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artist: Busted date: 04/19/2006 category: compact discs
Busted: Busted
Release Date: Sep 30, 2002
Genres: Pop Rock, Pop Punk
Label: Universal Island Records
Number Of Tracks: 11
This is the debut album release from UK three piece Busted. The album features a mix of catchy pop songs with added guitars & witty lyrics.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Busted Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 19, 2006
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Sound: Good sound to this, 3 boys trying to make a leap into the pop mainstream. They only had 3 chords and a energy waiting to be spread into 14 (one instrumental) tracks. But I was suprised with the quality they put into this album, coming from 3 boys. It's bursting at the seems with pop, that hasnt been heard since Take-That came onto the scene in the mid-'90s. Busted have introduced songs that will liven up any party, and get even the most nuetral of listeners. Overall it deserves a 9, and a good listen. // 9

Lyrics: We've all been there, whether its a Break-up with your girlfriend, trouble at home, trouble at school, or just something you are experiencing. This album is full of antidotes for all of them, being young boys themselves they were in college and going through those times too, whether its emotion jerking 'Psycho Girl' or the ballad of 'Everything I Knew' or the slow paced power ballad 'Losing You' you will find something to relate to. The Lyrics that stood out for me are:

Losing You - 'Sitting here alone thinking it through, trying to tell myself that I'm not losing you, or can't you just forget the things I said, I waas angry at the time but now I've cleared my head, it was so strong where did it all go wrong.'
Psycho Girl - 'Shes my psycho girl, my psycho girlfriend, everything I say, she takes it the wrong way, shes my psycho girl, a living nightmare, shes everything I need but I cant stand her. We spent the night in, started fighting, since then, its never been the same.'
All The Way - 'I'll never let you down, I'll always be around, to catch you when you fall down, waiting here for you, if, you decide you want to, if you want me to stay then I'm only a phone call away.'
Crash And Burn (you Said No) - 'You're so fit and you know it, and I only dream of you, 'Cos my lifes such a bitch, but you can change it.'

There are so many other lyrics in this like the ones from 'Everything I Knew' but I really shouldnt have to write those down, you need to listen to it. Overall this album came out when I was just turning 15 and it helped me through high school and girlfriends, you wouldnt believe the power this album had on my life. // 10

Overall Impression: This album rocked, Busted are and will remain one of my favourite bands, even though they arent together anymore, this album helped my life alot and I owe it all to this album for getting me through one of the hardest parts of my life. Many people hate busted for what they did, but if you take any band and put your engery into it you'll be protective over them, whatever meaning they have to you is somehting you cant expalin and something nobody will understand except than you. Busted effectivly re-invented Guitars and put them back to the popular status again here in the UK, now everyone is using guitars! kids are bouncing around like it means something. Kurt Kobain once said "If you have a guitar, play a tune and mean it" it was something like that anyway, but if Busted got slated for meaning to become successful and put delight back into many young guys and girls lives then you missed something that passed straight over your head. Many bands owe it to Busted, becuase if they didnt break the mould of pop then bands like The Killers and Green Day wouldnt of got the reception they recieved over here, becuase Busted opened the ears of Pop-Punk listeners, if Busted didnt exist then the world of Pop wouldnt of been the same. They were the freshest musical talent of the era 2002-2005 and if you wanna take somehting away from them, take away the fact they made your band succesful over here in the UK in some way. // 10

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