Say Hello To Tragedy Review

artist: Caliban date: 08/27/2009 category: compact discs
Caliban: Say Hello To Tragedy
Released: Aug 24, 2009
Genre: Metalcore, Deathcore
Label: Century Media
Number Of Tracks: 12
Germanys metalcore mavens are often accused of directly copying, rather than building upon, their influences. Is Say Hello to Tragedy any different?
 Sound: 6
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 6.7
Say Hello To Tragedy Featured review by: UG Team, on august 27, 2009
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Sound: Caliban have often been criticized for copying their influences, among them Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying. On "Say Hello to Tragedy," the band isn't quite so obvious about the bands who've made an impact on it. The album is a noisy, nasty clusterf--k of moshable metal, complete with screamin' bloody murder, deathcore vocals and breakdowns that will inspire some ugly, fierce moshpits. "24 Years," which kicks open the album's door, mixes a bit of melody and clean vocals, which isn't unusual for Caliban, or their peers. It's just that this time, the band has managed to make the sound its own; it doesn't sound like a note-for-note love letter to Killswitch, as "The Beloved and the Hatred" from 2004's "The Opposite From Within," was for KsE's "Numbered Days." There's lots of chunky riffs and there's no shortage of moshability. And there's some blackened, European-influence that asserts itself on some of the music, namely on the blast-beat riddled "Love Song," which doesn't sound romantic at all. In fact, it's like a left hook to the jaw and that's just how metalheads like it. "Caliban's Revenge" is an anthem that cycles through a variety of tempos and styles, and the band doesn't forget to insert some clean singing, which highlights the music's ferocity. // 6

Lyrics: There is a light concept threaded through "Say Hello to Tragedy," which explores the aftermath of tragedies and the what if had they been prevented. Of course, listeners will be in need of a lyric shit in order to comprehend just what screamer Andreas Dorner is barking and shrieking about. There's lots of guttural, venomous vocals here and it fits the music; Caliban have never sounded this pissed off. // 7

Overall Impression: Overall, "Say Hello to Tragedy" is an improvement and a step up for this band of German metal maniacs. They have come more into their own, playing with metalcore, hardcore, deathcore and neo-grind musical conventions, without ever sounding like they are adhering too closely to the music of other bands of this genre. The album is full-bore intense, and will rattle your cage from start to finish. It's certainly a metal album for metal fans that like all genres and don't pledge allegiance strictly to a single sub-genre of metal! Caliban gets a Gold Star for working hard at their craft, even this deep into their career. They have been around and raising hell since 1997 and if they keep on this path, they'll be f--king sh-t up through 2017! // 7

- Amy Sciarretto (c) 2009

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