credibility when you don't do so. If no one says it then the chances his opinion being valued in future reviews is very low. Also, don't make excuses for someone like that. Him being unregistered has nothing to do with his review. Now, he if was 16 or something, I would understand, however he's obviously older if he enjoyed Bush in the 90s.
    What was so bad about his review Slayton? I only saw to being used instead of too as his only problem, but that is grammer-Nazi stuff.
    I had no problem with the review, it was consise, to the point and made it clear what they thought of the album.
    Slayton101 wrote: How is telling someone to proof read their own review being a dick? You lose all credibility when you don't do so. If no one says it then the chances his opinion being valued in future reviews is very low.
    That's a little harsh, considering that I've read at least ten reviews in the last two months with far more atrocious grammar. Where were you on those?
    Was thinking of getting this album until I read this review and comments. Think I'll wait until it's no longer new and I can pick it up for cheap.
    I buy it yesterday. It's not great, but it's a solid good album. I was reticent at first because the Gavin Rossdale's solo album was bad, so FM-like, but finally i'm not disappointed.