Paper Tigers Review

artist: Caesars date: 01/11/2006 category: compact discs
Caesars: Paper Tigers
Release Date: Apr 26, 2005
Label: Astralwerks
Genres: Swedish Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Garage Punk
Number Of Tracks: 13
Ultimately, it's a flimsy album; though it's pleasant enough as background music, upon closer listening it falls apart.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 5
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 7
Paper Tigers Reviewed by: Opal Decept, on january 11, 2006
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Sound: What are the Caesars? Are they rock? Are they britpop? Who knows. Does it matter? Their sound is as unique as it can be, and the quality of the instrument playing is very high. "Jerk It Out" is also re-released on this album, giving first-timers a bit of familiarity. How the amps are set in this band is a point of debate; their songs sound range from face-melting solos to calm chimey songs. And it works! The perfect contrast of songs works, and it works very well. // 8

Lyrics: However, the fly in the Caesars ointment comes in at the lyrics. At best, the Caesars lyrics are simple. Very simple. In fact, on the last song of the album the lyrics are all out of time with the song's rhythm! In my mind, half of the lyrics on the song were written in a mindless, drunken stupour. And that's being fair to the other half. // 5

Overall Impression: You can't compare Caesars to any other band because they have written their own genre. They put their best foot forward with the song 'Spirit', also coming strong with the songs 'Winter Song' and 'May The Rain'. The lyrics are still a constant stab in the back, but otherwise this is an otherwise brilliant piece of music. There are much better albums out there, however, if I misplaced this, then I would certainly buy something else. Gorillaz, for example. // 8

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